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Spelunking Smurfs / A Clockwork Smurf / The Smurfs and the Money Tree

Spelunking Smurfs

The intense sun beats down on a group of Smurfs as they walk through the village. A severe drought has left the land dry, and the Smurfs look hot and hungry. They arrive at Papa Smurf’s doorstep and inform him that their search for food has come up empty. But there is a flicker of hope, as Vanity and Clumsy are still off searching for some food.

the smurfs deal with a drought

As the two blue buddies walk through the forest, Clumsy worries that the Smurfs will starve if they don’t find any food. Vanity looks on the bright side, saying that at least his “handsome cheekbones” will be highlighted when he gets skinny from malnutrition. A friendly squirrel arrives and offers one of its acorns to the Smurfs. They politely refuse, but the squirrel gets angry and starts chattering at them, so the Smurfs change their minds and agree to take the nut.

a squirrel offers a nut to the smurfs

As they head back towards the village to share the nut with the others, Clumsy trips over the root of a tree and the nut tumbles out of his hands and falls into a hole in the ground. Clumsy jumps into the hole to try to retrieve the nut (and nearly loses his hat in the process). Vanity calls down to Clumsy to see if he’s all right, which he is. The bad news is that the nut has rolled to the bottom of a slope, where a mysterious white light emanates.

azrael and gargamel eat green slime soup

Meanwhile, at Gargamel’s house, the wizard and his cat are also feeling the pinch of the drought. Gargamel serves up some green slime soup, which is the last of the food they have. Azrael reluctantly tries the soup, but it’s so bad that the cat rushes to drink water from a nearby bucket until he’s completed bloated (and relieved). Gargamel samples the soup, but he too hates it. He tosses the pot of soup out the window, saying that “perhaps there is a pinch too much…slime.” Gargamel is stricken with despair, but he quickly cheers up after remembering that there still is food in the forest – “little blue bonbons called Smurfs!” Gargamel grabs his net and rushes out the door with Azrael to hunt for Smurfs, since they’ll no doubt be easy to catch in their hungry and weakened condition.

vanity and clumsy smurf with a nut in a cave

Clumsy and Vanity cautiously creep towards the nut in the underground passage. Just as they’re about to pick up the nut, they notice the source of the light. It’s coming from a giant diamond, which is surrounded by piles and piles of frozen food, including cakes, bread, and fruits. The two overjoyed Smurfs can’t believe their good fortune. They rush back to the village and tell the others. The heartened Smurfs set off to retrieve the goodies.

a bear sits on gargamel and scares the hell out of azrael

As Gargamel and Azrael search for Smurfs, a nut bonks the wizard on the head. He looks up and sees a couple of squirrels in a tree. Gargamel violently shakes the tree to try to get more of the nuts from the bushy-tailed pair. A bunch of nuts rain down on the two villains, but Gargamel is still not satisfied. He goes to another tree and starts to shake it as well. Unfortunately, a giant bear falls from the tree and lands right on Gargamel, nearly crushing him. Gargamel and Azrael dive into a hollow tree to escape the bear’s wrath. The bear shakes the tree with all its might, but soon leaves. A rattled Gargamel and Azrael emerge from the tree and decide that maybe they should stick to Smurf hunting, since it’s less hazardous to their health.

smurfs in the cave with the diamond and frozen food

The Smurfs arrive inside the underground cavern and excitedly ogle the frozen goodies. They start to hack away at the ice with their picks and shovels. The Smurfs see a giant toe sticking out from under the ice wall and everyone freaks out. Papa Smurf suddenly remembers an ancient Smurf legend about an ogre that stole all the Smurfs’ food long ago, and was punished by being frozen with all the food before he could even have one bite. And according to the legend, the only way to break the spell and melt the ice is for the sun to shine on the “enchanted diamond.”

