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Fuzzle Trouble / Soup a la Smurf

Fuzzle Trouble

Azrael is napping on a cushion inside Gargamel’s place. His master is nearby, concocting a glowing red substance that will help him catch Smurfs. He sprays some of it on the ground and it reveals a series of paw prints that lead directly to where Azrael is lounging. Gargamel is ecstatic that his “footprint-finding potion” works. It’s a bit too strong and burns part of Azrael’s tail, so Gargamel adds an ingredient to tone it down as to not burn the Smurfs to a crisp. Gargamel and Azrael laugh maniacally.

gargamel creates a potion to help catch the smurfs

A bunch of Smurfs are working hard in the forest, hauling logs and chopping down trees. Papa Smurf is supervising (as usual). Clumsy is busy dragging a log. A small, fuzzy pink creature is hitching a ride on one end of the log. Brainy stops Clumsy and points out the creature to him. More Smurfs gather and are won over by the creature’s cuteness. Clumsy shows it to Papa Smurf and asks if he can keep the lovable little furball. Papa Smurf identifies the creature as a “fuzzle” and sternly orders Clumsy to leave it behind. Clumsy persists, but Papa Smurf says, “Little fuzzles are big trouble – put it back!”

As the Smurfs head back to the village, Clumsy says goodbye to the fuzzle and leaves it in the forest. The fuzzle starts to cry. Clumsy ends up disobeying Papa Smurf’s orders and sneaks the fuzzle into the village under his hat.

clumsy smurf makes a new friend - a fuzzle

Gargamel, accompanied by Azrael, is combing the forest, feverishly spraying his potion onto the ground. They find some footprints, which Gargamel thinks belong to a Smurf. The trail leads him to a tree. Surely the Smurf must be in the tree! Gargamel shakes a branch and a huge bear comes crashing down. The wizard and his feline companion are petrified with fear. They dive into a hole in the tree to escape the growling menace, which shakes the tree and quickly leaves. The two villains are rattled, but a fresh trail of little footprints gives them renewed hope.

The Smurfs head to the dam with their load of wood. Clumsy drops off the fuzzle at his house and feeds it before leaving to join the others. The fuzzle quickly splits into two fuzzles. The two fuzzles eat some more and they become four fuzzles.

brainy lectures clumsy as the fuzzles eat everything

The Smurfs are hard at work on the dam. Papa Smurf signals the start of lunchtime and Clumsy races back to his house. He calls for the fuzzle, but can’t find it. He opens the cupboard and a mountain of fuzzles pile onto Clumsy. Clumsy runs to Brainy’s house and is about to tell him about his fuzzle trouble when the fuzzles show up and start eating Brainy’s house. Brainy freaks out and lectures Clumsy for disobeying Papa Smurf.

The fuzzles are soon heading towards Papa Smurf’s house, so Clumsy rushes over there and tries to usher the red-hatted leader of the Smurfs outside before he gets wind of what’s happening. But Papa Smurf spots the fuzzles and gives Clumsy a piece of his mind. Papa Smurf orders that the fuzzles be rounded up and sent back to the forest.

Gargamel and Azrael continue their search. Gargamel comes across some freshly cut trees and is convinced the Smurfs were recently in the area. The wizard is confident he’ll soon have the Smurfs in his grasp.

smurfette tries to shoo away a fuzzle with a broom

Smurfette tries to shoo away a fuzzle from her doorstep with a broom. She tells the fuzzle to “smurf off!” but it eats the broom and multiplies. Jokey arrives and says the best way to get rid of the fuzzles is to scare them away. The fuzzles hop onto Jokey’s present and it explodes, leaving Jokey with a face full of soot. Not only that, the explosion has caused the fuzzles to multiply even more!

