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The Most Popular Smurfs

There are more than 100 Smurfs living in Smurf Village, but here are the most famous and most popular ones:


  • He is the leader of the Smurfs. He is over 500 years old, with a white beard, a red hat, and red pants. Papa Smurf takes care of all the Smurfs and watches over them. He’s very kind and very wise, but sometimes he gets angry when the Smurfs do something wrong. But he doesn’t stay that way for long, because he loves his little Smurfs! Papa knows how to do magic and is often in his laboratory working on some new potion or spell. All the Smurfs love him a lot!


  • Smurfette is one of the only girl Smurfs. She was created by the evil wizard Gargamel in his lab. Gargamel wanted her to trick the Smurfs so he could catch them. But Gargamel’s evil plan failed, and Smurfette became good and joined the Smurfs in the village as a trusted member of the Smurf community. The male Smurfs all have a crush on Smurfette, so it’s sometimes hard for her living in the Smurf Village because she doesn’t want to choose which Smurf she likes the most. She loves them all equally!

smurfs live in a mushroom house


  • Brainy is a Smurf that wears glasses and is very smart, or at least he thinks he is. He often annoys the other Smurfs and ends up getting thrown on his head or attacked by the others. But in the end, they all accept Brainy as a member of the Smurfs, even if he is sometimes annoying.


  • Lazy is definitely the laziest Smurf of them all. He often takes naps, even when he is supposed to be working!


  • There is nobody grumpier in the Smurf village than Grouchy. He hates everything and usually has a frown on his face.


  • This Smurf has two left feet and is always tripping over something or banging into someone. He often wants to help the other Smurfs any way he can, though his clumsiness causes more trouble than good. The other Smurfs know his heart is in the right place, so they don’t stay mad at him for long.

smurf barber with comb and scissors


  • It’s rare to find vanity not holding a mirror and admiring himself. He wears a flower on his hat and is in love with his appearance. He can also be one of the most colourful and flamboyant Smurfs.


  • Jokey is the prankster in the village. He often gives presents to the other Smurfs, which they gladly accept, but when they open the box, it explodes in their faces! They are never seriously hurt by Jokey’s pranks, though. He has a funny laugh, and he often says, “It’s a surprise!” when he gives the gifts to the other Smurfs.


  • Hefty is the strongest and bravest Smurf in the village. He has a heart tattoo on his arm.


  • The most skilled Smurf when it comes to building, designing and repairing things. One of his most famous inventions was the weather smurfing machine, which had the ability to change the weather. He wears overalls and has a pencil tucked behind his ear.


  • The most artistically talented Smurf, Painter is always working on various masterpieces which serve to brighten up the village. He takes his artwork seriously and can get mad when something or someone interferes with his ability to paint, or destroys his work, which happens from time to time.


  • A master wordsmith, he is often composing and reciting poems. He spends a lot of his time trying to come up with words that rhyme.


  • A Smurf that loves music, but has no musical talent. Harmony plays the trumpet quite terribly and the other Smurfs often run away when he plays.
  • Greedy loves food. He is a master baker and is always preparing delicious goodies for the other Smurfs (and himself).

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