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Now You Smurf ‘Em, Now You Don’t / The Fountain of Smurf

Now You Smurf ‘Em, Now You Don’t

Smurfette, Handy and Greedy are playing smurfball in the forest. Smurfette remarks that there’s nothing like a game of smurfball after a picnic!

smurfs playing smurfball

Smurfette throws the ball at Greedy, who digs through the nearby picnic basket. The ball hits his rear end and bounces off into the distance. The ball stops near a cave entrance. A green arm reaches out and grabs the ball, replacing it with a crystal ball. Handy arrives on the scene and picks up what he at first thinks is the ball, but when he gets back to where the others are, he realizes that it’s in fact a crystal ball. It starts to glow and Smurfette makes note of the “smurfy colours.” They decide to take it back with them to the village.

krang, leader of the trolls

Back at the cave entrance, a voice says, “They took the bate.” Inside the cave, a bunch of green-skinned trolls hammer away on some pieces of metal. The leader of the trolls, Krang, addresses the others and tells them they’ll soon be ready to “rule the world above, as we do the one below!” One of the trolls responds by saying that their “sun shields” aren’t ready and that since they can’t be out in the sun, how the hell will it be possible!? Another troll chimes in as well, saying that there’s too few of the trolls to work on the shields and to do the other work that needs to be taken care of in their underground lair. Krang tells them not to worry, because they’ll soon have “plenty of little blue slaves to help.” Krang laughs like a crazed psychopath and the others join in.

greedy smurf and handy smurf with the crystal ball

Back in the Smurf Village, Greedy is moaning in agony as he lies on his bed. Papa Smurf and some other Smurfs are gathered around Greedy. Papa Smurf tells him that he ate too much, but that a bit of rest will have him feeling better in no time. The Smurfs leave and Handy gives the crystal ball to the pot-bellied Smurf in the hopes it will help to cheer him up. Greedy looks into the crystal ball and sees himself surrounded by loads of goodies. Greedy is unable to resist touching the crystal ball, but as soon as he does so, he’s magically transported into the troll cave.

Greedy sees the trolls and nearly soils his little white pants in fear. Back at Greedy’s house, Vanity Smurf arrives with a painted portrait of himself to give Greedy as a “get well” gift. Vanity notices that Greedy is nowhere to be seen. Vanity sees the crystal ball sitting on the bed. He peers into it and sees an image of himself. He touches the ball and is soon transported to the troll’s lair. He’s instantly seized and put in chains along with Greedy, who is already slaving away next to a furnace with a raging fire inside.

papa smurf trips on a ladder and gets covered in paint

Back in the village, Papa Smurf carries a bowl of steaming broth towards Greedy’s house. The bearded Smurf soon notices that no Smurfs are out and about. He trips over a ladder next to Smurfette’s house and is left covered in the broth. The other Smurfs are gathered inside Greedy’s house and are arguing over who should have possession of the crystal ball. Meanwhile, the trolls watch everything on a giant crystal ball in their lair, salivating at the thought of more Smurf slaves soon falling into their clutches. Papa Smurf arrives at Greedy’s house and works his way through the mob of Smurfs. He soon realizes that Greedy is nowhere to be found.

smurfs fight over the crystal ball

Papa Smurf looks into the crystal ball and sees an image of himself conducting the Smurf orchestra. He likes what he sees. The Smurfs start a struggle for the crystal ball, and Clumsy accidentally knocks it onto the floor, shattering it. The trolls see this and and are like, “Nooooo!” Vanity and Greedy are relieved, but their relief is short-lived, because the trolls have a whole stack of the crystal balls just waiting to be deployed and discovered by the Smurfs. Vanity and Greedy are horrified. A troll cracks a whip at the two Smurfs and orders them back to work. The Smurfs start shoveling coal into the furnace like it was going out of style.

