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Sideshow Smurfs

Smurfette and Clumsy are walking through the forest on a beautiful day. Smurfette holds some enormous flowers and Clumsy lugs some firewood. As Smurfette stops for a moment to admire some “chrysanthesmurfs”, Clumsy accidentally bumps into his blonde-haired companion and knocks her into a hole in the ground. The klutzy Clumsy soon falls into the hole as well, firewood and all. Clumsy tries to climb out, but the walls are too steep. The trapped Smurfs call for help, but it seems that nobody else is around.

smurfette stops to admire some chrysanthesmurfs

Moments later, they hear a growling noise and Clumsy thinks it might be Papa Smurf. Smurfette shoots down Clumsy’s notion by saying that Papa Smurf doesn’t growl. A bulldog’s face suddenly hovers over the hole and peers down at Clumsy and Smurfette, who are terrified. The dog starts to dig frantically, but he’s quickly snatched away by his owner, a large bearded man named Bombast. Bombast scolds the dog (whose name is Bluster), accusing him of having found a rabbit and meaning to not share it. Bombast pokes his hand into the hole and pulls out Clumsy and Smurfette. He’s shocked when he sees the little blue creatures, who introduce themselves as Smurfs. Bombast soon sees dollar signs and tosses the Smurfs into a cage inside his wagon (there’s a poster on the wagon that shows Bluster balancing a ball on his nose). Bombast plans to make the Smurfs the star attractions in his travelling sideshow.

bluster and bombast talk with the caged smurfs

The Smurfs try to explain that they can’t do any tricks, but Bombast insists that if he can train a mutt like Bluster, then he can train the Smurfs. The donkey-drawn wagon pulls away and the caged Smurfs are worried that Papa Smurf will never be able to find them. A quick-thinking Smurfette reaches out and grabs some flowers from along the route. She plucks the petals one by one and lets them drop to the road, leaving a trail in the hopes that papa Smurf will be able to track them down.

papa smurf and the other smurfs search for smurfette and clumsy

It’s soon nightfall and the torch-bearing Smurfs are out searching for Clumsy and Smurfette. They discover a hole in the ground that’s surrounded by flowers and firewood, and they quickly deduce that the two missing Smurfs must have been there. Poet spontaneously recites a poem called, “Ode to the Missing Smurfs”, but he doesn’t get far, because Grouchy pulls his hat down over his head and says, “I hate sad poems!” The Smurfs find some human foot prints and some wagon tracks, and the puzzle of what happened to Smurfette and Clumsy slowly starts to come together. Papa Smurf declares that the two missing Smurfs must have been “smurfnapped”.

bombast steps on smurfette's flowers

Meanwhile, back on the wagon, Bluster sees that Smurfette has been dropping flower petals, so he quickly alerts his master. Bombast stops the wagon and snatches the flowers from Smurfette’s hands. He throws the flowers on the ground, stomps on them, and laughs maniacally before continuing on. The Smurfs follow the trail, but they come across several wagon tracks and are confused as to which way to go. Papa Smurf picks out a particular set of tracks to follow, saying that they lead to a human village. The bearded Smurf says that the human village is a place of many dangers, “but we have no choice.”

bombast scolds bluster in front of the smurfs

Bombast, Bluster, Clumsy and Smurfette have stopped in a grassy area to work on some tricks. Bombast cracks a whip and commands Smurfette to perform her trick properly. She throws three cherries towards Clumsy, but the throw is too high and the cherries splatter in the face of Bluster. The angry bulldog is about to go to town on the Smurfs’ little blue behinds, but Bombast cracks the whip and scolds him for attempting to endanger his star attractions. Smurfette tells Bombast that the tricks are too hard, and Bombast snaps back that they’ll do as he commands.

clumsy and smurfette are exhausted from dancing

Later, Clumsy and Smurfette are trying to stay balanced on top of a ball, but they aren’t very successful. Next, Bombast plays an organ and Bluster bangs on a drum while Clumsy and Smurfette dance away like mad. Bombast is finally satisfied, and the two exhausted Smurfs collapse onto the ground. Bombast deems that they’re ready for their debut. They arrive in the human village, which is bustling with activity. The two Smurfs are awe-struck, but worried that Papa Smurf will never be able to find them in such a big place.

Papa Smurf and his crew have made their way to the human village, where they’ve hidden behind a barrel. Papa Smurf tells the others to wait at the barrel while he takes a look around, but he almost gets flattened by a wagon and quickly runs back to the other Smurfs. Jokey says, “Did you see anything, Papa Smurf?” And Papa Smurf says, “Yes, I got a very close look at a wagon wheel!”

papa smurf is out of breath after nearly getting run over by a wagon

Bombast has prepared some posters that show Clumsy and Smurfette happily juggling balls. He enlists Bluster to watch the Smurfs while he puts the posters up around town, threatening to harm the jealous mutt if anything happens to his stars. Bluster angrily growls at the caged Smurfs after his master leaves. As Papa Smurf and the others continue their search, they have to duck for cover when they see someone approaching. Once the figure has passed, the Smurfs continue on their way. The passing human is in fact Bombast, who nails a poster of the Smurfs onto a nearby wall.

