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The Hundredth Smurf / Smurphony in ‘C’

The Hundredth Smurf

It’s a blustery day in the Smurf Village. Tucked away inside one of the many mushroom houses is Vanity, who is admiring himself in the mirror. After calling himself a “big hunk of Smurf” and kissing the mirror, he picks it up and accidentally smashes it against a table. Thankfully, he’s got a handheld mirror that he plucks from a drawer and uses to once again admire himself. But calamity strikes again when the wind flings open the front door and sends it crashing into the mirror. Vanity exclaims: “Two broken mirrors in one day! How unlucky can a Smurf get?” He receives his answer when the door blows open and smacks him in the face.

vanity smurf admires himself in the mirror

Meanwhile, Papa Smurf is reclining under a tree and enjoying the breeze. A rotten crabapple lands on his head, which he immediately thinks is a sign that something bad will happen. Vanity arrives and tells Papa Smurf about the broken mirrors. Papa Smurf stands up and bumps his head on the tree, causing a whole load of crabapples to fall on the two Smurfs. More bad luck! A worried Papa Smurf rushes off to his lab, leaving Vanity to deal with his mirror problem himself.

vanity and papa smurf sit in a pile of apples

Papa Smurf feverishly rifles through his books and finally finds the one he’s looking for after a bunch of them fall off the shelf and whack him in the head. He reads a passage from the book: “In the 654th year of Smurf, an unusual eclipse of the June moon will bring ill winds, great misfortune, and a hundred years of bad luck.” Papa Smurf continues reading and finds that the only way to avert the bad luck is to perform the Dance of the Hundred Smurfs before the eclipse occurs, which is in two days. Papa Smurf isn’t sure if there are 100 Smurfs, so he sets off to find out.

As Papa Smurf makes his way through the village counting Smurfs, there’s plenty more bad luck happening: a bucket of Painter Smurf’s paint lands on Papa Smurf’s head; Poet Smurf recites an “ode to mud” and promptly slips on a banana peel and falls into a big puddle of mud; Jokey’s present explodes in his own face; Handy’s “smurfberry smurfer” gets destroyed and dumps a load of smurfberries onto Grouchy and Clumsy. Lastly, Papa Smurf loses count and blames it on the bad luck.

vanity smurf bangs away with a mallet on his new mirror

Vanity excitedly starts working on a new mirror. He bangs away on a piece of “unbreakable silver” with a mallet. The other Smurfs are annoyed by the loud hammering, which continues into the night. Vanity emerges from his house and alerts the others that the hammering is done. They’re relieved and settle into their beds to try to get some sleep. The peace doesn’t last long as Vanity begins polishing the mirror, causing it to make a hideous scraping noise. The angry Smurfs show up at Vanity’s place and tell him to knock it off until morning.

Morning arrives and the Smurfs complain about their lack of sleep (except for Lazy, who says he “smurfed like a baby”).

Papa Smurf tallies the Smurf count and is horrified to discover that there are only 99 Smurfs – one short of the required number!

vanity smurf meets his twin

A mob of angry Smurfs once again confront Vanity and tell him to take his mirror and “smurf it someplace else!” Vanity goes into the forest and finishes the mirror. Just then, a storm begins to rage. Vanity grabs the mirror and tries to make a run for it, but a lightning strike sends him crashing to the ground. He picks up the mirror, but something is not right. He notices another Smurf looking back at him. It’s his mirror image come to life! Everything that Vanity does and says is repeated by his twin, but backwards. Vanity runs away, followed closely by his twin.

Back in the village, the Smurfs gather at Papa Smurf’s place. They tell him about their various bad luck experiences, which include Brainy’s glasses getting broken, Greedy dropping his cake, and Smurfette falling on her “little smurf”. Papa Smurf tells them to clam up, adding that things will get a lot worse if they don’t find a hundredth Smurf for the dance. Vanity and his twin show up, and the Smurfs are overjoyed that they’ve found their hundredth Smurf.

the 100 smurfs prepare to dance

All the Smurfs gather and start doing the Dance of the Hundred Smurfs, but Vanity’s twin is doing everything backwards, which messes up the formation. Hefty blames Vanity and says, “You always smurf things up!” An indignant Vanity storms off with his twin. During the night, Vanity and the Smurf double have an argument and Vanity kicks him out of the house. The sad Smurf double wanders into the forest.

jokey smurf dresses up as papa smurf

The next day, all the Smurfs have gotten together again to give the dance one more shot. Papa Smurf is confident they can teach Vanity’s twin how to dance properly, but the Smurf leader nearly has a fit when Vanity tells him he doesn’t know where the hundredth Smurf is. Papa Smurf orders everyone to comb the forest and find him. Meanwhile, Vanity’s double is dejectedly walking through the woods. He comes across Vanity’s mirror and unleashes his frustrations on it. A sudden lightning strike hits the mirror and knocks the Smurf over. Papa Smurf, Smurfette and Vanity find the hundredth Smurf and discover that they can understand him when he talks, which means the lightning blast turned him into a normal Smurf!

It’s nighttime, and the Smurfs are decorating the village with lanterns in preparation for the dance. Papa Smurf is shocked when he sees that his own double has shown up! But it’s actually just a mischievous Jokey playing a trick. Jokey, who gets booted into the air, complains that Papa Smurf has no sense of humour. The Smurfs perform the Dance of the Hundred Smurfs and save themselves from 100 years of bad luck.

