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SMURFS EPISODE LIST: Season One, Volume One

1. The Smurf’s Apprentice / The Smurfette / Vanity Fare

The Smurf’s Apprentice: Clumsy Smurf is having an especially clumsy day, bumping into his fellow Smurfs and annoying them greatly. Seeing that the other Smurfs are getting upset with him, Clumsy gets the idea that they might like him more if he could do magic, just like Papa Smurf.

The Smurfette: Gargamel is at his window, lamenting the excessive amount of happiness which exists. He blames it on the Smurfs, and devises a plan to get rid of them. He comes up with an idea to make a Smurfette – a female Smurf – and creates her in his lab.

Vanity Fare: Gargamel is at home, working on a plan to catch the Smurfs. He creates a magic mirror, which is designed to trap the Smurfs inside.

2. King Smurf / The Astrosmurf / Jokey’s Medicine

King Smurf: Papa Smurf leaves the village to find some rare wrinkle root. In his absence, Brainy dubs himself “King Smurf” and assumes control of the village. Two factions form and the battle for Smurf supremacy begins!

The Astrosmurf: It’s Dreamy Smurf’s “Smurfday”, and he has only one wish – to travel to another world. The other Smurfs do their best to help grant his wish, but it’s easier said than done with Gargamel hot on their heels.

Jokey’s Medicine: Jokey is up to his usual tricks, playing practical jokes on the other Smurfs in the village. Greedy and Smurfette declare that Jokey has gone too far and they vow to give him a taste of his own medicine.

3. St. Smurf and the Dragon / Sorcerer Smurf

St. Smurf and the Dragon: Gargamel is close to discovering the location of the Smurf Village, and glowberries are the only thing that can save the Smurfs from utter destruction. But all the glowberries are mysteriously disappearing from the forest!

Sorcerer Smurf: The Smurfs travel to the Mountain of Mists, where they encounter Sorcerer Smurf. Is this mysterious figure a friend or foe? The Smurfs soon find out!

4. The Smurfs and the Howlibird

The Smurfs are stalked and terrorized by a monstrous Howlibird, which seems to have appeared out of nowhere. Do the little blue forest-dwellers have the resources to fend off this new menace?

5. The Magical Meanie / Bewitched, Bothered and Besmurfed

The Magical Meanie: Brainy and Clumsy discover a bottle that houses a genie. But this is no ordinary genie – it’s Genie Meanie!

Bewitched, Bothered and Besmurfed: A nasty witch named Hogatha teams up with Gargamel to try to make the Smurfs’ lives miserable.

6. Smurf-Colored Glasses / Dreamy’s Nightmare

Smurf-Colored Glasses: It’s the one-year anniversary of Smurfette’s arrival in the village. Papa Smurf declares it “Smurfette Day”. A love-struck Handy makes some “smurf-colored glasses”, so that Smurfette will fall in love with him when she wears them.

Dreamy’s Nightmare: Dreamy is disappointed at the lack of excitement in his life. Seeking adventure, he decides to go on a trip around the world. He soon discovers that having adventures is a real “smurf in the neck”!

7. Fuzzle Trouble / Soup a la Smurf

Fuzzle Trouble: Clumsy finds a small, cuddly creature called a Fuzzle. He wants to keep it, but Papa Smurf says that “little Fuzzles are big trouble – put it back!” Clumsy secretly disobeys Papa Smurf and calamity soon engulfs the village.

Soup a la Smurf: A hungry, ill-tempered ogre named Bigmouth invades Gargamel’s home and ransacks all the food. Gargamel is next on the menu, but he manages to save his skin by promising Bigmouth some “Soup a la Smurf” – which spells bad news for the Smurfs!

8. All That Glitters Isn’t Smurf / Romeo and Smurfette

All That Glitters Isn’t Smurf: Is Papa Smurf losing his powers? With Gargamel lurking, it’s definitely bad news for the Smurfs!

Romeo and Smurfette: Spring is in the air! And the Smurfs are love-struck with Smurfette. Will she finally choose a Smurf to marry?

9. The Hundredth Smurf / Smurphony in ‘C’

The Hundredth Smurf: A wave of bad luck is plaguing the village. The only thing that can make things right is for the Smurfs to perform the Dance of the Hundred Smurfs. But even Papa Smurf isn’t sure if there are 100 Smurfs!

Smurphony in ‘C’: Harmony Smurf loves to play music. But the other Smurfs don’t appreciate his “talent”. Could a magical instrument called a “shazalakazoo” be the answer to Harmony’s woes?

BONUS: The Smurf Springtime Special

The Smurfs battle Gargamel and his wicked godfather Balthazar, who desperately want to turn the Smurfs into gold. Throw in some duck love and you’ve got one hell of a holiday special!

