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The Magical Meanie / Bewitched, Bothered and Besmurfed

The Magical Meanie

Brainy and Clumsy are running through the forest and Azrael is hot on their trail. The two Smurfs try to cross a river by means of a fallen log. Clumsy accidentally trips up Brainy and the two of them plunge into the river, leaving Azrael behind.

brainy and clumsy meet genie meanie

They’re swept over a waterfall, but they survive and make it safely onto land. They notice a purple bottle close by and pick it up. A genie named Genie Meanie appears from inside the bottle. The genie is quite the jerk. After he finishes insulting the Smurfs, he says he’ll grant three wishes to whoever can guess the magic words, but they must do it by sundown, because he goes back into the bottle for another hundred years, wishes or no wishes. They can’t guess the magic words, so they take the genie back to the village.

Inside Gargamel’s place, the wizard tests his new “Smurf projector”, a contraption that looks like a modern-day movie projector. He turns the crank and the device projects an image of Brainy and Clumsy carrying Genie Meanie. He hears the Smurfs talking about the magic words and the three wishes. Intrigued, he turns the crank faster, but the projector explodes. He vows to get control of the genie and teach the Smurfs the real meaning of “meanie”. He and Azrael laugh maniacally.

gargamel tests his smurf projector

Back in the village, Brainy and Clumsy introduce the other Smurfs to the genie. Greedy offers a cake to the miserable genie, but Genie Meanie snaps his fingers and the cake goes flying into Greedy’s face. Smurfette tells the Genie it was a mean thing to do. Not wanting to leave anyone out, the genie conjures up more cakes and sends them flying into the faces of the other Smurfs. An angry Hefty tells the genie to put up his dukes and “fight like a Smurf”. The genie uses his magic to make Hefty wallop himself in the face. A dazed Hefty says, “Boy, I pack a mean punch!”

Gargamel is rifling through his book shelf, trying to find a particular book. He finally finds what he’s looking for – his great grandfather’s book of genies. Inside, he finds the magic words that will grant him three wishes from Genie Meanie. The words are “pumpernickel pickle”.

hefty and a cake-covered smurfette

The Smurfs are fed up with the genie and tell him to leave the village. He refuses to leave, so the Smurfs charge towards him. The genie snaps his fingers and the Smurfs are sent running backwards, all the way into a river. They pass Papa Smurf, who’s been busy gathering some root in the forest. He demands to know what’s going on and they tell him about Genie Meanie.

Papa Smurf confronts the genie and tells him to “stop smurfing around” or suffer the consequences. The genie takes no heed and magically attaches carrots to Papa Smurf’s face, making him look rather silly.

papa smurf and brainy and azrael the cat

Some forest animals get scared away by the sound of Gargamel yelling through a megaphone-like object. He’s calling out Genie Meanie’s name and the magic words. The genie hears him and appears. He informs Gargamel that he only has 10 minutes in which to make his wishes, because sundown is fast approaching. The wizard uses his first wish and they’re soon transported to the Smurf village, where the Smurfs have been keeping an eye out for Gargamel. The Smurfs run for their lives as Gargamel plucks them up one by one. Meanwhile, a carrot-faced Papa Smurf is in his lab with Brainy, frantically searching for the magic words.

The Smurfs fight back by pelting their foes with smurfberries. Gargamel uses his last two wishes in an effort to get all the Smurfs in his basket. Only Brainy and Papa Smurf remain free. They escape the lab and run away. Gargamel orders the genie to stop them, but he refuses because Gargamel has no more wishes left. Azrael has the two Smurfs cornered, but Papa Smurf finds the magic words in the nick of time. Gargamel and the genie are aghast.

the smurfs toss the genie's bottle into the water

Papa Smurf’s first wish is to have Gargamel and Azrael reduced to the size of a Smurf. The genie grants the wish and the two shrunken villains run away to the riverbank and board a raft. Papa Smurf then orders the genie to undo all the tricks he’s done and return everything to normal. Gargamel and Azrael change back to normal size and sink their tiny raft. They go over a waterfall and Gargamel vows to get the Smurfs.

The genie is about to retire back to his bottle, but Papa Smurf uses the remaining few seconds to make his last wish. His wish is that Genie Meanie stays in his bottle until he stops being mean. The genie cries foul and says he likes being mean. He’s then sucked back into the bottle.

The Smurfs toss the bottle into the river. The “evening star” appears in the sky and Brainy says anyone that sees it gets a wish. Grouchy says he hates wishes!


  • Smurfette appears to be topless after getting dumped in the river!
  • Papa Smurf can be seen briefly wearing white pants!

Bewitched, Bothered and Besmurfed

Some Smurfs sing and stroll through the forest on a beautiful day.

Elsewhere, a creepy castle sits atop an isolated mountain. It’s dark and stormy out. An ugly, bald, snorting witch named Hogatha is inside the castle, admiring herself in front of a mirror. She secures a magical locket around her neck, puts on an orange wig, and sprays on some perfume (“Eau de Evil”). She mounts a large vulture and flies off. The vulture gets struck by lightning and crashes to the ground. Hogatha’s locket is knocked loose, but she doesn’t notice.

hogatha the witch sprays perfume under her arms

Back in the Smurf village, Greedy is in bed with a massive stomach ache. There’s a pile of empty dishes next to him. He’s surrounded by concerned-looking Smurfs. They try to help him feel better by vigorously fluffing his pillow (while his head is still on it), feeding him medicine (which tastes terrible), and cranking up his bed (which sends him crashing onto the floor).

