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The Smurfs and the Howlibird

The Smurfs are hard at work building a bridge over a stream. Brainy is barking orders at the others, which is annoying them greatly. The spectacled Smurf sees Lazy napping and lectures him. Brainy is soon flying through the air and lands on his head.

smurfs build a bridge

Meanwhile, Papa Smurf is in his lab, mixing together some fertilizer. He needs to test it, so he pours some on a daisy. At first, it seems to work. The daisy grows a couple of feet and Papa Smurf declares “I’ve got Flower Power!” But things take a disastrous turn and the daisy morphs into a monstrous “smurfivorous plant.” It attacks Papa Smurf and tangles him in its vines. Papa Smurf yells for help, attracting the attention of Hefty and Lazy. They barge into his lab and Hefty trades blows with the plant. Finally, Hefty is able to defeat the “gone-crazy daisy” by hacking its root with an axe.

Papa Smurf tells Hefty and Lazy to take the fertilizer and bury it in the desert beyond the forest. The two Smurfs set off towards the desert. They come across a ravine and decide to save themselves a long walk and just dump the bottle of fertilizer there. They dispose of it and head back to the village. The bottle rests on a ledge and some of the fertilizer leaks out and drops into the mouth of a baby bird that’s in a nest below.

papa smurf and smurfivorous plant in his lab

It’s now night time in the village and Lazy is in bed. He’s regretting not having buried the fertilizer in the desert. He leaves his house to seek out Hefty, but he’s startled by a loud “Howly Howl!” noise. The other Smurfs are soon awake and complaining about the noise. A cranky Papa Smurf emerges from his house and comes across Lazy, who has now taken cover inside a barrel. Lazy tells Papa Smurf about the “Howly Howl!” noise. Hefty arrives and tells them that the storehouse has been wrecked and that all the food’s been “smurfed”. They find a couple of giant bird tracks, which must no doubt belong to the culprit. The Smurfs are in disbelief, especially Greedy, who faints into Smurfette’s arms (twice!) at the thought of there being no food.

lazy smurf in a barrel and papa smurf holding a candle

The Smurfs check the bridge, which looks to be “smurf and sound”, but the monstrous Howlibird soon appears and destroys it, sending the Smurfs tumbling into the stream. It chases them into the forest and unleashes some rolling logs on them, which they barely escape. They finally find refuge in a hollow log. Papa Smurf calls a meeting in the village and tells the other Smurfs that they’ve got to find safety and get away from the “smurfivorous bird” (which reminds him of the incident in his lab). He singles out Lazy and Hefty and asks if they buried the fertilizer in the desert. They confess that they didn’t, and Papa Smurf is angry as hell.

The Howlibird suddenly reappears and the Smurfs dash into their houses. The Howlibird starts to destroy mushroom houses and run amok. The Smurfs run into the forest in an effort to save themselves from destruction. Papa Smurf and a few others take cover inside an abandoned watchtower, barely escaping the Howlibird’s clutches.

the howlibird attacks the smurf mushroom houses

Their bird friend Feathers arrives and they attach a message to Feathers’ leg in an effort to rally the other Smurfs to the tower. The others see the message and race to the tower, but the Howlibird spots them and begins to stalk them. Feathers distracts the Howlibird and the Smurfs are able to make it safely into the tower. Feathers is chased by the winged menace and crashes through a tower window, barely escaping.

The Smurfs try to fight back by rigging an old crossbow and firing rocks at their nemesis, but the Howlibird manages to avoid the projectiles and the Smurfs are forced to retreat back inside the tower. Papa Smurf gets an idea and orders Hefty and Lazy to take him to where they left the fertilizer. Come nightfall, they sneak out and past a snoozing Howlibird and retrieve the fertilizer from the ravine. The Smurfs get back to the tower at dawn, once again narrowly avoiding the Howlibird.

Feathers the bird and the smurfs

The Smurfs hit the Howlibird with a blast of (thanks to Papa Smurf) “reversed” fertilizer potion. It incapacitates the Howlibird and strips it of its feathers. The Smurfs are overjoyed. They tie up the smurfivorous bird, Hefty kicks it in the rear end to get it to open its mouth, and then Papa Smurf feeds it some of the reversed fertilizer, which turns the Howlibird back to a normal bird.

The Smurfs rebuild the village and the pipsqueak bird tries to menace them again, but nobody is afraid of him anymore, since he’s just a little guy now. He wanders off, sad, but scares the hell out of a tiny spider and beats his own chest in triumph.

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