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Smurf-Colored Glasses / Dreamy’s Nightmare

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Smurf-Colored Glasses

Gargamel and Azrael climb the summit of a mountain during a raging storm. Gargamel chants, “Storm, Storm, before you’re through, rage upon those creatures blue!” He holds a small sack up to the sky and some dust pours out and disperses. He is pleased.

papa smurf and smurfette and jokey with gifts

The storm has cleared and the Smurfs are gathered in the forest to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Smurfette’s arrival in the village. Papa Smurf declares it “Smurfette Day”, and the other Smurfs cheer. They shower her with gifts and she rewards them with kisses. A love-struck Handy runs back to his house and makes some “smurf-colored glasses”, so that Smurfette will fall in love with him when she wears them. He tries them on, but they don’t seem to work. He goes into the forest, finds a rainbow, and utters one of Papa Smurf’s spells. The glasses start to glow and Handy puts them on. He looks at his reflection in the water and staring back at him is a super-handsome version of himself.

The Smurfs dance and play music in celebration of Smurfette Day, but a mean storm is brewing.

Gargamel has tied a net between two trees that rest on either side of the River Smurf. His plan is to have the storm blow the Smurfs right into the net.

handy fixes smurf-colored glasses with screwdriver

Handy returns to the celebration and gives Smurfette the glasses. She thanks him with a kiss. Handy implores her to put them on, but before she can do so, the storm is upon them and the wind is blowing wildly. Papa Smurf tells everyone to seek shelter. Handy and Smurfette are unaccounted for, so Papa Smurf, Grouchy, Clumsy, and Brainy brave the storm to try to find them.

Smurfette is carried away by the unmerciful wind, but she manages to grab hold of a flower. She puts on the glasses. A vicious spider appears, but the smurf-colored glasses make him look charming and friendly. Smurfette gets blown into Gargamel’s net and he scoops her up just as the storms subsides. The smurf-colored glasses make Gargamel look like a pretty-boy, and Azrael cuddly and cute. Smurfette compliments both of them. This unexpected behavior sickens and confuses Gargamel.

Handy meets up with the other Smurfs and they resume the search for Smurfette.

smurfette looks at gargamel with hearts and love

Back at Gargamel’s place, Smurfette is still smitten with him, but he puts her in a cage and vows to make her his slave again, just like when he created her. Gargamel takes the glasses from Smurfette and she finally comes to her senses. He is about to fling her into a pot of liquid that will turn her evil, but Handy and the other four Smurfs intervene. Azrael corners the Smurfs and Gargamel returns his attention to Smurfette.

Just as Gargamel is about to dunk her, Bigmouth smashes through the door and demands food. While Bigmouth is ransacking the cupboard, Hefty tells Papa Smurf about the smurf-colored glasses. Bigmouth has cleaned out Gargamel’s stash, but he’s still hungry and on the warpath. Papa Smurf tells Bigmouth he knows where he can find all the food he can eat. He whispers something to Bigmouth and the ogre is soon wearing the smurf-colored glasses. Bigmouth looks at Gargamel and Azrael, who appear to be covered in food. Bigmouth hungrily chases them out the door and into the forest. The Smurfs laugh hysterically.

bigmouth is hungry with smurfette and gargamel

Back in the village, Handy is feeling low. He thinks Smurfette doesn’t like him because of all the trouble the smurf-colored glasses caused. He urges her to whack him in the face, but she instead gives him a huge smooch and tells him she likes him just the way he is. He’s over the moon with joy and races off to make a present to top all presents, knocking over Grouchy in the process. Grouchy says, “I hate being flattened!”

Dreamy’s Nightmare

It’s a typical day in the Smurf Village. There are Smurfs singing, gardening, eating, and playing smurfball. Everyone looks happy. Except for Dreamy. After turning down offers of playing smurfball and trying out Handy’s new smurfberry-peeling machine, Dreamy lounges under a tree and expresses his disappointment at the lack of excitement in his life. He decides to pay a visit to Papa Smurf to tell him of his plan to go on a trip around the world. Papa Smurf tells Dreamy he’s out of his mind, but Dreamy is determined to go on this adventure.

papa smurf gives dreamy a magic whistle

Papa Smurf enlists the help of the other Smurfs to try to get Dreamy to stay, but even a tasty-looking cake from Greedy, and Brainy getting blasted by one of Jokey’s exploding presents, aren’t enough to dissuade Dreamy. He is one determined little Smurf! Dreamy packs his stuff and prepares to begin his journey. Papa Smurf gives Dreamy a magic whistle that will bring him back to the village if he’s ever in a jam. The Smurfs, with tears in their eyes, bid farewell to Dreamy. The adventure-seeking Smurf leaves the village and sings a tune as he travels through the forest. He eventually gets tired and takes a nap in a patch of grass. When he wakes up, it’s dark and spooky, which causes him to shiver in fear.

