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Painter and Poet

A mob of happy Smurfs busily paint a mushroom house on a sunny day. Clumsy lugs two buckets of paint and promptly smacks into the side of the house. The paint goes flying everywhere and makes a huge mess.

poet smurf accidentally paints hefty smurf on the behind

An angry Painter calls Clumsy a “fyoo-el” in his thick French accent, though Clumsy and the other Smurfs have no idea what a “fyoo-el” is. Hefty steps in and lays the blame on Painter, and then he tells Poet to stop reciting poetry and “smurf back to work!” Papa Smurf arrives and Poet and Painter complain to the bearded elder that it’s impossible to be creative in such a hostile environment. Papa Smurf offers to hold an art fair so the two creative-minded Smurfs can share their works. Poet and Painter are pleased as punch.

painter smurf shows smurfette a portrait he made of her

Later, the art fair is in full swing and Poet is reciting a poem about an apple from beneath an ornate tent. However, his words bore the other Smurfs so much that they start to doze off where they stand. Papa Smurf shows up and elbows them in the ribs to get them to wake up and pay attention. Greedy puts a premature end to the proceedings after he eats the apple that’s been inspiring Poet. Painter’s works of art are on display and the other Smurfs have gathered to take a look. One of Painter’s renderings (which looks like a blue-skinned Mona Lisa) is supposed to be a portrait of Smurfette, but Smurfette and Clumsy don’t think it looks like her at all, which offends Painter greatly. Painter then whacks Brainy over the head with one of his paintings after the spectacled Smurf gives it a negative review. Grouchy arrives on the scene and says, “I hate modern art!”

painter smurf works on a painting while sailing in a boat

Later, Poet and Painter mope by the river, but a passing swan inspires them to run away and be as free as a bird, creating paintings and poems where no one will bother them. They hop onto a boat and take off down the river, painting and reciting poetry as they go. The peacefulness doesn’t last long, though, as they soon get into an argument about who should steer the boat, eventually resorting to name-calling and insults. Back in the village, Papa Smurf emerges from his house and notices that a storm is brewing. A panicked Smurfette arrives and hands Papa Smurf a letter that Poet and Painter left behind. Papa Smurf scans the letter, which states that the two AWOL Smurfs are headed for Storm Island. The alarmed leader of the Smurfs asks for volunteers to go in search of Poet and Painter, and several Smurfs step forward, including Grouchy, who says, “I hate going!”

gargamel catches a giant shark and freaks out

Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Hefty, Vanity, Clumsy, Brainy, Grouchy and Handy embark in their vessel and frantically row in search of their little blue companions. The Smurfs aren’t the only ones on the water, though, as Gargamel and Azrael sit in a boat and wait for the fish to bite. Poet and Painter sail into a body of water called the Great Smurf Lake, and while they try to figure out how to unfurl the sail, they both get whacked in the head by it, which leads to another bout of arguing. The Smurf search party frantically races along as the lightning crashes and the waves get rough. They spot a sail in the distance and head towards it. At the same time, Gargamel gets a bite on his line and tries to reel in his catch, which turns out to be a giant shark. Gargamel nearly soils himself when he sees the enormous sea-dweller staring him in the face. The shark takes off, dragging the boat and its two horrified passengers with it.

painter smurf and poet smurf get shipwrecked on storm island

Meanwhile, Poet is inspired by the storm and begins to recite a poem, while Painter is getting sea sick and hanging over the side of the boat. A gigantic twister shows up out of nowhere and flings the boat onto dry land (aka Storm Island). The two Smurfs are rattled, but unhurt. When they realize where they are, they perk up and decide to explore the island. Papa Smurf and the others ride the crest of a giant wave and are soon beached on Storm Island as well.

gargamel lands on storm island and spits out a fish

The menacing shark comes face-to-face with Gargamel and gives the petrified wizard an angry look before biting the line and escaping. Gargamel yells at Azrael for letting his big one get away. An enormous wave shows up and carries them to Storm Island. It immediately starts to pour rain, so the two miserable villains run into a cave to seek shelter. Elsewhere on the island, Papa Smurf and the others huddle under their boat and warm themselves next to a fire, while they try to figure how they’re going to find Poet and Painter.