the smurfs have loads of food but are cornered by gargamel

The Smurfs are crestfallen because they know the sun can never shine in such a dark cavern as that. However, Handy comes up with a brilliant (haha) idea to use Vanity’s mirror to reflect light into the cave by bouncing it off other various objects. They succeed in getting the sun to shine on the diamond, which begins to flash various different colours. The food melts and the Smurfs are happy as hell. Meanwhile, Gargamel and Azrael make their way into the cavern after seeing Vanity’s mirror perched near the entrance to the underground cave. The wizard sees the food and can’t believe his eyes. Then he sees the jewel and really can’t believe his eyes. As the Smurfs gather some of the food and begin to make their way towards the exit, Gargamel yells, “Surprise!” The Smurfs are petrified with fear.

the ogre confronts the smurfs and gargamel

Papa Smurf demands that Gargamel let them through. Gargamel is like, yeah right! He snatches the jewel, and then he grabs a pear from the ground and scarfs it down. What he fails to see is the huge pair of feet standing next to him. It’s the ogre – unfrozen, awake, and extremely agitated! Gargamel and the Smurfs are filled with terror. Gargamel points out the food, which the Smurfs are holding, and tells the ogre that he can have it back, as he was just kidding. The ogre isn’t amused. Gargamel and Azrael run the hell out of there like a couple of huge cowards.

the smurfs and the ogre talk

The ogre turns his attention to the quivering Smurfs. A quick-thinking Papa Smurf reminds the ogre what happened the last time he was selfish with food, and waves the diamond in the goliath’s face. The ogre suddenly changes his tune. He offers to share the food with the Smurfs, who gladly accept the deal. Papa Smurf shakes the ogre’s hand (finger) to make it official. As the Smurfs make their way to the exit, the ogre tells them to take the diamond as well, since it gives him “chills”. Everyone laughs uproariously.

gargamel and azrael are trapped in a block of ice

The Smurfs exit the cavern with their goodies, careful to make sure that Gargamel is not around. They pass through a hollow log, which immediately starts shaking. Is it an earthquake? No, it’s Gargamel! The wizard tries to shake the Smurfs out of the log and into his net. Papa Smurf warns the dastardly wizard that the diamond doesn’t tolerate selfishness, but Gargamel pays no heed and takes the diamond for himself. Bad idea! Gargamel and Azrael slowly start to turn into ice. Gargamel begs Papa Smurf to break the spell. The bearded Smurf tells him not to worry, since the spell will be broken once the sun strikes the diamond. Just then, a storm cloud covers the sun and it starts to rain. The Smurfs are thrilled because it means that the drought is finally over!

Smurfette remarks that it may be days before the sun comes out again, and Papa Smurf jubilantly says, “Yes, isn’t it smurfy!” as Gargamel and Azrael shiver inside their prison of ice.

A Clockwork Smurf

The Smurfs are busy doing chores, including Farmer, who is having a difficult time mowing some extremely tall grass. Handy has finished his chores, so he asks Farmer if he’d like to play smurfball.

farmer smurf mows some tall grass

Farmer says he’s too busy, so Handy wanders off and finds Jokey chopping some wood. The little blue prankster is also too busy to play, so Handy moves on yet again. He goes to Greedy’s house, but before he can even finish asking his question, Greedy tells him he’s too busy. A dejected Handy walks through the village, wishing there was a way for the Smurfs to get their work done faster. He vows to invent something that will help solve the Smurfs’ labour worries.

jokey chops wood and handy asks him to go for a swim

Later, the Smurfs are gathered in front of Handy’s house, eagerly awaiting the new invention. Handy emerges from his house with a cloak-covered object. He unveils it to reveal an artificial Smurf – a Clockwork Smurf – to do the work of the Smurfs. Handy activates the Clockwork Smurf and it quickly springs into action, mowing the tall grass and chopping the wood perfectly. The other Smurfs are astounded. Handy gives Papa Smurf the honour of using the Clockwork Smurf first. Papa Smurf takes advantage of this by getting his aching back massaged. As the Smurf elder lies on a table in his house, Clockwork puts his hands to work and has Papa Smurf feeling “like a new Smurf!”