the troll has handy smurf in his clutches

Back in the village, Papa Smurf tells everyone to get back to business, but he pulls Handy aside and asks him if he thinks he could find another one of the crystal balls. Handy goes searching and finds another crystal ball at the exact same cave entrance. What luck! Handy hears hammering sounds coming from inside the cave, so he decides to investigate. He sees Vanity and Greedy and asks what they’re doing there. They tell him that “some mean old trolls are making us work our smurfs off!” They urge him to run for help, but Krang grabs Handy and tells him he’s not going anywhere. Handy wriggles free and makes a dash for the exit. A couple of trolls chase him outside, but the sunlight blinds them and forces them to retreat back into the cave. Handy heads back to the village with the crystal ball and finds Papa Smurf, who is eager to get his hands on the thing. But Handy tells Papa Smurf about the trolls and Papa Smurf demands to hear a full, detailed explanation.

the trolls capture brainy smurf and hefty smurf

Meanwhile, Hefty is chopping wood when a troll arm pops up out of the ground and drags him under. Brainy arrives and he too is quickly pulled under. The trolls tunnel below the Smurf Village, hellbent on capturing a whole whack of little blue slaves. Smurfette and Farmer are soon sucked under, too. Meanwhile, Handy is still bringing Papa Smurf up to speed on the situation. Harmony Smurf sounds the alarm by playing his bugle. Only a couple of Smurfs show up and Papa Smurf wonders where everyone else is. Grouchy says they disappeared, and Jokey says, “Disappeared? You must be pulling my leg!” Then a hand grabs Jokey’s leg and pulls him under, along with one of his exploding presents, which the trolls get a bang out of, literally. The trolls try to get Papa Smurf, but the other Smurfs save him. In the process, one of the trolls is exposed to the sunlight and quickly scampers back underground. The Smurfs now know the trolls’ weakness!

papa smurf gets the bright idea to use a magnifying glass

As four troll arms reach up out of the ground, a couple of Smurfs take refuge in a tree, but the trolls suck down the entire tree. Only Papa Smurf and Handy remain free. They make a last stand inside a mushroom house, which is where Papa Smurf gets the idea to send sunlight down to the troll’s lair via the crystal ball. He redirects sunlight onto the crystal ball with a magnifying glass. Back in the trolls’ lair, the sunlight breaches the cave interior and the terrified trolls try to run away. Papa Smurf and Handy race from the house and dive into one of the holes in the ground.

papa smurf pulls on a chain

As the trolls run around like a bunch of headless chickens, Papa Smurf and Handy work to free their compatriots from their chains. The Smurfs try to make a run for it, but a cloud covers the sun, allowing the trolls to recover. The trolls take hold of the chain that’s still attached to the Smurfs, slowly reeling them back. The Smurfs dig in their heels and try to resist, but they lose the tug of war against the bigger, stronger trolls. Luckily, the sun comes out again and the cave is once more basked in sunlight. The trolls stumble around blindly and knock over the giant crystal ball, smashing it to bits. The Smurfs escape and the trolls are defeated.

bowling smurfs

Krang vows to never come so close to the surface again, and the trolls begin to dig deep into the earth. Back in the village, the Smurfs make good use of the crystal ball – they use it to bowl! Papa Smurf shows up and tells the Smurfs that they can play after they finish their chores. The Smurfs leave the mushroom house and Papa Smurf takes the opportunity to launch the ball toward the pins. It’s a strike! The other Smurfs watch through a window and giggle. Papa Smurf says, “All work and no play makes Papa a dull Smurf!” Everyone has a good laugh.

Note: When the trolls are pulling the chain of Smurfs, Handy says, “Help, they’ve got us again!” But it’s actually Hefty’s voice doing the talking, even though Handy’s mouth is moving!

