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Supersmurf / The Baby Smurf


brainy smurf wakes up lazy smurf sleeping in a hammock

Brainy is making his way through the village, annoying various Smurfs with his condescending lectures and his “words of wisdom”. Lazy is blissfully napping in a hammock when Brainy comes along and berates him for sleeping. Brainy violently shakes the hammock, causing Lazy to crash to the ground. A seething Lazy tosses Brainy on his head; Grouchy is watering his garden when Brainy (unintentionally) stomps on his flowers and reprimands him for not being cheery enough. An angry Grouchy pours water over Brainy’s head; a disguise-wearing Jokey jumps out of a barrel and scares the daylights out of Brainy. The spectacled Smurf begins to lecture Jokey, but stops short when he’s offered a present. He thanks Jokey and opens the gift, which blows up in his face; a group of Smurfs are playing ball. Brainy arrives and starts to chastise them for “sitting around like bumps on a log.” The annoyed Smurfs walk away, fed up; Hefty is busy pummeling a punching bag. Brainy calls Hefty’s name, causing him to get distracted and whacked in the head with by the punching bag. Brainy gets dunked in the well by an irate Hefty.

brainy smurf  steps on grouchy smurf's flowers and lectures him

Brainy wanders through the forest, determined to find a way to earn the respect of the other Smurfs. As he’s deep in thought, he bumps into Bigmouth, who’s been sleeping peacefully under a tree. Bigmouth wakes up and groggily says, “Who that?” Brainy starts to yell for help and runs back towards the village. Bigmouth follows Brainy, seeing as how the Smurfs might have some goodies to munch on.

Brainy’s cries of “Bigmouth is coming!” echo throughout the village, alerting the other Smurfs, who run in panic. Bigmouth arrives at the Smurf’s storehouse and tears the roof off the building. He starts pillaging the food, and not even Papa Smurf can get him to stop. Bigmouth fills his sack with the goods and exits the village. The Smurfs are left wondering how they’ll feed themselves during the winter, which will soon be upon them.

bigmouth steals food from the smurfs

Brainy is feeling down after having led the thieving Bigmouth into the village. He gets an idea to start working out until he’s strong enough to get the food back from the ogre. Brainy hits the gym hard, but he’s soon tuckered out from lifting weights and doing sit-ups. He sneaks into Papa Smurf’s lab during the night, determined to find a formula that will instantly give him super strength. Brainy finds what he’s looking for and gets down to business. After several failed attempts at getting the formula to work, he throws in the towel. On his way out of the house, he grabs the door and inadvertently rips it off the hinges. Brainy races to some nearby weights and easily sends them crashing through the roof. Brainy has super strength!

brainy flies through the air in his supersmurf costume

Brainy pins a note to his door and sets off to track down Bigmouth and reclaim the Smurfs’ food. The other Smurfs discover the note and Papa Smurf reads it aloud. It says, “Dear Papa Smurf, I’m going to get our food back from Bigmouth. Signed, Brainy – Supersmurf.” The Smurfs enter Brainy’s house and Papa Smurf finds his magic book on the floor. He deduces that Brainy has used the strength formula, but unbeknownst to Brainy, the formula only lasts for two hours. The worried Smurfs rush off to find their little blue compatriot before something disastrous happens.

Brainy is now sporting a red cape and flying through the air like a superhero. He bangs into a tree, but he’s soon right back up and soaring through the sky (scaring the hell out of an unsuspecting bird in the process). He spots a rundown house in the forest and heads towards it, confident he’ll find Bigmouth there. Meanwhile, the other Smurfs are running as fast as their little blue feet can carry them, hellbent on getting to Brainy before Bigmouth turns him into a mid-day snack.

bigmouth and supersmurf are about to fight for the food

Bigmouth is sitting inside his house, about to dig into the food that’s surrounding him. Brainy flies onto the table and accosts Bigmouth. A none-too-happy Bigmouth says, “Hey, what Smurf want?” Brainy says, “Not Smurf – SUPERSMURF!” Brainy demands the food back, but Bigmouth tells him to get lost. The two of them face off in battle, but Brainy has the superior strength and tosses the ogre around like a ragdoll.

bigmouth gets tossed into a mud puddle by supersmurf

As the Smurfs arrive near Bigmouth’s house, they hear the sounds of destruction and are certain their spectacled buddy is getting the tar beaten out of him. As the Smurfs consider how to save Brainy, Bigmouth suddenly flies by and lands in a big pile of mud. The Smurfs are astonished. They race towards the entrance of Bigmouth’s house, where they find Brainy, who has the huge sack of food hoisted above his head. Papa Smurf tries to tell Brainy that the formula is about to wear off, but Brainy is too busy raving about his exploits to pay any attention.