handy introduces clockwork smurf to the other smurfs

Clockwork follows that up by doing chores for the other Smurfs, including baking cakes for Greedy, tending to Smurfette’s garden, and painting Grouchy’s house. A curious Brainy wants to know what makes the Clockwork Smurf tick, so he sneaks a peek at the artificial Smurf’s inner workings. Brainy opens the panel door on Clockwork’s back, which causes the springs to burst out and render Clockwork inoperable. Seeing that Handy is approaching, Brainy jams all the springs back inside Clockwork in an effort to conceal his guilt. When Handy arrives, Clockwork suddenly goes haywire.

brainy breaks clockwork smurf

The artificial Smurf slaps paint onto Brainy and Handy’s faces, and then runs amok through the village, painting over houses and other unlucky Smurfs. He smashes through the wall of Greedy’s house and starts throwing pies everywhere, including one that lands in Greedy’s face. Pies go flying through the village and no Smurf is safe from the onslaught. Clockwork smashes into Papa Smurf’s house and gives the startled Smurf leader a jarring massage. He gets away just before Clockwork destroys the table with one karate chop.

the clockwork smurf gives papa smurf a rough massage

Clockwork breaks through the walls of several other Smurf houses and heaps of Smurfs are sent running in a panic. The village is in a complete shambles, so Papa Smurf decides they must use force to stop Clockwork. The Smurfs all pounce on him and are finally able to subdue the out-of-control robo-Smurf. Handy then reluctantly pulls the plug on his invention. The overall-clad Smurf is devastated at the failure of his greatest creation, unable to understand what went wrong. Papa Smurf consoles him by saying it wasn’t his fault, and that he “smurfed his best.”

clockwork smurf sites idle in a box at night

After nightfall, the deactivated Clockwork sits in a box outside Handy’s house. But he soon comes back to life. Seeing the darkness all around him, Clockwork sheds a tear and makes his way into the forest. It begins to storm, so Clockwork tries to find shelter. Some men on horseback ride by and disappear into a nearby castle. Clockwork runs toward the castle gate and just barely manages to get inside before the door closes. Clockwork hears voices and scrambles to hide inside a pot, which is full of gooey food.

mrs. sourberry and lady imperia

A short, jolly servant named Mrs. Sourberry and a tall, ill-tempered noblewoman named Lady Imperia make their way through the castle. They discuss Lady Imperia’s nephew, Prince Gerard, who is slated to become King on his birthday, which is tomorrow, even though he’s been feeling ill of late. Mrs. Sourberry carries a platter of food to give to the prince, but Lady Imperia takes it and says she’ll give it to him personally. After Mrs. Sourberry leaves, Lady Imperia meets with a burly, bearded underling named Thorick, who is accompanied by his dog, Fang. Lady Imperia throws the platter of food onto the floor and the dog devours it. They discuss Prince Gerard, who is not really ill, but being kept prisoner by Lady Imperia. Her plan is to become queen and let Gerard rot in the dungeon.

ulrick and prince gerard in the dungeon

Thorick takes the pot of mush (which houses the concealed Clockwork) to the dungeon to give to the prince, who is dressed in rags. Thorick, acting like a total jerk, gives him the pot of food and shoves him down onto a bench, before leaving. Clockwork emerges from the pot and the prince is flabbergasted. Clockwork, sympathetic to the prince’s plight, uses his strength to lift the metal gate, which allows the prince to escape the dungeon. They go in search of someone they can trust, to reveal what Lady Imperia is plotting. Gerard finds Mrs. Sourberry in the kitchen and greets her warmly, saying that it’s good to see her after so many years. But Mrs. Sourberry sees the rags he’s wearing and doesn’t recognize him. Thinking he’s a mere peasant, she gives him some cookies and then boots him out the door.

