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All That Glitters Isn’t Smurf / Romeo and Smurfette

All That Glitters Isn’t Smurf

Smurfette is having a nightmare in which Gargamel has her in his clutches. He tells Smurfette that he created her to help him, but that she failed. As revenge, Gargamel says he’s stolen Papa Smurf’s powers and that he will no longer be able to protect her. Smurfette awakes from the nightmare and, full of worry, she decides to leave her house in search of Papa Smurf.

smurfette has a dream about gargamel

The sun has come up, and after a brief encounter with Brainy and Greedy, Smurfette arrives at Papa Smurf’s window. The bearded patriarch of the Smurfs is busy working in his lab. Two of his experiments go awry, including one which results in an explosion. Smurfette rushes inside to see if Papa Smurf is hurt, but he says he’s fine and sends her on her way.

At Gargamel’s place, the ecstatic wizard is raving about having found a spell that can turn metal into gold. Azrael, who is napping on top of Gargamel’s spell book, lets out a disinterested meow. Gargamel’s joy doesn’t last long, because one of the required ingredients is a half-pound of Smurfs, which he obviously doesn’t have. However, he is determined to get some Smurfs and turn metal into gold.

pumpkins explode after papa smurf pours a potion on them

Back in the village, Papa Smurf pours some “fast-growing formula” onto Farmer Smurf’s pumpkins, but they end up exploding. Papa Smurf can’t understand what went wrong. Smurfette has been watching this from nearby, along with Jokey. She tells Jokey she thinks Papa Smurf is losing his powers. Jokey is concerned. Lazy, who was awoken by the explosion, wanders into the forest to get some “smurf and quiet”. He sees a hammock strung up between two trees and jumps into it. The hammock smothers him, and Gargamel and Azrael appear. They scoop up Lazy and throw him into a sack.

Smurfette and a group of other Smurfs discuss the situation regarding Papa Smurf having potentially lost his ability to do magic. Vanity suggests that perhaps Papa Smurf is getting old, but the others shoot down that suggestion because, after all, Papa Smurf just celebrated his 542nd birthday, which is most certainly not old.

Meanwhile, Gargamel captures two more Smurfs. He catches Greedy by luring him with a giant cake that’s as sticky as glue. He also snags Jokey by enticing him with a giant present. When Jokey opens the box, a hand reaches out and grabs him.

three smurfs tied up on a scale

After yet another failed experiment, Papa Smurf tells the other Smurfs that he must travel to the “Mountain of Mists” for some special roots. Smurfette pleads with him to stay, but there is no changing Papa Smurf’s mind. He says he’ll be back by nightfall. Back at Gargamel’s house, the wizard weighs the three captured Smurfs, who are bound with rope. They only weigh three ounces, which is not nearly enough. Jokey lets slip to the other Smurfs that Papa Smurf may be losing his powers. Gargamel overhears this and a plan instantly forms.

Brainy finds a scroll pinned to a tree. He’s shocked at what he reads. He returns to the village and tells the other Smurfs that, according to the scroll, four Smurfs must go to the red oak every hour, or Papa Smurf will lose his powers. The Smurfs rush to the red oak, and a handful of them are quickly ambushed by Gargamel, who scoops them into his net. Only Smurfette and Clumsy escape.

Back at Gargamel’s place, the giddy wizard tosses the Smurfs into a pot and closes the lid. His plan is to turn them into gold, come sunrise.

papa smurf cuts smurfette's hair and clumsy watches

Smurfette and Clumsy have gone in search of Papa Smurf. It’s dark and creepy on the Mountain of Mists, which makes the two Smurfs shiver with fear. Things are made worse when they hear someone approaching. They hold each other tight and wait to see who it is. Fortunately, it’s only Papa Smurf. They update him on the situation and he concocts a plan to rescue the Smurfs from Gargamel. Back at the village, Papa Smurf cuts off pieces of Smurfette’s hair and puts them in a sack.

At Gargamel’s place, a golden coin flies through the window and hits him in the head. A second coin bounces off his nose. Gargamel opens the door and finds a trail of golden coins leading away from his house. As Gargamel occupies himself with the coins, Papa Smurf ducks inside the house, but he’s confronted by Azrael. Papa Smurf calls out to the Smurfs and they tell him that they’re in the pot. Papa Smurf nimbly evades Azrael and taunts the feline from atop the pot. Azrael lunges at Papa Smurf, but knocks over the pot, which sets the Smurfs free. They bolt from the house, but Azrael is right behind them.

an outraged gargamel sits in the rain with azrael

The trail of coins has lead Gargamel to a huge pile of the golden stuff. Gargamel is in heaven, until he and Azrael get scooped into a giant net. The Smurfs mock Gargamel and then call it a day. Back in the village, Papa Smurf’s growth formula finally works and the pumpkins grow huge. Papa Smurf tells the others that it sometimes takes a lot of work and many failures before an experiment is successful. Smurfette plants a big kiss on Papa Smurf’s cheek and apologizes for having doubted him. The other Smurfs cheer.