Smurfette gathers flowers in the forest in the hopes they will cheer up Greedy. She finds the locket and decides to keep it. Hogatha suddenly senses that her locket is gone and that someone else has put it on. She runs through the forest in a panic and stumbles upon a house, which belongs to none other than Gargamel. She barges in and asks Gargamel if he’s seen her locket. The wizard is in the middle of doing an experiment, so he doesn’t take too kindly to being interrupted by a stranger. He kicks her out of the house. Hogatha’s powers are fading, but she still has enough to whisk Gargamel outside and “convince” him to help her seek out the locket.

greedy smurf is sick in bed

They roam the forest and eventually come to the spot where Hogatha lost the locket. They find little footprints, which Gargamel identifies as Smurf footprints, meaning the Smurfs must have taken the locket! Gargamel offers to lead Hogatha to the Smurf village, but only if he gets to keep the Smurfs. They make a deal and shake on it. They’re both repulsed by the handshake.

Strange things begin to happen after Smurfette finds the locket. First, she arrives at Greedy’s house with the flowers, but he’s asleep, so she puts them in a vase next to his window and leaves. As she walks off, she says “I only wish I could fill Greedy’s whole room with flowers!” The locket starts to glow and Greedy’s room becomes covered in flowers. Smurfette also wishes Greedy could be “fit as a fiddle” and he instantly transforms into a fiddle.

gargamel and hogatha find smurf footprints

Next, Jokey gives a present to Smurfette. It explodes in her face. Jokey runs away. Smurfette says, “I wish you’d grow up and get serious,” and Jokey turns into a giant Smurf right in front of Clumsy and Brainy, and starts to say some pretty profound things, like: “Have you considered the meaning of life? Are Smurfs alone in the universe?”

Finally, Smurfette tries to show the locket to Grouchy, but he’s miserable and doesn’t pay any interest. Smurfette says, “Oh dear, I sure wish he’d cheer up.” She walks away, and Grouchy turns into a zany, energetic Smurf, who says things like, “Wacka, wacka!”

Papa Smurf is stumped at the rise of this sudden “epidemic” that has hit the Smurfs. He throws magic dust onto the three stricken Smurfs, but it has no effect. Smurfette soon makes the connection that all this bad luck started when she found the locket, so she decides to get rid of it.

grouchy is about to kiss hogatha the frog

Meanwhile, Hogatha, Azrael and Gargamel (or “Garglesmell”, as Hogatha has been referring to him) have been roaming the forest looking for the Smurfs, but they’re having no luck. Gargamel scans a map but soon admits they’re lost. Frustrated, he tears up the map. Hogatha suddenly decides she doesn’t need Gargamel anymore and tells him to leave. He reminds her of their deal, but Hogatha threatens to use her magic on him, so he and Azrael run away like a couple of huge cowards.

Smurfette reluctantly throws the locket over a cliff. The locket lands on Gargamel, who is sitting on a rock at the bottom of the cliff. He can’t believe his good fortune. Smurfette skips back towards the village and is accosted by a frog that claims to be a princess put under a spell (the frog is in fact Hogatha, who used the last of her power to cast this spell on herself). Smurfette is at first shocked to meet a talking frog, but she offers to help the frog and returns with her to the village.

hogatha regains her locket and gargamel is on the floor

Smurfette introduces the frog to the rest of the Smurfs and explains that a kiss from a Smurf will turn the frog back into a beautiful princess. The Smurfs are appalled and refuse to smooch their green guest. However, Grouchy arrives and is smitten by the frog. He gladly agrees to lock lips with her (“Pucker up, princess!”). But before they can do the deed, all the Smurfs disappear and emerge on a silver platter in front of a surprised Gargamel, whose wish was granted by the locket. Hogatha is left alone in the village, terrified she’ll remain a frog forever.

Gargamel locks the Smurfs inside a wooden box at his house and tries to decide how to cook them. Hogatha hops onto the scene and asks Gargamel for help, but he refuses and kicks her out. He slams the door shut after threatening to turn her into frog’s legs. The quick-thinking Smurfs lasso the key off the wall with a piece of yarn. They unlock the box and make a run for it. Gargamel chases after them, but he trips on the ball of yarn and the locket flies off his neck. Hogatha re-enters and takes possession of the locket, which returns her to her old self.

the smurfs ride some friendly frogs

The witch seizes Smurfette with the intention of making her a servant girl, but Smurfette tears the locket from Hogatha’s neck and tosses it to Papa Smurf. He throws it into the fire and it explodes. Greedy, Jokey and Grouchy are cured. The destruction of the locket also signals the end of Hogatha, who disintegrates immediately. The Smurfs get away and Gargamel is left trying to put out the fire which is raging in his house. The Smurfs bump into a group of frogs in the forest and fear they’ve been surrounded by more witches. But they turn out to be friends of Papa Smurf. They give the Smurfs a ride back to the village, and Papa Smurf says, “All’s well that smurf’s well!”

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