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The Abominable Snowbeast / Gargamel, The Generous

The Abominable Snowbeast

The Smurfs are hard at work on the dam, but tragedy strikes when a log crashes onto Papa Smurf’s foot, leaving him in agonizing pain. Papa Smurf is desperate to get his hands on some snowflower pollen, which is the only thing that can reduce the swelling and make the pain go away, but the jar containing the stuff is all the way in his lab.

papa smurf clutches his throbbing foot

Clumsy gets the snowflower pollen from the lab, but Brainy immediately snatches the container out of his hands so he can get all the credit. As Brainy tries to get the pollen to Papa Smurf, Clumsy accidentally trips him up and the container flies into the river. Brainy offers to get more snowflower pollen, but an extremely agitated Papa Smurf says that there’s only one snowflower in the entire world, and it only blooms once a year. Worst of all, it only grows at the top of Ice Mountain. It’s not long before a group of Smurfs prepare to make the journey to Ice Mountain. Papa Smurf, who now has a bandaged foot and supports himself with a crutch, bids them farewell. Brainy stands next to the ailing leader and wishes the Smurfs bon voyage, but he’s soon grabbed by a long arm and taken along on the expedition.

the smurfs clean the snow off their little blue bodies

As the brave little Smurfs make their way across the cold and windy landscape of Ice Mountain, an enormous white monster begins to secretly follow them. As the Smurfs pull along their sleigh of supplies, Smurfette remarks to Hefty that she feels like they’re being watched. As Hefty laughs off Smurfette’s comment, a huge pile of snow falls on the Smurfs. The Smurfs start to get worried, but they quickly forget their fears when they spot the red snowflower atop a narrow peak. As the Smurfs rush towards their goal, Jokey says, “Last one to the snowflower is a frozen Smurf!” The Smurfs promptly fall into a huge indentation in the snow (which is actually a large footprint).

the snowflower sits atop a narrow peak

The Smurfs forge ahead, however, and begin to climb up towards the snowflower. Hefty takes the lead, but he can’t quite reach the flower, so Smurfette volunteers to give it a try. As she reaches for the snowflower, she slips and goes tumbling down the hill and ends up falling over a ledge. As she hurtles downward, a giant hand grabs her and saves her life. It’s the snowbeast! The other Smurfs think they’ve lost their beloved Smurfette, so they start balling their eyes out in complete despair. They vow to honour Smurfette’s final wish by returning to the village with the flower, but they soon realize that the steep and icy walls of the mountain have them trapped.

the snowbeast puts a crown of ice on smurfette's head

Back in the village, Papa Smurf sits by his window and wonders what is taking the Smurfs so long. The Smurfs in the village soon see a plume of black smoke rising from the top of Ice Mountain, and Papa Smurf realizes that his little Smurfs are in trouble! Meanwhile, inside the snowbeast’s lair, the giant creature places Smurfette on a high ledge and puts a crown of ice on her head. He is clearly smitten with his little blue captive, but Smurfette begs for him to release her so she can go back to her friends. When the snowbeast refuses, Smurfette gives him a piece of her mind and he starts to cry. Smurfette softens up her stance and tells the snowbeast that she’s cold. The hairy creature obliges her by ripping off a piece of fur from his tail and covering her with it. Smurfette then complains about being hungry. The snowbeast obliges Smurfette by giving her an icicle with a scoop of snow on top.

Meanwhile, the other Smurfs on the mountain are warming themselves by a fire, wishing that Papa Smurf (and Smurfette) were there. The snowbeast appears and the Smurfs are terrified. They try to escape by climbing a hill, but they fail miserably because it’s too slippery. The snowbeast approaches the fire and steps on it, which causes him to howl in pain. The Smurfs start whipping snowballs at the snowbeast, which makes him even angrier.

the smurfs pelt the snowbeast with snowballs

At the same time, Papa Smurf and a handful of Smurfs arrive on the mountain. Papa Smurf sees that the snowflower is gone and fears the worst. Believing that the other Smurfs have met a wretched demise, they all cry their eyes out. Vanity laments the fact they’ll never be able to hear Greedy’s stomach growl again. Papa Smurf is heartbroken that Clumsy will never be able to drop a log on his “good foot”. As the Smurfs weep uncontrollably, they suddenly hear cries of help. They investigate and see the giant snowbeast about to descend on their helpless companions. Just then, they hear Smurfette calling for help and are overjoyed to know that she’s still alive. The snowbeast frantically makes his way back towards his lair, dragging his burnt foot behind him. The Smurfs celebrate their reunion and Hefty gives the snowflower plant to Papa Smurf, who says he’ll treat himself while they seek out Smurfette.

a giant spider prepares to attack smurfette

Back in the lair, Smurfette is being stalked by a giant spider. The snowbeast arrives just in time to pick up the spider and toss him away like he was nothing. Smurfette thanks the snowbeast for saving her life for a second time. She notices the snowbeast’s throbbing foot and asks him what happened. The snowbeast becomes enraged, rips off a giant icicle from the ceiling, and heads towards the lair entrance. The Smurfs arrive with torches and the snowbeast makes a hasty retreat. The snowbeast grabs Smurfette and runs away. The Smurfs chase after him and call him a coward.

