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King Smurf / The Astrosmurf / Jokey’s Medicine

King Smurf

The Smurfs are cheerfully doing repairs to the dam. Break time arrives and they prepare to eat lunch. Papa Smurf tells the others he can’t join them, because he has to get some “rare wrinkle root”, which only grows on the far side of the mountains. He says he’ll be back “in a few smurfs”, and reminds them to complete the repairs to the dam. Once Papa Smurf has left, Brainy tries to assume control, but the other Smurfs just laugh at him. Brainy soon dubs himself “King Smurf” and recruits Harmony to be his messenger.
king smurf

The Smurfs are upset with Brainy, and an angry Hefty confronts him, but Brainy smooth talks Hefty into becoming the head of security. Hefty gathers a security team and forces the other Smurfs to build a castle for King Smurf. Meanwhile, the neglected dam is beginning to leak. Brainy, now sporting a golden hat and dressed like a king, addresses the other Smurfs from his castle, but they’re still not accepting his status as King Smurf.

Jokey gets arrested after he gives an exploding present to Hefty, but is pardoned by King Smurf. However, Jokey gives an exploding present to King Smurf and is soon thrown in jail. While Jokey languishes in jail with a ball-and-chain attached to his leg, the other Smurfs gather outside the palace and chant, “Free Jokey! Free Jokey!” but are soon escorted away by Hefty’s armed security forces.

king smurf

Jokey is rescued in the middle of the night by a group of masked Smurfs who are led by Smurfette. Hefty spots them, but they manage to escape into the woods. Clumsy, perched high in a tree, sees that King Smurf’s forces have built a wall around the village. Grouchy says, “This means war (and I hate war)!” and Smurfette and the others agree.

The rebels attack the castle and are pelted with smurfberries, but they manage to breach the walls and chaos ensues. Papa Smurf finally arrives and puts an end to the fighting. He scolds everyone for “behaving like human beings.” They repair the dam just in the nick of time, but much of the village has been destroyed during the battle. Having seen the error of his ways, Brainy removes his royal garb and promises to clean up the village, as do the other Smurfs.

The Astrosmurf

Gargamel creates a crystal ball in the hopes it will lead him to the Smurfs. After asking it to show him “the most miserable creatures of all”, he sees an image of himself and Azrael. He says, “No, no, I mean the Smurfs!” and the crystal ball displays an image of the Smurf Village, but there are no Smurfs to be seen.

the astrosmurf

That’s because the Smurfs are nestled inside a mushroom house, singing “Happy Smurfday” to Dreamy Smurf, who makes a wish to fly to a new world that no Smurf has ever seen. He then blows out the candles on his Smurfday cake and imagines himself flying through space and arriving on another world. Later, Dreamy stares out his window, longing to be a space traveller. In an attempt to achieve his goal, he goes outside with a giant kite in hand and is soon carried up into the sky by a strong wind. He elatedly says, “I’m flying! I’m really flying!” but a sudden lightning storm sends him crashing back to earth. The other Smurfs laugh at him, but he is determined to fly to the stars.

Dreamy sneaks into Papa Smurf’s lab and grabs a broom and a book of spells. He utters a spell from the book and the broom comes alive and flies off without him. Dreamy chases after the broom and finally catches it, but not before it has bowled over a couple of Smurfs. The broom soars into the sky with Dreamy on board. He elatedly says, “I’m flying! I’m really flying!” but his journey quickly ends when he crashes into a tree and finds himself back on the ground. The other Smurfs once again laugh at him.

the astrosmurf

Dreamy is so consumed with the idea of flying to the stars that he barely notices Azrael in the forest, about to pounce on him. Luckily, Smurfette arrives and saves Dreamy by whacking Azrael in the face with a basket of smurfberries. Dreamy begins to wonder if his Smurfday wish will ever come true, but then a falling leaf gives him the idea to build a spaceship.

Meanwhile, Azrael and Gargamel are running through the forest, in search of the Smurfs. Gargamel is clutching the crystal ball, but he trips and it slips from his hands. Azrael attempts to catch it, but it bounces off his head, dazing him. The bounce sends the crystal ball into the hands of a relieved Gargamel.

Dreamy unveils his giant red spaceship to the other Smurfs, who react in awe. Dressed in his Astrosmurf uniform, he enters the ship and begins to pedal frantically, believing the “pedal power” will propel him to the stars. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work and the dejected little Smurf wanders off. The other Smurfs feel bad for him, so Papa Smurf comes up with an idea to try to make Dreamy’s Smurfday wish come true.

the astrosmurf

Dreamy returns and Papa Smurf preps him for a new flight attempt. He gives Dreamy a vial of raspberry juice to drink to give him strength and energy for his trip, though in reality, it’s a potion designed to put him to sleep. Dreamy enters the ship and begins to pedal. Outside, the Smurfs rock the ship and create smoke to give the illusion of flight. Dreamy soon falls asleep, and the Smurfs leap into action, dismantling the ship piece by piece.