The fuzzles end up at the dam and start to chew it to pieces. Papa Smurf arrives and sprays them with a gas that makes them fall asleep. The Smurfs gather the dozing fuzzles and carry them away, but they soon wake up and continue their reign of destruction. To make things worse, Papa Smurf is all out of sleeping potion. Meanwhile, Gargamel and Azrael find a Smurf path and wait for the Smurfs to show up.

harmony smurf plays the bugle and the fuzzles follow

The fuzzles are out of control and Papa Smurf declares defeat. Harmony plays his bugle to lament the end of Smurfdom. The other Smurfs can’t stand the noise, but the music seems to have a hypnotic effect on the fuzzles. Papa Smurf urges Harmony to play faster: “They like your music!” Harmony says, “They do? Those fuzzzles have taste!” Harmony leads the fuzzles back into the woods, and the other Smurfs follow.

Gargamel is busy setting a trap for the Smurfs. He hears the bugle-playing and he and Azrael take cover in the bushes. Harmony skips right over the trap, but the fuzzles are caught in a box that falls on them. Harmony and the other Smurfs hide in the bushes just before the re-appearance of Gargamel and Azrael, who think they’ve caught the motherload of Smurfs. Garagamel picks up the box and they head off. The Smurfs follow the wizard back to his house to see what the fate of the fuzzles will be.

gargamel and azrael are swarmed by fuzzles

Once back inside his domain, Gargamel opens the box and a sea of fuzzles engulf the room and swarm over Gargamel and Azrael. Gargamel blames the Smurfs for the catastrophe and vows to get them if it’s the last thing he does. The Smurfs, who are listening from a safe distance outside, laugh at Gargamel’s misfortune.

Soup a la Smurf

Brainy, Clumsy, Hefty, and Greedy set off from the village to go pick smurfberries, but first, Papa Smurf reminds them to keep the noise level down if they happen to be near Gargamel’s place. The four Smurfs stroll through the forest, singing a happy song. A cautious Brainy tells the others to keep it down, and gets thrown on his head for his efforts.

bigmouth and gargamel meet

Several forest animals become startled at the sound of a loud and earth-shaking thumping noise, including a squirrel that’s chewing on an acorn. The frightened squirrel drops the nut and takes off. A giant hand reaches out and catches the nut as it falls. The Smurfs continue on their merry way, but the thumping sound reaches their ears and fills them with fear. They seek cover behind a tree and watch as a huge shadow passes them. They don’t recognize the person that’s casting the shadow, but they decide to follow the mysterious figure, as it seems to be heading towards Gargamel’s place.

Gargamel is inside his house, busily working on a “smurficide potion”, which he tells Azrael he’s been working on for two years and is just now adding the finishing ingredient. Azrael gets startled by something at the front door and runs past Gargamel, causing him to add too much of the ingredient to the potion. An explosion occurs. Gargamel angrily chases Azrael outside and runs right into a giant, ill-tempered ogre named Bigmouth. Bigmouth is hungry and demands food. A cowering Gargamel finds some food and Bigmouth chows down. He says, “Bigmouth like goodies!” The Smurfs arrive at the window and observe the scene.

the smurfs are shocked at the thought of soup a la smurf

Bigmouth finishes all the food, but he’s still hungry. He grabs Azrael and threatens to eat the cat, but Gargamel dissuades him by saying he’ll break out in a rash and get furballs. Bigmouth tosses Azrael out the window and rifles through Gargamel’s pantry in search of more goodies. He finds a couple of pumpkins and devours them. He says, “Mmm, yummy in Bigmouth’s tummy!”

Gargamel gets an idea to use Bigmouth to help him get the Smurfs. He tells him about the greatest meal there is: Soup a la Smurf! Bigmouth is intrigued. The Smurfs at the window are horrified and decide to get back to the village. Greedy lingers and wonders aloud if Gargamel’s got any more goodies, but he’s quickly yanked away by the others. The four Smurfs get back to the village and tell Papa Smurf the whole story. All the Smurfs are soon freaking out, but Papa Smurf tells them to calm down, since no one can “smurf” their village.

bigmouth grabs papa smurf

Bigmouth, Gargamel, and Azrael walk through the forest. Gargamel tells Bigmouth all about the Smurfs and how delicious they are. Bigmouth becomes impatient and threatens to eat Azrael, so Gargamel has to once again talk him out of it. They are having a hell of a time trying to find the village, and Gargamel ends up getting separated from Bigmouth. The frustrated wizard bangs his head against a tree.