The snowbeast climbs up an icy hill and the Smurfs corner him. The hairy goliath starts to cry and Smurfette tells the others that they’re scaring him. The Smurfs are dumbfounded. Smurfette explains that the snowbeast isn’t evil and that they should back off. The Smurfs throw down their torches and Papa Smurf tells the snowbeast that they don’t mean him any harm. He rubs some of the snowflower pollen onto the snowbeast’s foot, which heals him and puts a smile on his big, hairy face. The snowbeast shows the Smurfs a whole bunch of snowflowers, and they collect plenty of pollen to take back to the village.

As the Smurfs prepare to leave Ice Mountain, Papa Smurf asks if they can return in another year, when the snowflowers are back in bloom. The snowbeast nods enthusiastically. Smurfette plants a kiss on the snowbeast’s cheek, and the Smurfs wave goodbye to their giant friend. Back in the village, the Smurfs hold a huge celebration to honour the brave Smurfs that travelled to Ice Mountain. Jokey gives a present to Papa Smurf, which explodes in his face when he opens it. Papa Smurf says it’s good to have things back to normal.

Gargamel, The Generous

It’s a beautiful day in the Smurf Village, and the Smurfs are hard at work, as usual. A handful of them hammer away on some rocks with wooden mallets, including Clumsy, who unintentionally whacks his fellow labourers with his tool of mass destruction.

clumsy smurf finds some "rocks"

In an effort to stop the chaos that the un-coordinated Smurf is causing, Papa Smurf sends him on an errand to fetch some more rocks. Clumsy grabs a wheel barrow and heads into the forest to complete his task. He checks inside a cave and finds a slew of “funny-looking rocks” (which are actually diamonds), and carts them back to the village. As he makes his way back, some of the diamonds fall from the wheel barrow, but Clumsy pays no mind. Meanwhile, Gargamel and Azrael walk through the forest in search of Smurfs, and the cantankerous wizard complains of not having even one “Smurf hide” to show for their full day of hunting. Good luck is soon upon them, though, as Gargamel spots a diamond on the ground. He picks it up and excitedly begins to follow the trail of diamonds, tossing them into his sack as he goes. He urges Azrael to follow him, though it’s obvious that his feline companion doesn’t give a hoot about diamonds.

gargamel gets his hands on a diamond

Back in the village, the Smurfs continue to hammer away at the rocks. Clumsy arrives and announces that he’s got plenty of rocks for them. He dumps the diamonds onto the ground and the other Smurfs stare at the odd-looking rocks. The Smurfs try to break the rocks, but they’re too hard. Hefty steps in, mallet in hand, and uses his brawn to pulverize the diamond into dust. The Smurfs chastise Clumsy for bringing them “useless rocks”. They tell him to get rid of them and bring back some “good rocks”. Clumsy gathers the diamonds and heads back to the forest to dispose of them.

gargamel grabs clumsy smurf

Clumsy arrives at the edge of a short cliff to get rid of his load. Coincidentally, Gargamel and Azrael are stationed just below, looking for more of the precious gems. Azrael spots Clumsy and frantically points at him, but the oblivious wizard says, “Azrael, look down here! Diamonds don’t fall from the sky!” Just then, the diamonds bonk Gargamel on the head and he looks up to see a quivering Clumsy, who tries to run away. Gargamel scoops him up and Clumsy yells for help. The Smurfs in the village hear his cries and quickly rush to find him.

the smurfs are on the branches of an acorn-filled oak tree

Gargamel asks Clumsy about the “treasure”, but Clumsy has no clue what the black-clad geezer is talking about, insisting he was simply dumping some old rocks. Gargamel asks if there are more “rocks”, and Clumsy is about to tell him about the cave, but the wizard cuts him off, convinced that the goods must be in the Smurf Village. Papa Smurf and the other Smurfs show up and demand that Gargamel unhand Clumsy. As the Smurfs stand perched on the branches of an oak tree, Azrael climbs up towards them, but the Smurfs pelt the feline with acorns and send him crashing to the ground. An angry Gargamel calls his enemies “little imps!” and fights back by throwing acorns and diamonds at the Smurfs. Gargamel quickly realizes that he’s throwing away his precious diamonds and nearly has a heart attack. Some Smurfs hammer at Gargamel’s feet with their mallets and then get the hell out of there. Gargamel grabs his foot and howls in pain. The Smurfs escape, leaving Gargamel to vow that they’ll gladly give him their diamonds before he’s through.

gargamel and azrael eye grouchy and brainy as they hang from a tree

Later, Grouchy and Brainy are out looking for more rocks, when they suddenly get ensnared in some traps that leave them hanging from a tree. Gargamel shows up and the two Smurfs yell for help. Gargamel quickly apologizes to the Smurfs and explains that he thought he had removed all those “nasty old traps.” He pats the Smurfs on the head after releasing them, and they get the hell out of there. Azrael gives chase, but Gargamel grabs him by the tail, impeding his progress. Once the Smurfs are out of range, Gargamel says that all that “sickening sweetness makes me break out into a rash!” and vigorously scratches himself all over. Gargamel says, “Come, Azrael, we must prepare for our next good deed.” He proceeds to laugh maniacally.

