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Sir Hefty

Some deer are peacefully grazing in the forest when they get the crap scared out of them by a monstrous roar. The deer dash away just before a ball of fire engulfs the area. Various other animals run away in a panic as the flames spread throughout the forest. An enormous green dragon makes its way through the chaos, torching trees and bushes with its fiery breath.

green dragon walks through burning forest

A bunch of Smurfs sit around a campfire as Poet regales them with a poem about the virtuous and courageous Knights of the Round Table. Hefty is enamoured with the idea of becoming a knight, but dismisses the notion because he’s just a little guy. Smurfette suddenly notices that there’s a fire in the distance, which they all race towards (except Brainy, who runs off to inform Papa Smurf).

the smurfs sit around a campfire

Heaps of Smurfs are soon at the River Smurf, frantically trying to douse the flames with buckets of water. Papa Smurf directs the effort, while Clumsy inadvertently splashes water into the faces of his fellow Smurfs. Harmony does his part to save the day, snuffing out an encroaching flame by madly blowing on it with his horn, while other Smurfs tirelessly shovel dirt onto the fire.

smurfs fight a raging forest fire

The determined little blue firefighters finally succeed in putting out the inferno. The exhausted, soot-covered Smurfs aren’t done, though, because they soon realize that the fire has reached their village. They once again spring into action and battle the flames, but the village is badly damaged by the time they’re able to bring things under control. The devastated little Smurfs try to figure out what could have caused such a catastrophe, and they soon have their answer when Brainy discovers a trail of giant dragon tracks.

Papa Smurf calls an emergency meeting and tells everyone that they’ll be hard-pressed to defend the village from the dragon, now that most of his spell books and formulas have been destroyed. Poet suggests they get a knight to protect them, but Papa Smurf says he doesn’t know of any knights that would protect a Smurf.

hefty smurf dressed as a knight in armour

The next day, the Smurfs gather in front of Hefty’s house to await a big announcement. Hefty emerges, dressed in a suit of armour and holding a sword and shield. He tells the other Smurfs that he’s going to slay the dragon, and Smurfette asks him if he’s gone “stark raving smurf”, since he’s obviously no match for a dragon. Hefty brushes off Smurfette’s objections and makes his way towards the forest, intent on hunting down the scaly beast.

hefty smurf meets the green dragon

It’s not long before Hefty comes face to face with the green menace, who unleashes his fiery breath on the frightened Smurf. Hefty, after nearly getting burnt to a crisp, drops his sword and shield and runs away in terror. Later, a dejected Hefty sulks over his failure to dispatch the dragon, and says, “Smurf up to it, Hefty, you’re only a little Smurf. A three apples-high, blue-faced Smurf. You’ll never be a real knight…” Just as the moping Smurf gets ready to head back to the village, he sees what looks to be a knight going full gallop on a horse. Hefty is hopeful that this may be the saviour the Smurfs need so desperately.

hefty smurf talks to sir lancelout

The scruffy-looking rider and his horse stop to drink from the river. The rider anxiously peers through some trees and sees two lance-toting knights charging through the forest on horseback, obviously in pursuit of someone. Hefty arrives and scares the hell out of the unsuspecting stranger, who thinks Hefty is a talking mouse. Hefty angrily says that he’s a Smurf, not a mouse. The stranger introduces himself as Sir Lancelout, a knight of the King’s Round Table. An impressed Hefty asks Sir Lancelout if he’ll take on the job of protecting the Smurf Village. Sir Lancelout accepts the position, after Hefty tells him the village is well-hidden and that he’ll be able to eat and drink all he wants.

hefty smurf introduces sir lancelout to the other smurfs

Hefty arrives back in the village and introduces Sir Lancelout to the other Smurfs, who are awe-struck. Sir Lancelout basks in the adulation of the Smurfs, until Hefty mentions the part about the dragon, which causes the bearded visitor to sweat with worry. In any case, Sir Lancelout takes full advantage of the hospitality of the Smurfs. He relaxes in a hammock while the Smurfs bake cakes for him, polish his armour, paint his portrait, and basically treat him like a king.