mrs. sourberry and gerard and clockwork smurf in the kitchen

The dejected prince says he could really use some friends, so Clockwork tugs on his hair and points into the forest. Meanwhile, Thorick and a couple of guards head towards the dungeon to get Prince Gerard and escort him to a new cell, but once they get there, they find that the prince has escaped. After Lady Imperia questions Mrs. Sourberry, who tells them about the “peasant boy”, the villains go after the prince on horseback. Gerard makes a mad dash through the forest with Clockwork on his shoulder. They come to a river and try to cross it, but get washed away by the strong current. The villains come to the river, but Fang loses the scent.

 prince gerard talks to the smurfs

Back in the Smurf Village, Handy paces back and forth in his house, trying to figure out what went wrong with the Clockwork Smurf. He decides to fix him, but when he goes outside, he only sees an empty box. Just then, Clockwork and the prince arrive in the village. Handy freaks out at the site of Gerard and yells to Papa Smurf that there’s a human in the village. A cautious Papa Smurf says, “Who are you? And what do you want?” The prince explains the situation and the Smurfs slowly emerge from their houses. After hearing the full story, the Smurfs agree to help the prince. They offer him a bath, and some clean clothes. The famished royal asks for something to eat, and Greedy, munching on a cupcake, says, “Now you’re talking!” Handy and Clockwork are reunited and share a tender moment. Handy says that a real father couldn’t be more proud, and they hug.

a mist covers the smurfs as they are soon to become invisible

The next day, Papa Smurf emerges from his house after a long night of work. He clutches a container of glowberry formula, which he says will help the prince. But Smurfette corrects him, saying that Gerard is now a king. King Gerard (dressed to fit the part) arrives and the Smurfs shout, “Long live the new king!” Papa Smurf blows the glowberry formula onto Gerard and the other Smurfs, and everyone turns invisible. Except for Clockwork, who is given the job of acting as a decoy and setting Lady Imperia’s thugs on the wrong path. The only catch is that the formula only lasts two hours. Clockwork finds the bad guys and they chase him for a while, but they see footprints on the ground and realize that they’ve been duped.

Back at the castle, Gerard’s loyal subjects have gathered and chant, “We want the prince!” Lady Imperia addresses the crowd and tells them that the prince died last night. The people are heartbroken. Lady Imperia then says that Gerard’s last wish was for her to be the queen and new ruler of the kingdom. The people mutter amongst themselves, not sure what to make of this.

fang is on the trail of the smurfs

Back in the forest, Gerard turns visible well before the two hours have elapsed. Papa Smurf says he feared something like this might happen, since he never had to figure out the dosage for a human before. The baddies see Gerard and chase after him, while the still-invisible Smurfs jump into action. They tie a rope to a tree and Thorick gets clothes-lined off his horse. The other two guards’ horses get frightened by the blaring of Harmony’s “floating” bugle and turn and run the other way. Fang gets a present courtesy of Jokey, which he sniffs just before it explodes in his snout. The invisible Jokey says, “Surprise!” Fang runs away like a huge coward.

angry villagers pelt fruit at lady imperia

Back at the castle, Lady Imperia is about to put the crown on her head and declare herself queen, but Gerard shows up in the nick of time and says, “Stop!” Everyone is shocked to see him. He explains the whole story, prompting the outraged mob to boo and hiss at Lady Imperia. They pelt her with tomatoes and she runs into the forest, passing Thorick and his crew, who are on their way back to the castle. Thorick says, “What’s happened?!” But before he can get an answer, he and his minions are bombarded with fruit. They run the hell away.

the smurfs and king gerard and mrs. sourberry chat in the kitchen

Later, Gerard is officially crowned and the people chant, “Long live the king!” After the ceremony, with Mrs. Sourberry by his side, Gerard thanks the Smurfs for all their help. He gives a huge medal of honour to Papa Smurf. It’s so big it nearly crushes him. Gerard and Mrs. Sourberry say, “Long live the Smurfs!” Greedy, with cupcake in hand, says, “I’ll eat to that!” and sucks it down. Papa Smurf gives his medal to Clockwork and says that he is the “true hero”. Everyone cheers. King Gerard and Clockwork (who has opted to stay behind) wave goodbye to the Smurfs. Handy says, “Goodbye, Clockwork Smurf, and don’t forget to oil your gears!”