gargamel and his cat azrael walk in the rain with an umbrella

Dreamy resumes his journey and considers blowing the whistle, but quickly clears the thought from his mind and soldiers on. A storm hits and a lightning strike sends a tree crashing down next to him. He runs into a hollow log to seek shelter from the rain, but a nasty badger is already occupying it, so he gets the hell out of there. He trips and lands in a huge puddle of water. He’s frustrated and says, “Smurfing around the world isn’t as much fun as I thought!” He gets up and continues on his way, but he has unknowingly left the magic whistle behind.

Gargamel and Azrael are out taking a stroll in the rain, and they come across the whistle. Gargamel picks it up and studies it with curiosity.

The rain finally stops, and a starving Dreamy goes in search of food. He tries to steal an egg from a henhouse, but is thwarted by an angry chicken that runs him over. A frustrated Dreamy says, “Having adventures is a real smurf in the neck!” Dreamy is soon “smurfing down the river” on a log, his mood more upbeat. His happiness doesn’t last long, however, because a fishing Gargamel sees him and scoops Dreamy into his net. “He’s a bit small, but I won’t throw him back,” quips Gargamel. Dreamy cries for help, but nobody hears him.

dreamy smurf steals an egg from a chicken

Back at Gargamel’s house, Dreamy sits tied up on a shelf. He threatens Gargamel, but the wizard just laughs in his face. Gargamel pulls out the whistle and asks Dreamy if it belongs to him. A surprised Dreamy begs Gargamel not to the blow the whistle. Stupid move! Gargamel blows the whistle and disappears in a puff of purple smoke. A horrified Dreamy says, “Uh oh, I think I just blew it!”

Gargamel suddenly appears in the Smurf Village (and scares the hell out of a couple of nearby Smurfs). Gargamel can’t believe his good fortune. It’s chaos as the Smurfs run around in disarray. Gargamel chases them with glee. Papa Smurf, busy in his lab, hears the noise and is like, “What is all the commotion?!” He sees Gargamel chasing his little Smurfs and he can’t believe it. Papa Smurf starts mixing a potion in an effort to keep the Smurfs off the endangered species list. He confronts the wizard and is quickly scooped up. Papa Smurf throws some of the potion onto Gargamel and the wizard becomes disoriented and lands on Smurfette’s house, crushing it. Smurfette is mad as hell and gives Gargamel a piece of her mind.

gargamel chases the smurfs in the village

Gargamel apologizes profusely and declares his love for all the Smurfs. The Smurfs are dumbstruck. Papa Smurf says that he dumped a potion on Gargamel that makes people good and kind. Vanity finds the magic whistle and gives it to the bearded leader of the Smurfs. The Smurfs put two and two together and figure out how Gargamel got into the village. Gargamel tells them that Dreamy is back at his house with Azrael. Everyone freaks out, including Gargamel, and they rush to the wizard’s house to try to save Dreamy from biting the dust at the hands (er… paws) of Azrael.

Back at Gargamel’s, Azrael chases after Dreamy, but the Smurf seeks refuge in a glass container. Azrael is no dummy, though, and pushes the container onto the floor, shattering it. Dreamy somehow survives (and there is no broken glass to be seen – huh?), and the chase continues. The Smurfs and Gargamel race onto the scene and save Dreamy from what looked to be his imminent demise (yeah, right!). Gargamel scolds Azrael and shoos the confused cat away with a broom. The Smurfs cheer Dreamy.

azrael has dreamy smurf trapped in a jar and is about to eat him

Gargamel starts to come back to his senses and the Smurfs try to get away, but it’s too late – the potion has worn off. Gargamel scoops them up and dumps them into a cupboard. Time for a Smurf feast, woohoo! Inside the cupboard, the Smurfs try to think of a way to escape. Dreamy mentions the whistle and Vanity produces it. The Smurfs all hold hands and Papa Smurf blows the whistle. They disappear in a puff of smoke.

Gargamel is making a fire and boiling some water. He opens the cupboard door, but the Smurfs have vanished! Gargamel and Azrael writhe on the floor in defeat.

Back in the village, Papa Smurf asks Dreamy if he’ll be “smurfing off” again. Dreamy says no, because “I’ve had plenty enough excitement!” and the other Smurfs cheer. Dreamy looks at the camera with a smile and adds,”…at least for now.”

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