clumsy and smurfette are  inside a bag of tacks

Back at the wagon, Bluster stares nostalgically at his poster, which is laid out on the ground. The Smurfs try to squeeze through the cage bars, but are unsuccessful. Bluster eyes them suspiciously and Smurfette covers by saying they were just practicing their dancing. Bluster returns his attention to the poster and sighs heavily. Smurfette gets an idea, and loudly tells Clumsy that if the two of them could escape, Bluster would be the star of the show again. Bluster hears this and excitedly nods his head in approval. Bluster opens the cage door and the Smurfs are able to escape. They run away and a giddy Bluster balances a ball on his nose. Smurfette and Clumsy run like crazy and almost bump into Bombast, who is still putting up posters. The two Smurfs dive into a nearby sack (which is full of tacks – ouch!) in an effort to hide. They get trapped inside when Bombast grabs the sack and heads back to the wagon, eager to get the show up and running.

it's raining in the human village

As the searching Smurfs begin to lose hope of ever finding their little blue friends, Bombast arrives back at the wagon and discovers that his tiny captives have escaped. An angry Bombast picks up Bluster and shakes him violently. Just as he starts describing the nasty things he’s going to do to the disobeying dog, Clumsy and Smurfette poke their heads out of the sack. Bluster sees them and alerts his master. The Smurfs make a run for it and Bluster chases after them. The Smurfs hide under a mule and poor Bluster gets booted by the irritated beast, sending him flying back into Bombast. Smurfette runs away, but Clumsy stops to laugh at the dog. Bad move, because when Smurfette returns to get Clumsy, Bombast captures them both.

gargamel grabs smurfette and clumsy as azrael looks on

It’s pouring rain out and there’s nobody in sight, which has Bombast depressed, since no audience means no money. He says, “Only fools would venture out in this weather!” He parts a curtain from inside the wagon, peers outside, and sees a potential customer, which is none other than Gargamel (with Azrael), who just happens to be taking a stroll! The Smurfs are horrified to see their arch-nemesis. The wizard, however, cannot believe his lucky stars when he sees the Smurfs. He grabs the Smurfs and is about to make off with them, when he suddenly sees Bluster eyeing him menacingly. He puts the Smurfs down and runs away (with a terrified Azrael clinging to his head). Gargamel bangs into Bombast, who accuses him of trying to see the show without paying.

greedy smurf is about to eat an apple

Papa Smurf and the others are on the verge of giving up, having “smurfed” all kinds of wagons and still come up short. Greedy sees a food wagon and decides to investigate, “just in case Smurfette and Clumsy are hiding there.” He doesn’t find the missing Smurfs, but he finds a tasty apple, which he promptly devours. The rest of the apples become unsettled and an avalanche of fruit nearly crushes the Smurfs. Later (with a poster of Smurfette and Clumsy right above their heads), as the Smurfs lament their lost friends, they overhear a conversation about “little blue pets” and hear the voice of Gargamel.

a purple mist puts clumsy and smurfette to sleep

The Smurfs investigate further and see Gargamel and Bombast locked in a heated discussion. Gargamel desperately wants to buy the Smurfs, but Bombast refuses. He walks away and basically tells Gargamel to get lost. Gargamel pulls out a little bottle and says, “Perhaps he’ll change his tune when his little performers can’t perform!” Gargamel goes back to the wagon and blows a purple mist through a small opening. The mist floats onto Smurfette and Clumsy and they instantly fall fast asleep. Gargamel laughs maniacally, certain that Bombast will change his mind and sell him the “useless” Smurfs.

bluster beats up gargamel

Papa Smurf and the others arrive to find Clumsy and Smurfette fast asleep, and Papa Smurf says that Gargamel must have put a sleeping spell on them. The rain has finally stopped and a large crowd has gathered to watch the show. Bombast opens the curtain, revealing a small stage and the two slumbering Smurfs. The crowd is unimpressed and starts to boo. Bombast pleads with the Smurfs to wake up, but it’s no use. Gargamel shows up and tries to buy the Smurfs again, but Bombast grabs him and takes him behind the wagon. The Smurfs hurriedly seize hold of the unconscious Clumsy and Smurfette and get the hell out of there.

smurfette hugs papa smurf

An angry Bombast holds Gargamel upside down by the ankles and bangs his head on the ground. Gargamel calls out for help to Azrael, but the furry feline is busy running away from Bluster. Later, Bombast re-addresses the crowd and says, “The show must go on!” Bombast opens the curtain and introduces the “Waltzing Wizard”, aka Gargamel. The wizard and his cat start dancing frantically, but the crowd boos and throws tomatoes at the two performers. Just as Bombast tries to tell the crowd that the show gets better, he’s pelted in the face with a tomato. At a nearby fountain, the Smurfs revive Clumsy and Smurfette, who are overjoyed to see their pals. Smurfette gives Papa Smurf a huge hug and Clumsy says he’s glad to be out of show business. Handy points out Gargamel and Azrael, who are still dancing feverishly, before the Smurfs all start heading back towards the village.

As the Smurfs walk through the forest, they hear a barking dog and are worried that they’re being followed. They hide inside a hollow log and watch as Bombast and Bluster chase after Gargamel and Azrael in their wagon. The Smurfs cheer and Papa Smurf says, “Bravo! That’s what all good shows need!” Smurfette says, “What’s that, Papa Smurf?” And Papa Smurf says, “A happy ending!”

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