The Fountain of Smurf

A group of Smurfs are out picking smurfberries in the forest. Gargamel and Azrael sneak up on them and hide in some nearby smurfberry bushes, ready to pounce on the little blue guys.

smurfs pick smurfberries

An oblivious Greedy approaches the bush the two villains are hiding in. He pulls on a branch to get at the smurfberries and the branch whips back and smacks Azrael in the face. Greedy then pulls on another branch, which smacks Gargamel in the face, causing him to yell out in pain. The Smurfs are alerted to the presence of the wizard and his cat and make a run for it. Azrael chases the Smurfs into a hollow log, but a swarm of angry bees goes after Azrael and Gargamel, who run for their lives. As they run away, Gargamel threatens to turn Azrael into a pair of fur-lined ear muffs. The wizard and his cat somehow evade the bees and continue to chase after the Smurfs. The two villains soon run out of breath, though, and give up the chase, exhausted. Gargamel says, “If I were ten years younger, I could catch those little blue wretches!”

gargamel and azrael are exhausted after chasing smurfs

The Smurfs arrive back in the village and tell Papa Smurf about being chased and losing all their smurfberries. Brainy starts to lecture them, but gets thrown on his head before he can finish. Papa Smurf cheers everyone up by offering to share his own private stash of smurfberries. The Smurfs take him up on his offer. The generous Smurf leader bids so long to everyone and leaves to run some errands. As the Smurfs chow down on the delicious smurfberries, they try to come up with a way to thank Papa Smurf for all the nice things he’s done for them. Brainy says he knows of a list that has Papa Smurf’s favourite things written on it. Grouchy says, “I hate lists! But I love Papa Smurf…”

the smurfs look at one of papa smurf's books

They go to Papa Smurf’s lab and Brainy searches for the list, but he can’t find it. He piles some books high on the table and Clumsy ends up knocking them over, burying Brainy completely. Smurfette picks up one of the books, which just happens to be open at the exact page that houses the list of Papa Smurf’s favourite things – what luck! The list includes “simple songs, poetry, pretty pictures, fragrant flowers” and a special type of salad. The Smurfs are soon busy collecting various items. The only thing they can’t find is the cave mushrooms – a vital ingredient for the salad. Brainy goes inside a cave in search of mushrooms, but a loud growl sends him scurrying out. The other Smurfs enter the cave and find plenty of mushrooms inside. Smurfette ventures deeper into the cave and sees a deer drinking from a water source. Within moments, the dear transforms into a much younger version of itself and runs off happily.

a troll has hefty smurf

The Smurfs can’t believe what they’ve just seen. They decide that they will instead give Papa Smurf “the gift of youth”. Hefty fills his water bag with the precious liquid, but a gigantic hand scoops him up. The hand belongs to an enormous pointy-eared troll. He menacingly tells the Smurfs that they’re trespassing. Smurfette calls the troll a “nasty old meanie” and says they only wanted some water. The troll says that no one can take water from his pond, unless they leave a present. The troll sees Brainy clutching Papa Smurf’s book, so he takes it and claims it as his gift. The Smurfs protest, but the troll tells them to take some water and get the hell out. The Smurfs do as he says and rush out of the cave, though Jokey lingers long enough to give the troll another “present”. Jokey runs outside and joins the others. A huge explosion is heard and the troll vows to get the Smurfs, who turn on the jets and make it back to the village safely.

papa smurf helps the other smurfs pull some sacks

During nightfall, the Smurfs sneak through the village with their sacks of loot, but they trip up and the loud noise wakes Papa Smurf. Papa Smurf offers to help them transport the stuff and the Smurfs are freaking out because they know the surprise could be ruined at any moment. Papa Smurf gets tired from pulling the sacks along, so he requests some water. Clumsy inadvertently gives him the water from the troll’s fountain. He drinks the water, but nothing happens. Tired, the senior smurfizen goes to bed.

a young papa smurf plays smurfball

The other Smurfs are disappointed. Not only did the troll cheat them, but he also has Papa Smurf’s book! The Smurfs decide to go ahead with their plan to give Papa Smurf a bunch of his favourite things. They knock on his door and are shocked to find that Papa Smurf has been turned into a young Smurf! The Smurfs now have a serious problem on their hands and a solution is not imminent. The new, youthful Papa Smurf is full of energy and runs around playing smurfball, follow the leader, and tag with the other Smurfs, who decide to humour him until they can figure out what to do.

