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St. Smurf and the Dragon / Sorcerer Smurf

St. Smurf and the Dragon

We see brief snippets of the Smurfs going about their daily lives. A group of them walk through the forest, singing “La la la la la la!” Hefty and Brainy collect eggs, which a chicken and three of her chicks are not pleased about. Greedy suspects Clumsy of stealing one of his cakes, but lets him off the hook after the box Clumsy is holding turns out to be an exploding present (and explodes in Greedy’s face).

st. Smurf and the dragon

Meanwhile, Gargamel and Azrael are out hunting for Smurfs. They spot Brainy and chase after him. Brainy escapes back to the village and warns the other Smurfs that Gargamel is nearby. Papa Smurf concocts a potion to make the village temporarily invisible, but due to a lack of “glowberries” to make the potion fully effective, the village fades in and out of visibility. Azrael sees the village, but when he tries to alert Gargamel, the village disappears again. Gargamel gives up and they leave.

The Smurfs celebrate, and Papa Smurf soon has them out searching for more glowberries. Smurfette, Hefty, and Lazy are having no luck finding glowberries, but they do find a sick baby dragon with a serious case of the hiccups – every time the dragon hiccups, he unintentionally breathes fire. Smurfette takes pity on the dragon and the Smurfs bring him back to the village.

Back at Gargamel’s place, he tries to whip up a storm that will “smash Smurfs into little blue bits!” A mini-storm rages inside Gargamel’s lab, but it soon turns into a rainbow. A disappointed Gargamel has to go back to the drawing board.

Papa Smurf squirts a potion into the dragon’s mouth and cures him. Papa Smurf then orders Smurfette to escort the dragon back into the forest, and for the rest of the Smurfs to go out and get more glowberries, in case Gargamel returns.

st. smurf and the dragon

The Smurfs return with one measly glowberry, but Papa Smurf plants it in the ground and waters it with a magic growth potion. A new glowberry tree shoots up immediately, packed with the precious green fruit. The Smurfs race off to get some baskets. The dragon reappears and eyes the glowberries hungrily. When the Smurfs return with their baskets, all they find is an empty glowberry tree.

Gargamel finally succeeds in creating a storm cloud. He commands it to seek out the Smurfs and freeze their little warm hearts. The cloud floats out the window and Gargamel is as happy as can be – “Before they have time to sneeze, they’ll all be Smurfcicles! Heehehehehhe!”

st. smurf and the dragon

Back in the village, a sudden snowstorm has the Smurfs shivering and shuddering. Papa Smurf suspects that Gargamel is to blame. The Smurfs are in a bind, as they don’t have any glowberries and they’re freezing their little blue butts off. The dragon returns, once again stricken with a cold and breathing fire uncontrollably. Papa Smurf gets a bright idea and rifles through a cupboard for a potion. Outside, the dragon breathes fire onto the potion and it shoots up into the sky and chases the storm cloud away. The Smurfs are ecstatic.

The storm cloud now hovers over Gargamel’s house, covering it and the surrounding land in snow. Gargamel soaks his feet in a tub. He curses Papa Smurf, tries to stand up, and falls flat on his backside. The water in the tub is frozen solid.

st. smurf and the dragon

The dragon is still hanging around the village. Jokey tries to cheer up the dragon by giving him a present, but the dragon’s fire causes the gift to explode in Jokey’s face. Handy is showing Grouchy a trap he made to catch Azrael. The dragon’s fire sets off the trap and Grouchy is swept inside the cage. Hefty has good news – he’s found more glowberries! But before he can show them to Papa Smurf, the dragon has eaten every last one of them. Papa Smurf has had enough and banishes the dragon from the village.

Gargamel comes across Hefty, Smurfette and the dragon in the forest. He snatches up the Smurfs, but the dragon saves them with his fire breath. Gargamel wraps a bag around the dragon’s snout, rendering him harmless. The Smurfs escape, but Gargamel doesn’t care because he now has the dragon to use against the Smurfs.

st. smurf and the dragon

Gargamel and Azrael ride an air balloon and search for the Smurf village. Hefty and Lazy, armed with lances, fly out to challenge Gargamel on their bird friend Feathers. Gargamel unleashes his secret weapon, the dragon, which is tied up and seated on a perch extending from the balloon. Gargamel uses a feather to tickle the dragon’s nose, which causes him to breathe fire at the Smurfs and Feathers.