The two villains are still hanging inside the nets, but at least they have all that gold to look forward to when they get free, says Gargamel. It starts to storm and a lightning strike severs the nets and sends them crashing to the ground. The rain melts the fake gold into liquid goo. Gargamel vows to get revenge on the Smurfs. Azrael meows, as if to say, “Yeah, yeah, whatever!”

Romeo and Smurfette

It’s the first day of spring. Gargamel looks out his window and expresses his disgust at the mere thought of birds, flowers, and sunshine. But all that “sickening sweetness” suddenly gives him an idea as to how to make sure “those rotten little Smurfs will never see summer!” He laughs maniacally and goes outside, inadvertently slamming the door in Azrael’s face.

smurfette smoke clouds made by smurf

In the Smurf Village, Papa Smurf emerges from his house and takes a big breath. Spring is in the air! He’s barely finished inhaling when a cloud of smoke floats over his face and causes him to hack and cough violently. A nearby Smurf is making Smurfette-shaped smoke clouds and staring into space dreamily. Papa Smurf is not quite sure what to make of this. He looks the other way and sees another spellbound Smurf trimming a bush into the shape of Smurfette. Papa Smurf smiles knowingly and walks off.

As the wise leader of the Smurfs strolls through the village, he observes more of this unusual behaviour. First, he passes Greedy’s house and sees him baking a multitude of Smurfette-shaped goodies. The next Smurf he encounters is happily painting a series of Smurfette portraits. Papa Smurf concludes that it’s all just a harmless case of Spring Fever.

the smurfs give smurfette flowers

Smurfette, who is perched at the second-floor window of her house, waves a handkerchief and greets Papa Smurf as he makes his rounds. Papa Smurf waves back, but he’s quickly stampeded by a bunch of flower-toting Smurfs that enthusiastically call out to Smurfette. They gather at her front door and offer her the flowers. Before she can accept any of them, Hefty steps forward and asks Smurfette if she’ll marry him. Smurfette doesn’t know what to say, but it doesn’t matter, because the other Smurfs are soon swarming around her and trying to pop the question as well. Papa Smurf steps in and scolds the love-happy Smurfs for pestering Smurfette. He tells them to run along and they dejectedly disperse.

papa smurf lifts weights and rides a bicycle

Papa Smurf apologizes to Smurfette for the other Smurfs’ behaviour, but he’s soon trying his own hand at winning the Smurfette sweepstakes. He suggests that she consider an older, more mature “Smurf of the World” if she does decide to get married. He even goes so far as to tell her she could potentially become “Mama Smurf”. Smurfette is dumbstruck by this indirect marriage proposal from the white-haired patron of the Smurfs. Papa Smurf wanders off in embarrassment after he notices a bunch of grinning Smurfs watching from behind a nearby house. A dejected Papa Smurf says to himself, “If only I were 450 years younger!”

Gargamel plants a yellow flower in the ground, which is part of his plan to capture Smurfette and use her to destroy the Smurfs. Some dust from the flower falls onto Azrael and turns him into a red-faced zombie. Instead of helping his poor cat, Gargamel joyfully clicks his heels together and declares this plan his most brilliant ever.

Inside Papa Smurf’s house, the bearded elder is flexing and exercising in front of a mirror. He hears someone calling Smurfette’s name from outside. It’s Hefty, who offers to carry Smurfette over a mud puddle. She accepts his offer and compliments him on his strength. A love-struck Hefty is accosted by Papa Smurf, who asks to borrow his exercise equipment.

smurfette smells a yellow flower

The smitten Smurfs are lounging around the village, plucking daisies, and saying, “She loves me! She loves me not!” Smurfette starts to think things are getting out of hand and decides to go see Papa Smurf, who is exhausted from his workout, but perks up when he sees his blonde-haired visitor. Smurfette tells him that she’s going to decide which Smurf to marry after she returns from a walk in the forest. During her walk, she finds the yellow flower and, unable to resist its beauty, sniffs it. Some flower dust falls on her and turns her into a mindless zombie. She goes straight to Gargamel’s house and he whispers instructions into her ear. An evil grin forms on Smurfette’s face.