brainy smurf closes his eyes and counts to a thousand

Brainy gets the idea to look for a formula in Papa Smurf’s lab, but unfortunately, the book they need is the one that was taken by the troll. The Smurfs set out to get it back. Brainy, the huge chicken that he is, gets left behind to take care of little Papa Smurf, along with Clumsy. The puny Papa Smurf mischievously mixes together some ingredients in the lab, causing a huge explosion that propels Brainy and Clumsy through the window. Little Papa Smurf says that when he grows up, he’s gonna learn how to “smurf magic.” Little Papa Smurf suggests they play hide and seek, so Brainy closes his eyes and starts to count to a thousand. The young runt takes the opportunity to dash into the forest to try to find the other Smurfs.

jokey smurf has a present for the troll

Meanwhile, in the troll’s cave, Smurfette, Hefty, Greedy and Jokey sneak past a sleeping troll and try to find the book. The troll awakens and blocks the entrance. He says he’ll only let the Smurfs leave if they give him a gift. Luckily, Jokey has brought along one of his surprises. But the troll is no fool and refuses it. Jokey proves that the gift is harmless. He opens it and looks inside. Nothing happens. The troll snatches the gift from Jokey, but when he looks inside, it explodes in his ugly troll face. The Smurfs make a run for it, but they soon remember that they still don’t have Papa Smurf’s book. They realize that the only way to beat the troll is by using magic, but the only one they know who does magic is… Gargamel.

gargamel and azrael fishing and little papa smurf arrives

Meanwhile, little Papa Smurf comes across a fishing Gargamel and asks him if he’s a troll. The astounded wizard says no, he’s a “nice, friendly wizard.” Little Papa Smurf says, “Boy, you’re sure ugly enough to be a troll!” An enraged Gargamel commands Azrael to get the Smurf, but the feline soon gets knocked out after bumping his head on a log. Gargamel chases after little Papa Smurf, but can’t catch him. It’s not long before Gargamel is back at his house, soaking his aching feet in water. He says, “I hope I never see another Smurf again!” Just then the four Smurfs arrive. He tells them to go away, saying he’s getting too old to chase “you vile little pests anymore.” But the smurfs tell him about the fountain of youth, getting the wizard’s attention. They also tell him about the troll. Gargamel wants proof that the fountain of youth really exists. Little Papa Smurf shows up and Gargamel has his proof. He agrees to help the Smurfs get their book back, and packs his bag with potions.

gargamel throws a potion at the troll

The Smurfs lead Gargamel to the troll’s cave. The wizard enters and scoops up some of the fountain water, but the troll shows up and demands a gift. Gargamel rifles through his bag, gets out a potion, and throws it at the troll. A bunch of smoke covers the troll and he’s turned into a giant toad with sharp teeth, which is not exactly what Gargamel was hoping for. Gargamel throws another potion at the troll, which is supposed to turn him into a “gentle butterfly” but the troll is instead turned into a giant, ill-tempered butterfly.

papa smurf is covered in dirt, greeted by smurfette

Meanwhile, the Smurfs enter the cave and search for the book. Gargamel throws his entire bag at the troll, which only serves to change the pointy-eared freak back to normal. The troll chases Gargamel and Azrael right into the fountain of youth. The three of them turn young, but the chase continues! The Smurfs retrieve the book and get the hell out of there. Back in the village, the Smurfs tell little Papa Smurf they only wanted to make him a little bit younger, but things didn’t quite go to plan. Papa Smurf gets turned back into his normal self and the other Smurfs are overjoyed. Smurfette gives Papa Smurf a big kiss on the cheek.

Brainy finally finishes counting to a thousand and starts looking for little Papa Smurf, totally oblivious to the events that have just happened. He says, “Nobody outsmarts Brainy!” and starts searching. The other Smurfs smile, and Papa Smurf winks to the camera.

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