hefty smurf looks on as sir lancelout lounges in a hammock

Sir Lancelout starts coming up with excuses to postpone hunting down the dragon, specifically because he’s still “tired from his long journey.” Papa Smurf calls a secret meeting after he begins to doubt whether Sir Lancelout is actually a knight, even going so far as to suspect him of being a thief and a coward. The Smurfs devise a plan to construct a fake dragon and unleash it on Sir Lancelout to see if he is truly a valiant knight intent on protecting the Smurfs. However, unbeknownst to the Smurfs, Sir Lancelout has been listening in on them from outside a window, which means he’s wise to their plan!

The next day, as Sir Lancelout lounges in the hammock, popping snacks into his mouth, he asks Hefty if he’d like to be an apprentice knight. Hefty is ecstatic. But when Sir Lancelout tells him that he must always tell the truth in order to become a knight, Hefty’s enthusiasm quickly dissipates.

Handy shows Papa Smurf the dragon he’s making, which is hidden in a nearby cave. Papa Smurf is impressed.

fake dragon meets the real dragon

Hefty confesses to Smurfette that he feels guilty for not telling Sir Lancelout about the fake dragon, seeing as how he’s an apprentice knight now, but Smurfette tells him to do what Papa Smurf says, since Papa Smurf knows best. Hefty is torn, but he agrees with Smurfette. Later, Hefty accidentally spills the beans anyway, and the fully-informed Sir Lancelout readies himself for battle with the “dragon”.

Lazy, Handy, Clumsy, and Greedy man the fake dragon and head towards the village. They test out the fake dragon’s fire breath, but it ends up hitting the real dragon in the rear end, arousing its anger. When the Smurfs realize they’re face to face with their tormentor, they get the hell out of there. The real dragon sees the village and heads for it. Brainy, who has the task of summoning Sir Lancelout to battle, is shocked when he actually rises to the challenge. Could Sir Lancelout be a real knight? Of course, says Hefty.

sir lancelout turns chicken when he realizes the dragon is real

At Papa Smurf’s prompting, the Smurfs run around in a fake panic (not yet realizing the real dragon is upon them). Grouchy stops momentarily to say, “I hate dragons!” Sir Lancelout confronts the dragon and a shocked Papa Smurf can’t believe it. He says, “Am I wrong? Impossible! I’m hardly ever wrong!” Just then, Papa Smurf nearly gets turned into toast by the dragon’s breath. Papa Smurf soon realizes that the dragon is real. He warns the other Smurfs, telling them to “smurf for your lives!” They stop for a moment to let the news sink in, then they go back to running around in a panic, but this time for real.

papa smurf knights sir hefty

Hefty tells Sir Lancelout that the dragon is real. When he hears this, Sir Lancelout’s knees start shaking and he drops his sword and shield before running for the hills. Hefty finally realizes that Sir Lancelout isn’t really a knight and that he’s just a huge coward. Hefty turns his attention to the dragon, picking up Sir Lancelout’s shield and deflecting the scaly beast’s blast of fire. The other Smurfs attack the dragon, pelting it with rocks, cupcakes, and one of Jokey’s exploding surprises. Hefty attracts the dragon’s attention by bouncing up and down on its head. He then leads the dragon away from the village and onto the bridge. The Smurfs open the damn and a raging wall of water crashes into Hefty and the dragon, washing them away. The Smurfs survey the area, finding nothing but a destroyed bridge and Hefty’s helmet floating in the water. Thinking they’ve lost their brave blue warrior, the devastated Smurfs ball their eyes out. But they soon see a sneezing Hefty climbing out of the water – he’s alive!

The Smurfs hold a knighting ceremony for the little blue hero, dubbing him “Sir Hefty, Knight of the Smurf Table.” They give Hefty three cheers and Smurfette plants a smooch on his cheek. Hefty sneezes, causing his helmet to sustain a “wardrobe malfunction”.

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