A group of gift-bearing Smurfs line up in anticipation of Smurfette’s decision. Smurfette returns to the village, but before revealing herself to the others, she sniffs a small yellow flower and reverts to her normal appearance (though she’s still under the influence of Gargamel).

hefty and handy serenade smurfette with their bands

Smurfette chooses Handy as her husband-to-be and gives him a kiss on the cheek. However, she also chooses Hefty and plants a kiss on his cheek. The other Smurfs are disgusted and throw down their gifts. Papa Smurf asks Smurfette to narrow her choice down to one Smurf, but Smurfette says she’s sure Handy and Hefty will “work it out”, and may the best Smurf win. Handy and Hefty glare at each other, and the other Smurfs choose sides. Papa Smurf returns to his house and throws the exercise equipment out the window.

brainy paints a line through the village and smurfette watches

Under a moonlit sky, Handy (and his band) serenades Smurfette from beneath her window. But Hefty (and his band) soon shows up and serenades her as well. The two factions end up in a huge brawl, which is quickly broken up by Papa Smurf. He sends them all home and tells Smurfette that the fighting has got to stop. She giggles and says, “Smurfs will be Smurfs.” She tosses her flower towards Papa Smurf and goes into her house. Papa Smurf studies the flower closely. It disappears in a puff of smoke and an alarmed Papa Smurf is convinced that Gargamel is somehow involved.

Brainy busily paints a black line through the centre of the village – as per Papa Smurf’s orders – in an effort to keep Handy’s group away from Hefty’s group. But Smurfette coaxes her two suitors into crossing the line and the two Smurfs start beating the crap out of each other.

papa smurf hypnotizes gargamel

Meanwhile, Papa Smurf has been working on a cure for Smurfette. He bursts out of his lab clutching a glass vial and stops where the two Smurfs are fighting. The glass vial gets knocked out of Papa Smurf’s hand and crashes onto the ground, spilling the cure. Having lost control of the situation, Papa Smurf makes a desperate last attempt to restore order by going to Gargamel’s house and confronting the wizard. Gargamel is about to pounce on Papa Smurf, but the Smurf leader gets a reprieve after requesting that the wizard engage him in a calm discussion. Gargamel reluctantly agrees, but menacingly tells Papa Smurf that he “won’t leave here alive.”

the smurfs tie up garamel

Once inside Gargamel’s house, Papa Smurf casts a spell on him by looking into his eyes and saying, “Tit for tat, make this like that!” This causes the two of them to exchange bodies. Papa Smurf now looks like Gargamel, and Gargamel now looks like Papa Smurf! Gargamel is outraged and calls Papa Smurf a swindler, a cheat, and a phony. Papa Smurf promises to switch both of them back to normal after peace has been restored in the Smurf village. A perplexed Azrael gets yelled at after mistakenly trying to eat his master (who now inhabits the body of Papa Smurf – confused yet?).

Back at the village, chaos reigns and Smurfs are fighting Smurfs. Gargamel and Papa Smurf arrive and the Smurfs stop fighting each other and unite to battle “Gargamel”. They easily subdue him and strap him to the ground.

Meanwhile, Papa Smurf (aka Gargamel) goes to the Smurf leader’s lab and finds the spell that will put him back in his own body. He confronts Gargamel (aka Papa Smurf), looks into his eye, and utters the spell. Bam! They’re both changed back to normal.

Gargamel chases the Smurfs into the forest, scooping them up as he goes. Azrael suddenly appears and attacks Gargamel (thinking it’s Papa Smurf), and the Smurfs escape in the confusion. Gargamel tries to find the village again, but ends up back at his house. He pounds the ground in anguish and vows to get the Smurfs.

the smurfs hold hands and dance around a big cake

Back in the village, things have returned to normal and Smurfette is no longer under Gargamel’s power. But there’s still one thing to be resolved – who will Smurfette marry? The flower-toting Smurfs surround Smurfette and await her answer. Smurfette tells them she thinks she’s too young to get married. The Smurfs are crestfallen. She adds that she doesn’t think she could ever get hitched, because she loves all of them.

The Smurfs erupt with joy, and celebrate with music and dancing. Papa Smurf retreats to his house and resumes the exercising. He says, “As a wise Smurf once said, ‘There’s always next Spring!’”

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