The Smurfs and the Money Tree

Gargamel is fast asleep in his bed, while Azrael dozes on a nearby shelf. On a nearby chest is a Smurf doll with some large pins in it.

gargamel and azrael have a smurf dream

The two of them are sharing the same dream, one in which the Smurfs are tied up on a plate and are about to be devoured by the wizard and his cat. Suddenly, a loud knock at the door rudely wakes them up and ruins their dream. Gargamel angrily throws the Smurf doll against the door, which bursts open to reveal a grey-haired old hag… Gargamel’s mother!! She picks up Azrael and says, “Gargamel, I’ve told you to get rid of this miserable flea bag!” She tosses Azrael out the door, slams it shut, and kicks the Smurf doll aside.

gargamel and his mom look at a book

She asks Gargamel if he’s captured the Smurfs yet, but before he can reply, she says, “Of course not!” since he can’t do anything right without her. She starts to clean the house and dust goes everywhere, causing Gargamel to sneeze. She pulls a book off the shelf and says she’ll have to find a weakness in the Smurfs – something Gargamel hasn’t been able to find yet. She reads aloud a section which states that Smurfs have no use for money, and love to share. She closes the book and it shuts right on Gargamel’s nose.

white puffy flower

Gargamel’s mother digs into her bag and pulls out the “ultimate Smurf-smashing formula”, which comes in the form of a potted plant with a white puffy flower. Gargamel and his mom join hands; do a strange dance, and chant, “Ooga shaka, waka waka! Ooga shaka, waka waka!” Gargamel’s mother then says: “On your way to the Smurfs, depart, to find the greed in some Smurf’s sweet heart!” Lightning flashes outside the house, and the white puffy flower shoots up through the chimney and makes its way to the Smurf Village.

The puffy flower floats from house to house in the quiet and darkness of the village. It finally settles at Greedy’s house and a tree instantly sprouts from the ground outside Greedy’s window. In the morning, Greedy gets up and is about to devour a couple of pies, but he smells something smurfy and heads to the window to investigate. There he sees a tree rife with golden coins, which have his picture on them. Greedy unwraps one and eats it. The taste is exquisite, so he gathers a bunch of them to share with the other Smurfs. Just then, a tiny red Smurf devil appears out of thin air and advises Greedy to keep all the golden goodies and not share them. Greedy dismisses the advice at first (since Smurfs always share), but the devil tells him that if a drought were to hit, what would he eat? Persuaded, Greedy picks the tree clean, and takes the yummy goodies into his house. Content, the Smurf devil says, “I still haven’t lost my touch!” before disappearing.

Later, Harmony is playing his bugle atop a mushroom, as the other Smurfs dance in formation (including Smurfette, who couldn’t dance her way out of a paper bag.) The smell from Greedy’s goodies wafts over them and they are mesmerized by it. They go to Greedy’s house and ask if they can have some of the goodies. Greedy is about to give them some, but the Smurf devil shows up and convinces him otherwise, saying, “Why give them something for nothing!?” Which greedy echoes back to the Smurfs. The dejected Smurfs leave, and Smurfette says, “Suddenly, Greedy seems so… greedy.” Harmony rushes back inside and offers a bowl of smurfberries for just one of the golden goodies. The Smurf devil tells Greedy to ask for Harmony’s horn, which he does. Harmony is reluctant to give it up, but he can’t resist the urge to get a golden coin, so he makes the trade. The Smurf devil says to Greedy, “Just stick with me, pal, and you’ll be a rich Smurf!”

