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Smurfette’s Dancing Shoes

A green-skinned, orange-bearded imp is making his way through the forest clutching a wooden “treasure detector”. He complains aloud about his life-long, unsuccessful search for the “Lost Treasure of the Ancient Trolls.” The fed up imp disgustedly tosses the wooden instrument aside. The detector suddenly begins to shake and the puzzled imp grabs ahold of it. He’s pulled into a nearby cave, which houses a mountainous pile of jewels and golden coins – the Lost Treasure of the Ancient Trolls!

an imp searches for troll treasure in the forest

Before the greedy imp can get his hands on the loot, the Spirit of the Ancient Trolls appears (in the form of a large, glowing green head) and tells him that no one may claim the treasure until they’ve proven themselves worthy. According to the spirit, the imp must brave the dangers of “Dreadful Hollow” and bring back three things: a feather from a giant vulture, fire from the volcano, and the fabled “blue diamond”. The bewildered imp says, “But that’s impossible!” The spirit gives the imp one other option, which is to “convince a fair maiden with a pure heart” to marry him. The befuddled imp says, “But that’s impossible, too!” The amused spirit says, “I know… but I have spoken!!” The spirit then disappears and the doorway to the bountiful riches is instantly blocked by a stone wall, leaving the imp alone and treasureless.

the imp is confronted by the spirit of the trolls, who guards the treasure

It’s after nightfall in the Smurf Village. Clumsy stealthily makes his way through the village and arrives at the front door of a house, into which he’s granted entry after uttering the password, which is “sasparilla.” Several Smurfs are gathered in the basement, where a secret meeting is being held regarding how to celebrate Papa Smurf’s upcoming birthday. The various suggestions include having a beauty contest (Vanity’s idea), a pie-eating contest (Greedy’s idea), a slumber party (Lazy’s idea), and a serenade (Harmony’s idea). Finally, Smurfette suggests they all put their talents together into one big “Smurf show”, and the others are in agreement. They pledge to start practicing first thing in the morning, except Smurfette, who insists she doesn’t need to practice.

smurfette falls and makes a fool of herself after trying to dance

The next day, the Smurfs head outside and practice their various talents, like playing music, performing comedy, juggling pies, and dancing. Smurfette arrives and Handy implores her to practice her Smurfdance, but she steadfastly refuses, though she does give them a little taste of what she can do. Smurfette unleashes a graceless, cringe-worthy performance that ends when she trips and lands in a heap. Undeterred, Smurfette gives it another go and ends up flat on her face again. The other Smurfs giggle hysterically.

smurfette meets an imp that gives her magic shoes and the ability to dance

Later, a depressed Smurfette sits alone on a log and starts balling her eyes out because she doesn’t want to have to put in the work to become a good dancer. The imp accosts Smurfette and offers to help her out. He provides her with magic shoes that will make her the “hottest hoofer” around, and without the need for practice. She tries out the shoes and is soon prancing around like a pro. An overjoyed Smurfette asks how she can thank the imp, and he simply tells her that she can repay the favour one day. The imp bids her adieu and an ecstatic Smurfette dances around some more, eager to rejoin the other Smurfs and show them what she can do.

As Hefty is balancing on a tightrope, Smurfette runs over and calls his name. A distracted Hefty crashes to the ground. Smurfette does her flawless dance routine and the other Smurfs are majorly impressed. Vanity says, “A star is born!”

an angry hefty and clumsy confront the imp

Later, Smurfette is in her house, still on a high from her stellar performance, when the imp magically appears. He wants payback for his favour, and Smurfette is more than happy to oblige, that is, until the imp tells her that she’s got to marry him. Smurfette freaks out and refuses to marry the imp. She bolts away from her bearded suitor and seeks refuge inside a house where the other Smurfs are preparing for the Smurf show. She tells them all about the imp, the dancing shoes, and the marriage situation. The imp shows up at the door and is met by Hefty and Clumsy, who tell the imp to get lost or face the consequences. The imp snaps his fingers and Smurfette begins to dance uncontrollably, finally ending up in his arms. The imp and Smurfette disappear and the other Smurfs race outside to try to catch the “smurfnapper”, but it’s too late.

Papa Smurf is pacing in his lab, worried that his little Smurfs have forgotten his upcoming birthday. He soon hears his name being called and is relieved that he hasn’t been forgotten. He opens the door and is stampeded by the frantic Smurfs. They tell him about the evil imp that’s snatched away their beloved Smurfette.

Hefty arrives to rescue smurfette from the imp's castle

The Smurfs set off to track down the smurfnapper and rescue Smurfette. They find her languishing in a window of the imp’s castle, but a moat-dwelling dragon foils their first attempt to reach her. The Smurfs fling a rope up to the window and Hefty does a tightrope walk to get to Smurfette, who bursts with joy at the sight of her rescuer. The Smurfs on the ground cheer wildly, but the noise wakes up a napping gargoyle that’s perched atop the castle wall. Hefty and Smurfette rush back down the line, but the snorting gargoyle grabs the rope and hoists the whole lot of Smurfs up to the window. The gargoyle presents the Smurfs to the imp, who is outraged at the sight of the “little blue party crashers.”

the smurfs confront some baby vultures

Papa Smurf demands that the imp release Smurfette. The imp refuses to release his blue bride-to-be, unless the Smurfs can bring back the feather, fire, and blue diamond from Dreadful Hollow. Brainy declares the quest a piece of cake, and promptly faints. A bunch of the imp’s winged gargoyle servants fly the Smurfs to the spooky, bat-infested Dreadful Hollow and abandon them there. Because the Smurfs have to return the items to the imp by sunrise, Papa Smurf decides it’s best if they split into three teams.