The Smurfs gather the pieces into carts and make the long trek to a dormant volcano. Once there, they magically transform themselves into green creatures called Swoofs. Dreamy wakes from his slumber and thinks he’s landed on another planet. He’s accosted by the Swoofs and is brought back to their leader, Grandpa Swoof (aka Papa Smurf). After deciding that Astrosmurf is a friend, the Swoofs throw a big bash, complete with music and food. Astrosmurf declares that he wants to remain with the Swoofs. Grandpa Swoof is horrified.

Gargamel and Azrael are approaching the volcano, but are seen by a couple of Swoofs, who quickly alert Grandpa Swoof. Not wanting Astrosmurf to see Gargamel, the Swoofs sequester him and turn their attention to Gargamel. Grandpa Swoof conjures a storm cloud, which sends a lightning strike at Gargamel, causing him to drop the crystal ball, which shatters on the rocks below. The two villains hightail it out of there, chased by the lightning as they go.

the astrosmurf

The Swoofs put Astrosmurf through a series of (seemingly impossible) tests to see if he is worthy of staying with them, and he somehow passes them all. In a final effort to get rid of him, the Swoofs tell him he’ll have to cook, clean, bow down before all Swoofs, not be able to celebrate holidays like “Swoofmas” and “St. Swoofentine’s Day”, etc. Astrosmurf decides to return to Earth, to everyone’s relief.

Astrosmurf awakens to find himself back home. He emerges from the spaceship and the Smurfs greet him enthusiastically. They express relief when Astrosmurf declares he doesn’t want to go on any more trips.

The episode ends with Gargamel and Azrael being chased by a storm cloud, and Gargamel vowing that Papa Smurf will pay for his actions.

Jokey’s Medicine

jokey's medicine

Jokey is up to his usual tricks, playing practical jokes on the other Smurfs in the village. First, he hands out exploding presents to Greedy, Hefty, Lazy, and Smurfette. Then he disguises himself as a giant pumpkin-headed monster and descends on Greedy, Smurfette, and Lazy as they roast kebabs in front of a night fire, causing them to quiver with fear. Finally, as Greedy and a sleepwalking Lazy are carrying a piece of “smurfwood”, Jokey saws the piece in half. Lazy goes crashing into Papa Smurf’s lab, and Greedy gets propelled into the air and lands on a boat carrying Harmony and Smurfette. Greedy and Smurfette declare that Jokey has gone too far and they vow to give him a taste of his own medicine.

As Jokey skips through the woods, happy at the success of his practical jokes, Greedy, Lazy, and Smurfette wait hidden in an underground cavern and begin giggling when Jokey approaches the entrance. “What’s so funny down there?” asks Jokey, before jumping into the hole to find out what all the laughter is about. He soon sees a monstrous shadow on the wall and begins to panic. The lights go off and several sets of eyes surround the frightened Jokey. The lights go back on and the other Smurfs yell “Surprise!” and laugh uncontrollably. Jokey is not amused.

jokey's medicine

Azrael appears unexpectedly, but only Jokey notices. He tries to warn the other Smurfs, but they think it’s just another one of his tricks. Jokey runs away and the other Smurfs soon realize he wasn’t joking. Azrael chases them, but they escape into a narrow drain. As Azrael tries to claw them out, Jokey manages to draw away the feline’s attention and quickly evades him.

The Smurfs emerge through the other side of the passageway, which leads into Gargamel’s house. As soon as the wizard enters the room, he sniffs the air and is certain that he smells Smurfs. Greedy, Smurfette, and Lazy try to exit through the front door, but Azrael has arrived and is about to pounce on them. Before he can do so, Gargamel scoops them up and tosses them into a soup pot.

jokey's medicine

Jokey remains free, but he’s soon spotted and stalked by Azrael. As Jokey stumbles onto a mouse trap, Azrael swats at him and gets his paw caught in the trap. Jokey gets launched into the air and into Gargamel’s grasp. Jokey pulls a present out of nowhere and gives it to Gargamel. After tossing Jokey into the pot, Gargamel opens the present. It explodes in his (and Azrael’s) face.

The Smurfs escape during the confusion and Gargamel opens the pot and sees that the Smurfs are gone. The only thing left inside is another present, which also explodes in Gargamel’s face. The Smurfs, perched on the window ledge, take one last moment to laugh at the wizard and his cat before leaving through the window.

Back in the village, the Smurfs tell their story to Brainy. Jokey throws down a present from the roof of a mushroom house and Brainy juggles it briefly before sending it back up to Jokey. It explodes and Jokey is covered in black soot. He’s not amused.

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