harmony smurf trades his horn for a golden coin

Papa Smurf sees Handy dashing through the village with his tools and asks him if he can fix a hole in his roof. But Handy says that he’s selling his tools to Greedy for two golden coins. More Smurfs run by with their possessions, while others are already clutching golden coins. Papa Smurf makes his way to Greedy’s house, but not before being bowled over by a squinting Brainy, who sold his glasses for a golden coin. Papa Smurf confronts Greedy and is about to voice his concerns, but the smell of the golden coins overwhelms Papa Smurf and he too is soon craving a treat. Papa Smurf opens one and says that maybe he should “test one” to see if everything’s OK. But the Smurf devil urges Greedy to yank it out of Papa Smurf’s hands before he can eat it. Greedy tells Papa Smurf that he’ll have to pay for it, and the bearded Smurf storms out angrily.

handy and hefty smurf talk about golden coins

A group of Smurfs sit outside and get ready to eat their golden goodies. They wolf them down, but once the goodies are gone, the Smurfs have second thoughts about having given up their possessions. They go back to Greedy’s place and appeal for him to give back their stuff. He feels bad and is about to do so, but, once again, the Smurf devil shows up and influences Greedy, who says that a deal is a deal. Grouchy says, “I hate deals!” The sobbing Smurfs exit Greedy’s house when it becomes obvious that he’s just interested in objects, not friendship.

greedy lifts weights with the red smurf devil on his head

Greedy decides to try out his newfound gear. He starts with Handy’s tools, but the hammer lands on his foot and makes him jump in pain. Then he tries to “toughen up” by lifting Hefty’s weights. As he pushes a barbell over his head, the Smurf devil sits on his head and tells him to push higher. He succeeds in lifting the barbell over his head, but he topples forward from the weight, along with the Smurf devil, and lands face-first in a basket of smurfberries. The Smurf devil says, “What are you trying to do, get me killed?!” Greedy apologizes.

greedy is about to give the smurfs back their stuff

Greedy hears sounds of laughter from outside. He goes to the window and sees the Smurfs having fun as they kick some pine cones around. Greedy sheds a tear and says he misses his blue companions. Finally, Greedy’s need for friendship outweighs his desire for possessions, so he decides to return the other Smurfs’ belongings. The Smurf devil tries to stop him, but Greedy swats him away. Papa Smurf shows up and asks Greedy what he’s swatting at. Greedy tells him the whole story of the Smurf devil and the money tree.

gargamel and his mother discover the money tree outside

Papa Smurf is certain Gargamel is responsible for everything, but says that Greedy should be able to break the spell just by continuing to be generous. Greedy gives the Smurfs back their possessions and they’re delighted. The Smurf devil says, “Yuck, all this kindness is killing me!” Smurfette is so happy that she gives Greedy a kiss on the cheek and says, “Oh Greedy, we all love you!” The Smurf devil appears in front of Greedy and tells him that he was the richest Smurf in the world, but that he blew it all. The Smurf devil turns into mist, then engulfs the tree and fills it anew with golden goodies. The Smurfs cheer and Papa Smurf vows to pay back Gargamel for his “generous gift”.

greedy is still the richest smurf in the world!

Back at Gargamel’s place, the wizard’s mom is knitting and telling Gargamel to cheer up, that her magical “seed of greed” will take care of those “nasty little Smurfs” once and for all. Just then, there’s a knock at the door. Gargamel’s mom opens the door and sees the money tree outside. She’s baffled as to how it got there, but before she can close the door, Gargamel plucks a coin from the tree and sees that his picture is on it. The smell soon overtakes Gargamel and his mother, and they start fighting over the tree. The Smurfs, hidden safely nearby, laugh their little blue heads off. Greedy says that he’s “still the richest Smurf in the world!” The Smurfs sing happily and make their way back home.

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