Smurphony in ‘C’

The Smurfs are all rushing through the village, eager to get to some imminent event. Jokey emerges from his house and asks the throng if they want a present, but nobody stops. Not wanting to see a good surprise go to waste, he opens the present and it explodes in his face.

papa smurf conducts the smurphony with harmony playing the horn

The Smurfs have gathered in anticipation of hearing Papa Smurf conduct his Smurphony in ‘C’. Papa Smurf emerges from his house, climbs onto a podium, and begins to conduct the smurphony, which consists of just one Smurf – Harmony. His horrendous horn-playing causes the other Smurfs to cover their ears. The proceedings are quickly aborted and Papa Smurf declares that he can’t conduct a smurphony with just one musician. The other Smurfs want to help, but they say they don’t have any instruments. Papa Smurf suggests they “go smurf some”. The excited Smurfs run out of there like the wind.

Meanwhile, Gargamel is returning home from another fruitless day of Smurf-hunting. He enters his house and slams the door shut, which startles a napping Azrael and sends him shooting up to the ceiling, where he clings for dear life. The wizard is determined not to give up his quest for Smurfs. Gargamel notices Azrael on the ceiling and stamps his foot on the ground. The vibration causes the cat to fall from the ceiling and crash into a tub of water.

hefty smurf holds harmony's horn

Back in the village, the Smurfs are diligently crafting instruments (except for Greedy, who is busy snacking on some cake). When the instruments are finished, they all gather together and Papa Smurf leads the smurphony. Harmony, who is at home polishing his horn, hears the music and rushes back to join the proceedings. His awful playing quickly brings things to a halt. The Smurfs strike up the band again, but it’s no use, the same horrible racket is emanating from Harmony’s horn.

The other Smurfs think it might be the instrument, but it sounds fine when Hefty tries it. They suggest Harmony try another instrument, but even the harp and the triangle are massacred when Harmony gets his little blue hands on them. They give him a shot at conducting, but he manages to mess that up as well. A crestfallen Harmony walks off into the woods and sits on a log, sulking. Some curious forest creatures surround him, but they quickly leave once Harmony starts blowing his horn.

gargamel in disguise as aurora the good fairy with harmony smurf

Gargamel and Azrael are startled by a hideous noise coming from outside the house, which sends them both clinging to the ceiling. They cautiously open the front door and Gargamel is certain that it must either be “the howl of a wounded dragon” or “the roar of an angry giant.” Upon further inspection, Gargamel discovers Harmony sitting on the log. Gargamel overhears Harmony’s lament over having been kicked out of the orchestra, which gives the wizard an idea. He hightails it back to his house and starts digging through a trunk.

Harmony is about to return to the village and give the other Smurfs a piece of his mind, when he’s suddenly accosted by Aurora the Good Fairy (which is actually Gargamel in disguise). Aurora offers to make Harmony a skilled musician and hands him a magic instrument called a shazalakazoo, which the fairy insists will make Harmony play beautiful music. Harmony thanks Aurora and heads back to the village. Gargamel takes off his wig, cackles maniacally, and follows Harmony.

the smurf all pass out after harmony plays the shazalakazoo

The Smurfs are in the middle of their smurphony when Harmony shows up. They don’t take too kindly to his interruption. He introduces them to the shazalakazoo and starts playing it. The shazalakazoo emits a sound that instantly knocks the Smurfs unconscious. Harmony tries to rouse them, but it’s no use. A panicked Harmony is about to dash off in search of the fairy, but he’s tapped on the shoulder and looks up to see that Gargamel, toting Aurora’s wand and speaking in her voice, is standing right behind him.

Gargamel chases after Harmony through rivers and up hills, but after being inflicted with various aches, pains and cramps during the pursuit, he tumbles off a short cliff. Harmony sticks his tongue out at Gargamel and races off. The wizard tries to find his way back to the village, but he can’t remember the route. He drops to the ground and pounds the earth in frustration.

Back at the village, Harmony once again tries to revive the Smurfs, but they remain lifeless. Harmony decides that the only course of action is to go to Gargamel’s house to find the cure.

gargamel covers his ears while harmony smurf plays the shazalakazoo

Gargamel departs his abode with a number of traps in hand, hell-bent on capturing Harmony. The horn-loving Smurf watches safely from behind a tree as Gargamel moves further and further away. Harmony sneaks into Gargamel’s lair and gets chased by Azrael. Harmony suddenly remembers about the shazalakazoo and stops the cat in his tracks. The Smurf blows into the instrument and Azrael is knocked out like a light.

Gargamel returns to find Harmony in his house. He covers his ears to avoid the effects of the magical instrument and chases after Harmony, who plays the shazalakazoo on the run. They dash into the forest and onto a log perched above a ravine. Gargamel loses his balance and ends up hanging from the log by his hands. Harmony threatens to play the shazalakazoo and Gargamel pleads for mercy as tears rain from his eyes. Harmony decides that he shouldn’t “smurf a man when he’s down”, so he just sticks his tongue out and leaves.

Harmony returns to Gargamel’s place and leafs through a book about magical musical instruments. According to the book, there is no known cure for the effects of the shazalakazoo. Harmony is devastated. He kicks the wretched instrument and sends it flying into the fireplace. The shazalakazoo disintegrates in the flames.

hefty handy and brainy smurf wear earplugs and play instruments

Harmony goes home to the village and says a final, teary goodbye to his fallen comrades. He grabs his horn and plays a final salute in their honour. Miraculously, the Smurfs are revived by Harmony’s playing! The overjoyed Smurf tells everyone the whole story. Smurfette rewards Harmony with a kiss on the cheek. Now that the day has been saved, Harmony is eager to rejoin the smurphony, but the other Smurfs are reluctant to once again be put through the torture of listening to him play. The problem is soon solved and the concert goes on, thanks to Handy‘s bright idea to have the Smurfs wear ear plugs in order to be spared from Harmony’s cruel horn.

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