Bigmouth sees Smurfette flying in the air on Feathers. She sees the ogre and heads back to the village, which is a dumb move, because Bigmouth follows her! Smurfette arrives in the village and warns the Smurfs. They are freaking out, and Hefty yells, “Every Smurf for himself!” But before they can all run for their lives, Papa Smurf tells them to keep their cool. His plan is to greet Bigmouth with a celebration.

papa smurf conducts the smurf orchestra

Bigmouth arrives in the village and promptly grabs Papa Smurf. The Smurf leader greets Bigmouth warmly. The Smurfs stall for time by playing some music for the giant, who seems to be into it. Papa Smurf leaves and heads for his lab. Smurfette arrives and tells Papa Smurf that Bigmouth is tired of the music and wants his Soup a la Smurf. He rushes off to find Greedy and tells him to bake as much food as he possibly can.

Jokey gives a present to Bigmouth, which the ogre promptly swallows. It explodes inside his belly. Bigmouth says, “Good, but too spicy!” Papa Smurf feverishly works on the potion in his lab.

Meanwhile, Gargamel and Azrael scour the forest in search of the Smurf village.

The Smurfs unload a bunch of huge goodies in front of Bigmouth. Greedy proudly watches as Bigmouth devours everything. Bigmouth drops the plates on Greedy’s head and demands soup. Greedy is furious and kicks Bigmouth in the foot. Bigmouth pounds the ground with his fist and Greedy gets the hell out of there.

Gargamel and Azrael climb up a cliff. Gargamel says, “We’re getting closer to the village, Azrael. I can feel it!” A lump of rock lands on Azrael’s head.

Bigmouth is getting more and more agitated. He demands that he get his Soup a la Smurf. A fed up Papa Smurf tells the others that they’ll have to give Bigmouth the soup. The other Smurfs are shocked.

Garagamel and Azrael continue their search, this time in a cave. Gargamel thinks they may have taken a wrong turn somewhere.

five smurfs in a soup pot

Papa Smurf throws a potion onto the Smurfs, which is designed to protect them from heat. Papa Smurf lights a fire under the soup pot, tosses in some carrots and onions, and asks for five Smurf volunteers to jump into the pot. A handful of Smurfs eagerly hop into the soup. Bigmouth is happy that he’ll finally get his Soup a la Smurf, though he threatens to smash the village if it’s not delicious. The Smurfs get Bigmouth to go search for some firewood. While he’s gone, they exit the pot and throw in some Smurf clothes. Bigmouth returns and devours the soup. He instantly turns into an ugly blue creature with long sharp teeth.

bigmouth has been turned into an ugly monster an is about to asault gargamel

Gargamel and Azrael wade through a swamp. They are about to give up their search, but hear Bigmouth wailing for help in the distance. They find Bigmouth and the Smurf Village, and are overjoyed. Gargamel starts plucking up Smurfs, but he soon crashes into Bigmouth. A clever Papa Smurf tells Bigmouth that it’s a normal side effect to turn ugly after eating Soup a la Smurf, and “didn’t Gargamel tell you?” Bigmouth is super-angry at Gargamel and demands that the wizard make an “anti-goat” (antidote) to return the ogre to his “handsome” self. They return to Gargamel’s place to work on a cure.

Gargamel makes several attempts at curing Bigmouth, but only manages to change him into an even uglier creature each time. The Smurfs watch the whole thing and laugh their heads off. Bigmouth is about to eat Gargamel, but Papa Smurf decides that it’s time to intervene. He hands Bigmouth a sasparilla leaf and tells him to eat it. Bigmouth returns to his normal self – he’s cured! But he’s still hungry, so he chases Gargamel out the door and into the distance. The Smurfs look on and Greedy wonders aloud as to what Soup a la Gargamel might taste like. Smurfette says, “Probably greasy!” The others laugh.

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