A seething, mud-covered Bigmouth makes his way towards the Smurfs. They’re about to run away with the food, but Brainy insists on teaching Bigmouth another lesson. As Brainy approaches Bigmouth, the Supersmurf suddenly loses his strength and is no longer able to bear the weight of the sack. Bigmouth chuckles malevolently and boots the Smurfs away.

The first snowfall has arrived and the Smurfs are still without their food supply. Brainy implores Papa Smurf to let him use the strength formula again, but Papa Smurf forbids it, saying it causes more problems than it solves. The Smurfs watch as Bigmouth lays the food out in front of him, ready to devour it.

smurfette tries to seduce bigmouth to get the food back

Smurfette makes a bold move and hops onto Bigmouth’s knee, determined to save the food. She tries to seduce him with her feminine wiles by batting her eyelashes and asking the ogre if he “likes what he sees.” Bigmouth shakes his head and says, “No!” She then tries to tug on his heartstrings by telling him to think about the “little starving Smurfs.” Bigmouth is soon weeping profusely, but he still refuses to give back the food. He unleashes a blast of breath that sends Smurfette flying back to the other Smurfs. Papa Smurf catches Smurfette and gets a kiss on the cheek for his efforts.

The cold, starving Smurfs are once again stuck trying to figure out how to get their food back. Brainy suddenly springs forward with an idea and the others are all ears.

bigmouth happily eats rocks dipped in green slime

Bigmouth is back at the dinner table, once again ready to chow down. He says, “Guess who coming to dinner? Me!” and giddily scarfs down his green “mud soup” appetizer. Meanwhile, the Smurfs have snuck into the house to carry out their plan. Later, when Bigmouth grabs the sack and dumps the contents onto the table, all he sees is a big pile of rocks. Instead of erupting with rage at the switcheroo, Bigmouth dips the rocks into the green slime and happily eats his meal. The Smurfs, now outside and carrying their sack of food, laugh at Bigmouth and compliment Brainy on his smurfy idea. Brainy starts to once again impart his wisdom, but the annoyed Smurfs tell him to “smurf up!” Brainy gets catapulted into the sky and crash-lands on his head.

The Baby Smurf

Gargamel is in his lab, working on his latest potion to help capture the Smurfs. As the wizard peers into his spell book and mixes ingredients, Azrael watches from atop a bookshelf, apathetic. Gargamel’s evil laugh fills the room.

gargamel mixes a potion in his lab while azrael his cat sleeps

Gargamel wanders into the forest clutching a basket until he reaches a smurfberry patch, which he says is just the place “to snare a Smurf.” He pours a test tube of green liquid onto the basket, shrinking it. He then pours some on himself and is instantly transformed into a baby Smurf! He starts crying and attracts the attention of Smurfette, who is picking flowers nearby. Smurfette finds the baby Smurf in the basket and decides to take him home.

smurfette clutches a baby smurf which is actually gargamel in disguise

Smurfette arrives in the Smurf Village and introduces the youngster to the other Smurfs. Clumsy asks Brainy where baby Smurfs come from. Brainy, who obviously doesn’t know the answer, belittles Clumsy for asking such a “ridiculous” question. Smurfette gushes about how cute the baby is, but the others aren’t as enamoured with their “unique-looking” guest. Brainy even goes so far as to call the baby ugly, to which the infant mutters his displeasure. The other Smurfs run off to fetch gifts and supplies for the baby.

The baby pulls out a vial of green liquid, but quickly hides it under his blanket when Smurfette announces that it’s time for him to have a nap. Smurfette takes the baby back to her house and prepares some “warm smurfberry juice” for the little blue rascal. The baby pops his head out of the basket once Smurfette is gone and says, “Smurfberry juice? Yuck!” He pulls out the potion, but has to quickly hide it again when a cradle-toting Handy enters unexpectedly.

handy rocks baby smurf aka gargamel in a cradle

Handy puts the baby in the cradle, which slowly rocks back and forth. Handy sings “smurf-a-bye-baby”, but the little tyke starts to cry. The overall-clad Smurf speeds up the rocker to try to calm down the little blue nipper. Clumsy arrives with some flowers, but he trips over Handy and the two Smurfs crash into the levers that control the cradle. The contraption goes haywire and the baby gets rocked back and forth at a super-fast speed, which launches him into a giant pink cake that Greedy has walked in with. The little blue imposter is about to unleash his anger and insult the Smurfs, but he keeps himself in check and sticks to uttering “goo goo goo!”