SMURFS EPISODE LIST: Season One, Volume Two

1. The Magic Egg

The Smurfs come across a magic egg that grants wishes to whoever taps it, but they soon learn that you should be careful what you wish for!

2. Smurfette’s Dancing Shoes

Smurfette’s desire to become a better dancer lands her in the clutches of an evil imp, which forces the other Smurfs to go on a series of daring quests to win her freedom.

3. Supersmurf / The Baby Smurf

Supersmurf: Brainy unintentionally leads the always-hungry Bigmouth to the Smurf Village. The menacing ogre steals all their food, so it’s now up to Brainy – or, Supersmurf! – to get it back.

The Baby Smurf: Gargamel turns himself into a baby Smurf and infiltrates the village of his little blue nemeses. Will the Smurfs smell Gargamel’s rotten diaper in time and avoid disaster?

4. The Fake Smurf / Paradise Smurfed

The Fake Smurf: Hogatha the witch plots revenge against the Smurfs for destroying her magic locket and robbing her of “one of her nine lives.” She turns herself into a Smurf and penetrates the Smurf Village. Will the Smurfs discover her charade before it’s too late?

Paradise Smurfed: A tunic-wearing being named Cicero offers Lazy a chance to visit a place called “paradise”, where there’s no work, no responsibility, and nobody to tell him what to do. Lazy accepts, and is soon joined by Greedy and Brainy, but they soon find out that paradise is not all it’s cracked up to be!

5. Sir Hefty

A fire-breathing dragon runs amok in the forest and reduces the area to ash. The Smurfs enlist a scruffy-looking “knight” named Sir Lancelout to help protect them from the dragon, but is he really what he seems?

6. The Purple Smurfs / Haunted Smurf

The Purple Smurfs: Lazy gets bitten by a purple fly, which turns him into a purple-skinned tail-biter who angrily shouts “Gnap! Gnap!” More and more Smurfs become infected and the race is on to find a cure and conquer the epidemic before the Smurfs become utterly extinct!

Haunted Smurf: A fire destroys all the food the Smurfs had stored for the winter, so they have no choice but to leave the village. They seek refuge in a castle, where they hope to find some food and fill their bellies, but the resident ghosts have other ideas!

7. Sideshow Smurfs

Smurfette and Clumsy are kidnapped by a money-hungry human named Bombast, who forces them to perform in his travelling sideshow. The other Smurfs go in search of their comrades, but Gargamel is also on the hunt!

8. The Magnifying Mixture / Foul Weather Smurf

The Magnifying Mixture: A heat wave is in full force in Smurfland. Papa Smurf creates a formula that will make little clouds into big clouds, and bring rain at last. But things go awry when the formula misses its intended target!

Foul Weather Smurf: When rainfall threatens to ruin the annual Smurf picnic, Handy builds a “weather-smurfing machine”, which can control the weather. But the Smurfs soon get a rude shock when they try to mess with mother nature!

9. Painter and Poet

Feeling that their artistic talents are unappreciated by the other Smurfs, Painter and Poet run away to Storm Island. While they create their greatest masterpieces, little do they know that their greatest enemy lurks nearby!

10. The Abominable Snowbeast / Gargamel, The Generous

The Abominable Snowbeast: The Smurfs trek to Ice Mountain to retrieve some snowflower pollen, which is the only thing that can help alleviate the pain and swelling of Papa Smurf’s injured foot. Nothing stands in their way – except for a giant snowbeast!

Gargamel, The Generous: Gargamel plays nice in order to get the Smurfs to lead him to their stash of diamonds, or “funny-looking rocks”, as Clumsy calls them.

11. Now You Smurf ‘Em, Now You Don’t / The Fountain of Smurf

Now You Smurf ‘Em, Now You Don’t: A bunch of green-skinned trolls enslave the Smurfs and force them to work in their underground lair. Will the Smurfs ever see the sun again?

The Fountain of Smurf: Papa Smurf regains his youth after drinking some special water from a troll’s cave – hijinks ensue!

12. Spelunking Smurfs / A Clockwork Smurf / The Smurfs and the Money Tree

Spelunking Smurfs: A severe drought has left the Smurfs nearing starvation, but luck is with them as Clumsy and Vanity stumble across an underground cavern filled with precious food. They quickly alert the other Smurfs, but little do they know what else awaits them in the darkness!

A Clockwork Smurf: Handy invents an artificial Smurf to help make the little blue folks’ lives easier, but things don’t exactly go to plan!

The Smurfs and the Money Tree: Gargamel and his wicked mother hatch a plan to put the Smurfs at odds with each other by planting a tree full of irresistibly tasty coins in the mushroom village. Will greed destroy the Smurfs?

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