Hefty, Clumsy, Jokey and Brainy set off to retrieve the giant vulture’s feather. They infiltrate the bird’s nest after it’s flown off, but the squawking of its babies alerts the vulture, which quickly returns. It grabs hold of Clumsy with its talon and drops him into a river. The other Smurfs look on helplessly as Clumsy is mercilessly swept towards a waterfall.

Meanwhile, Handy, Greedy, Vanity, and Lazy seek out the fire from the volcano. As they cautiously make their way through a passageway, Greedy gets stuck in some black goo and begins to sink rapidly. By the time the other Smurfs notice, only Greedy’s head remains visible.

Papa Smurf, Grouchy, Harmony, and Dreamy arrive at the cave entrance of the blue diamond. Grouchy hastily enters the cave and some spiked rocks suddenly descend all around the impetuous Smurf, nearly impaling him. Grouchy is petrified.

grouchy smurf turns white with as a ghost after almost getting impaled by sharp rocks

As Clumsy is hurtled closer and closer to the waterfall, the other Smurfs jump into action and roll a log into the raging river. Clumsy grabs hold of it and is saved by a couple of rocks that stop the log (and Clumsy) from tumbling over the falls. Just as Clumsy gets out of the water, the vulture swoops in and chases the Smurfs. They manage to barely escape by seeking refuge in a cave.

hefty hangs from a rope and dips his torch into the lava to get the flame

As Greedy sinks lower and lower into the black goo, the other Smurfs hold out a tree branch for him to grab onto. They pull with all their might and are finally able to free him. The volcano seems ready to erupt, but the Smurfs press on. Handy is lowered into the belly of the volcano on a rope. He dips a wooden torch into the scorching lava and the flame is lit. The bottom of the rope suddenly catches fire and the other Smurfs begin to frantically pull Handy back up towards the mouth of the volcano.

Papa Smurf leads his team through the icy cave, which is bustling with bats. They spot the blue diamond, which sends the Smurfs jumping up and down in a fit of joy. The ice floor cracks, revealing a bottomless pit. Dreamy slips and is left hanging for dear life at the pit’s edge, his fingers slipping little by little.

jokey smurf offers a present to the giant vulture

Meanwhile, the giant vulture has grabbed ahold of Jokey and a tug of war ensues between the bird and the Smurfs. Jokey turns to the vulture and offers it a present. The flattered bird opens the present, which explodes in its face. The dazed vulture flies off, leaving a feather behind. The Smurfs celebrate and Hefty says, “Let’s smurf out of here while the smurfing’s good!”

Back inside the volcano, the Smurfs manage to haul Handy to the top before the fire burns him to a crisp. The four Smurfs race down the side of the erupting volcano, with a trail of lava hot on their tails. The torch-bearing Handy says, “Smurf for your lives!”

a happy papa smurf runs with the blue diamond

As Dreamy hangs precariously at the edge of the bottomless pit, the other Smurfs form a chain and pull him to safety. The cave begins to shake amid the erupting volcano and Papa Smurf is able to grab the blue diamond before the ceiling caves in. All the Smurfs reconvene with their respective quest items and then rush back to the imp’s castle to stop the wedding.

Sunrise has arrived and the imp is certain the Smurfs have failed. A sad Smurfette is dressed in a white gown, seemingly ready to accept her woeful fate. The Smurfs arrive with the items and tell the surprised imp to release Smurfette. The backstabbing imp commands his gargoyles to take possession of the “wedding gifts” and get rid of the Smurfs. As the gargoyles charge towards the Smurfs, Smurfette leaps into action with her magic shoes and attacks the grunting goons. The other Smurfs surge forward and pelt their foes with fruit.

Papa Smurf tries to yank the shoes off Smurfette’s feet, but they won’t budge. The imp grabs the three items and snaps his fingers, which causes Smurfette to dance uncontrollably into his arms. The imp makes off with Smurfette, eager to get his hands on the troll treasure.

a sad smurfette awaits to be married to the evil imp

A desperate Papa Smurf finds a spell book and leafs through it in search of a way to free Smurfette. He finds a page about the magic dancing shoes and utters the following: “Imps are evil, Smurfette is sweet, may the dancing shoes pop off her feet!” The magic shoes are instantly removed from Smurfette’s feet and the imp is horrified that someone has broken his spell. Papa Smurf then utters a spell of his own, which places the magic shoes on the imp’s feet, causing him to dance uncontrollably.

the evil imp and his gargoyles dance away in their magic shoes

The imp drops the three quest items and the dragon from the moat swallows them whole. The imp is soon joined by two of his gargoyles, who also have been fitted with some magical dancing shoes. The Smurfs clap and cheer. Hefty tells Papa Smurf that it wasn’t exactly what they had in mind for his birthday, but that he might as well enjoy the show. Smurfette finally learns her lesson, admitting that practice is important when it comes to being able to do something really well. The Smurfs laugh as the imp and his gargoyles prance into the distance.

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