Gargamel spots the village from the air and is about to burn it to a crisp, but the dragon breaks free and falls to the ground. He ends up landing in the arms of his mother, a really big dragon! She licks him affectionately.

The Smurfs get the village to turn invisible and Gargamel can no longer see it. He blames the momma dragon, and she shoots fire at the balloon and pops it, sending a screaming Gargamel and Azrael zooming into the distance.


  • We briefly see Hefty without a hat on!

Sorcerer Smurf

Hefty, Lazy and Greedy are walking in the forest. They’re looking for Grouchy, but they can’t find him. They fear he may have been kidnapped by Gargamel, so they go to the wizard’s house to investigate. They’re quickly captured by Gargamel, and Grouchy is nowhere to be seen. Gargamel puts the Smurfs in a cage, but not before Hefty socks him in the nose.

papa smurf examines a sick grouchy

While eyeing the Smurfs hungrily, Azrael inadvertently knocks over a beaker of liquid with his tail, sending it flying into a boiling cauldron. The cauldron explodes and Azrael is sent flying out the window, as are the Smurfs. The cage busts open and the Smurfs run to the safety of the forest. Gargamel berates Azrael, but changes his tune once the Smurfs are out of range. Gargamel tells Azrael that the explosion, and the escape of the Smurfs, was all part of his plan.

Papa Smurf is examining Grouchy in his lab. Grouchy says he’s got pains all over. Papa Smurf tells him it’s his “smurfological opinion” that Grouchy will stay sick, unless he cheers up. (Grouchy: “I hate cheering up!”) Hefty, Lazy and Greedy burst in and tell Papa Smurf they were captured by Gargamel. Papa Smurf scolds them for going to Gargamel’s place. Hefty and Papa Smurf suspect that Gargamel is up to “something”, and they resolve to be prepared for when and if “something” happens.

smurfette and harmony give the magical book to papa smurf

Harmony and Smurfette are in the forest. Harmony plays his bugle, which scares off the forest animals, while Smurfette covers her ears. They notice a glowing object in the distance, which turns out to be a magical book. They decide to “smurf it back to Papa Smurf.” The book is evidently the property of a “Sorcerer Smurf”, but no Smurf has heard of him. They decide to seek him out on the Mountain of Mists, which is a very long journey. Grouchy says he hates long journeys, but the cold glare of Papa Smurf has him reluctantly changing his opinion for the positive.

They make the long trek and finally arrive inside the Mountain of Mists. There is an empty throne atop a staircase, and a black figure suddenly appears and warns them to “come no further.” Papa Smurf approaches the Sorcerer Smurf alone. They exchange pleasantries, and Sorcerer Smurf encourages the other Smurfs to come forward. Papa Smurf is suspicious, but before he can react, a cage falls on the other Smurfs, trapping them. The Sorcerer Smurf is actually Gargamel, who was wearing a disguise. He grabs Papa Smurf and hangs him on a hook.

the smurfs meet sorcerer smurf

Gargamel threatens to harm Papa Smurf if the others don’t show him to the village, so they do as he says. On the way to the village, the “real” Sorcerer Smurf shows up and uses his magic to make the earth rumble, turn the ground Gargamel is on into quicksand, and bring some evil-looking trees to life. Gargamel and Azrael run away in fear. The Sorcerer Smurf reveals himself to be none other than Papa Smurf, and all the “magic” was in reality done with the help of the other Smurfs, who were hiding inside the trees, pushing boulders off cliffs, etc.

Back in Papa Smurf’s lab, he’s once again examining Grouchy, who looks worse than before. Papa Smurf tells him he was trying too hard to be happy, and to just be himself and he will get better. Grouchy is relieved and says, “I hate being happy!”

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