The next day, a crab pinches a sleeping Gargamel’s nose, which causes the wizard to yell out in excruciating pain. Gargamel tosses the crab aside and rubs his aching honker. The crab finds a new target in the form of Azrael’s tail, which sends the feline running in circles. Gargamel tries to catch the crab so they can have it for breakfast, but the crab escapes. Gargamel and Azrael mutter in frustration.

gargamel and azrael find a smurf boat

Papa Smurf and the others are sound asleep next to their beached boat. A fly buzzes around Papa Smurf’s head, which causes the slumbering Smurf to whack himself in the face. He wakes up looking very annoyed. The other Smurfs start to rouse as well, and they all set off to continue the search for Poet and Painter. Gargamel and Azrael explore the island and come across a tiny boat. Gargamel is simply amused at first, but he then realizes that it’s a Smurf boat and that there must be Smurfs on the island. Gargamel crushes the boat and tosses it into the sea. He says, “Now they’ll never escape!” and proceeds to laugh like a maniac.

painter smurf and poet smurf create their masterpieces near the sea

The Smurfs search the island, calling out the names of Poet and Painter as they go. At the same time, the two runaway Smurfs are busy reciting poetry and painting near the sea. Painter is working on a picture of fruits and Poet is reciting a poem about food, which is fitting, since the two of them are starving for some grub. They briefly wonder what the other Smurfs are doing back in the village, but little do they know that their little blue buddies are not far away at all! As Papa Smurf and the others continue on their mission, Vanity stops to admire himself in his mirror. But when he sees Gargamel and Azrael in the reflection, he becomes petrified with fear. He blurts out Gargamel’s name to the others, who see the wizard and run for cover inside a crack in a huge rock. Just as Azrael is sniffing the ground and about to discover the Smurfs’ hiding spot, Gargamel angrily calls him back, saying they have Smurfs to find.

painter smurf and poet smurf want to stay on storm island until they finish their masterpieces

Poet composes an “Ode to a Fried Egg”, but Painter is painting a fried egg, so the two get into another argument about who should have the right to be inspired by a fried egg. Papa Smurf and the others arrive on the scene and tell the combatant Smurfs to stop fighting. Painter and Poet are shocked to see their blue-skinned chums. Poet complains to Papa Smurf that they can’t leave yet, since he hasn’t “smurfed” his greatest poem. Painter agrees, saying that he hasn’t finished his greatest masterpiece.

gargamel traps the smurfs in a net

The Smurfs are alerted to the presence of Gargamel after he steps on Azrael’s tail, causing the suffering feline to cry out in pain. The little blue castaways run like hell and the wizard and his cat chase after them. Gargamel threatens Azrael by saying he’ll turn him into a fur ball if the Smurfs get away. Poet and Painter suddenly remember that they’ve forgotten their works, so they turn around to retrieve them. Papa Smurf and the others arrive back at the landing site and discover that their boat is gone. Gargamel and Azrael show up, hellbent on capturing the Smurfs. Vanity kicks sand into Azrael’s face, and Hefty jumps onto Gargamel’s foot. The wizard cries out in pain, but he soon has the Smurfs trapped in his net. Painter and Poet arrive just in time to see the other Smurfs get carried away.

As Gargamel prepares a fire and the unlucky Smurfs languish in a nearby cage, the wizard asks them if they have any last words. Before they can respond, Poet shows up and says he has some last words. Gargamel is surprised to see another Smurf, but he lets him have his last words. Poet unfurls a really long scroll and reads a poem:

Oh, pity poor Gargamel the Great,
He won’t have any more Smurfs to hate.
He had to have them all for dinner,
But after today, he’s going to get thinner.
Sadly, this will be Gargamel’s very last treat,
For, never again will he have Smurfs to eat.

poet smurf reads his last words to gargamel and azrael

Gargamel starts balling his eyes out, as does Azrael, and Smurfette, and then the rest of the Smurfs. A tearful Gargamel allows Poet to leave, saying that he needs at least one Smurf to kick around, or else what future would he have without Smurfs? Meanwhile, Painter frees the other Smurfs from the cage and they make a run for it. Painter tells Poet that his poem was his greatest masterpiece. As they rush away, they try to figure out how they’re going to get off the island. Gargamel realizes the Smurfs have escaped and goes after them with a huge club in hand. Papa Smurf and the others arrive at the water, where they see a log with a big hole in the middle. Papa Smurf tells the others to push it into the water.

papa smurf holds up a cork

Painter and Poet try to buy their Smurf brethren some time by distracting Gargamel and Azrael. The two Smurfs run towards what looks to be a cave opening, but it’s actually just a painting of a cave opening. Gargamel and Azrael smack right into it, leaving them dazed and confused. Poet tells Painter that the painting is his greatest masterpiece. The two of them join the other Smurfs in the makeshift boat and they escape from the island. Gargamel and Azrael snap out of their daze and pursue the Smurfs in their vessel, but it quickly starts to sink. As Azrael clings to Gargamel’s head, the pathetic duo have to retreat to the island, with Gargamel vowing to get the Smurfs. Brainy asks Papa Smurf if he used his magic to sabotage the boat, but Papa Smurf holds up a cork and says that he simply “Smurfed their drain plug.”

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