smurfette and vanity get stuck in quicksand

Gargamel puts the finishing touches on a quicksand pit, and hides when he hears some happily-singing Smurfs approaching. The Smurfs in question are Vanity and Smurfette, who stroll through the forest, carrying some logs. They tumble into the quicksand and scream for help. Gargamel and Azrael arrive and the two Smurfs are horrified, but instead of devouring them, the wizard saves them by scooping them up with his net. The Smurfs are utterly baffled by Gargamel, who tells them that he’s seen the light and his days of wickedness and nastiness are over. He then suggests that they all skip to their village and “tell Papa Diamonds… uh, Papa Smurf, the good news.”

gargamel flashes a peace sign

Smurfette and Vanity lead Gargamel and Azrael to the Smurfs, who are busy chopping wood in the forest. Smurfette says, “Guess who’s coming to dinner!” The Smurfs freak out and run away, but Vanity tells them not to worry, and Smurfette relates the story of their rescue at Gargamel’s hands. Even Brainy chimes in about Gargamel’s changed ways. Gargamel tells Papa Smurf that he’s a new man, but the bearded leader is unconvinced, saying, “Fiddlesmurfs!” Gargamel starts sobbing about how it’s tough being lonely and it sucks that he’s always fighting with the Smurfs. The wizard turns to the camera, flashes a peace sign, and says, “Peace, brothers!” The other Smurfs are balling their eyes out at Gargamel’s sad story, but Papa Smurf is still unconvinced and says, “Double fiddlesmurfs!

Gargamel offers to carry the Smurfs’ firewood back to the village, but Papa Smurf refuses the offer. Vanity appeals to Papa Smurf to give Gargamel a chance, but Papa Smurf isn’t buying it. The Smurfs leave the wizard and his cat behind. Smurfette lingers just long enough to say goodbye to Gargamel, but she’s quickly yanked away by Papa Smurf. After the Smurfs depart, Gargamel says that if they won’t lead him to the diamonds, then he’ll get them to bring the diamonds to him!

gargamel and azrael accost clumsy smurf in the forest

Later, a basket-toting Clumsy skips through the woods and is accosted by Gargamel. Clumsy apologizes to the wizard, saying that Papa Smurf told the Smurfs that they’re not supposed to talk to him. Gargamel says he just wants to ask him a favour, which is to get some of those “rocks” that they have in their village. Clumsy happily agrees and promises to bring back an entire wagon full of the stuff. He rushes off, and Gargamel starts scratching himself like mad. “I hope he gets back soon, I’m about nice-d out!” It’s not long before Clumsy returns with his wagon. Gargamel, who thinks he’s going to be filthy rich, tells Azrael that he can have Clumsy as a snack. However, when Gargamel inspects the wagon, he sees that it’s full of rocks.

gargamel bribes the smurfs with various trinkets

Gargamel freaks out and calls Clumsy a “stupid, sniveling Smurf!” Clumsy starts shaking in his little white pants, but Papa Smurf arrives on the scene and says he finally figured out what Gargamel is after, which is the diamonds that Clumsy “smurfed.” The other Smurfs are like, “What the hell is a diamond?” Papa Smurf pulls one out of his sack and says that they’re very valuable in the human world. The red-hatted elder tells the Smurfs that their “phony friend” was taking advantage of their kindness. The other Smurfs gasp in horror. The Smurfs walk off and Gargamel makes a last ditch effort by offering to give the Smurfs some beads, a mirror and some ribbon. Papa Smurf is like, no way! But the other Smurfs are enticed and gather around Gargamel, clamouring for the stuff. Gargamel tells the Smurfs to meet him by the river at noon the next day, and says (in a hushed voice) that when he gets all the diamonds, “You’ll all get yours.” He proceeds to laugh maniacally.

brainy lectures a bunch of annoyed smurfs

The next day, Papa Smurf and a handful of Smurfs meet with Gargamel. The Smurfs have brought along a wagon with a sack full of diamonds. The wizard opens his own sack and shows it to the Smurfs, who remark that it’s empty. Gargamel scoops them into the bag and says, “Not anymore!” Fearing that something like this might happen, Papa Smurf pulls out a bottle and starts uttering a spell. Gargamel tosses the bag of Smurfs into the river and triumphantly holds up his bag of loot. He says, “We’re rich! Rich!” The Smurfs cut a hole in the bag from the inside and fall to the ground. Papa Smurf tells Gargamel that he did the old switcheroo and that the diamonds are now in the other sack. Gargamel freaks out and jumps into the river to try to retrieve the bag of diamonds.

Smurfette and the others apologize to Papa Smurf for not having listened to him. Papa Smurf says, “It just proves there are some people you can’t trust, no matter what they say.” Brainy starts to lecture the Smurfs, saying, “Don’t smurf candy from strangers, or strange wizards.” Also, “Beware a wizard in sheep’s clothing.” The annoyed Smurfs physically assault Brainy.

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