the baby smurf aka gargamel is in a pink cake and handy clumsy and greedy watch

Later, Grouchy and Papa Smurf eye the baby as he rests in the cradle. Papa Smurf remarks that there’s something very familiar about the baby, but he just can’t put his finger on it. After Grouchy and Papa Smurf leave, the baby pulls out the vial, but an alarmed Smurfette sees him and confiscates it. Smurfette is appalled by the smell of the green liquid, so she dumps it out the window (instantly withering the flower it lands on). The baby is furious and begins to insult Smurfette, but he quickly bites his lip and reverts to baby talk. A puzzled Smurfette eyes the tiny blue whippersnapper.

the baby smurf aka gargamel breaks a jar in papa smurf's lab

During the night, Papa Smurf flips through a book in an effort to find information about baby Smurfs, but he has no luck. The exhausted Smurf leader falls asleep. The baby Smurf crawls through the window of Papa Smurf’s house and finds some “essence of wormwood” in the cupboard, which is just what he needs to turn himself back to normal. The jar slips from his hands and crashes on the floor, waking Papa Smurf. The baby hides and Papa Smurf discovers the smashed jar. He locks the cupboard and the dismayed pipsqueak is forced to come up with another plan. It doesn’t take long, because the baby spots a cactus plant in the corner, which gives him an idea.

The next day, Smurfs mysteriously start getting turned into stone. A sobbing Smurfette goes to Papa Smurf’s house to tell him the awful news about the petrified Smurfs. She also tells him that she can’t find the baby Smurf anywhere. As the two of them rush off to get to the bottom of things, they narrowly avoid getting squirted with green goo.

Upon returning to his lab, Papa Smurf finds that someone has ransacked the place and carved open his cactus plant (aka “cactus petrifikus“), which is dripping green goo. The mystery of the petrified Smurfs has been solved, but Papa Smurf still doesn’t know who’s responsible.

vanity smurf turns to stone and brainy is shocked

After the villainous baby realizes that turning all the Smurfs into stone will take too long, he decides to blow them to smithereens instead. He makes a bomb and heads to the well, where he sets the timer for seven o’clock – sunset. He hoists up the well’s bucket and finds a napping Lazy inside. Lazy notices the baby and asks what he’s doing, to which the wizard in Smurf’s clothing says, “I’m blowing all you vile little Smurfs to smithereens, hahahahah!” Lazy, realizing the baby Smurf is really Gargamel, panics and dives into a nearby barrel, but he gets squirted with green goo and instantly turns to stone.

the baby smurf aka gargamel prepares to put a bomb in the well

The baby puts the bomb into the bucket and lowers it into the well. Grouchy and a weeping Smurfette visits Papa Smurf at his lab. Smurfette is devastated that they can’t find the baby Smurf. She hands Papa Smurf a baby bottle, saying that’s all they were able to find. Papa Smurf squirts the contents of the bottle onto some flowers and they turn to stone. Papa Smurf is now certain that the baby Smurf is in fact Gargamel. Smurfette and Grouchy are stunned.

Papa Smurf cures all the petrified Smurfs, except for Lazy, who remains hidden in the barrel. Later, Poet Smurf is busy composing an “ode to petrification” when he stumbles upon Lazy’s stone body. He alerts Papa Smurf, who pours some liquid onto Lazy and cures him. A sleepy Lazy yawns and casually tells the Smurfs that the baby Smurf put a bomb in the well. The Smurfs are horrified.

lazy smurf tells the other smurfs that there's a bomb in the well

The baby Smurf sits outside the village and waits for the enormous explosion that will blow all the Smurfs sky high. Sunset comes and there’s no explosion, so the baby goes to the well to see what happened to his bomb. The Smurfs secretly watch him from behind a mushroom house. The baby, after seeing that his bomb is no longer in the bucket, falls into the well. When he hits the bottom, an explosion sends him blasting through the sky, cursing the Smurfs as he goes. The Smurfs wave and say, “Bye bye, Gargamel!”

gargamel bends over his trunk and reveals his blue smurf tail and azrael laughs

The baby crashes through the roof of his house and scares the hell out of Azrael. The feline sees that a Smurf is present and chases after him. The cat plucks him up and is about to eat him when the baby says, “Azrael, you numbskull, it’s me, Gargamel!” A confused Azrael lets him go. The baby crawls onto the counter and gulps down a concoction that turns him back into Gargamel. The wizard berates Azrael for attacking him, but he’s mostly just glad to not be a Smurf anymore. Gargamel starts digging through his storage trunk in search of some “bad luck charms”. As he bends down, a little blue Smurf tail can be seen on the oblivious wizard’s rear end. Azrael can barely conceal his amusement.

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