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The Fake Smurf / Paradise Smurfed

The Fake Smurf

hogatha the witch prepares to drink her green potion and turn into a smurf

It’s an eerie, moonlit night and Hogatha the witch is inside her castle, plotting revenge against the Smurfs for destroying her magic locket and robbing her of “one of her nine lives.” Hogatha toils over a bubbling cauldron, her pet vulture watching from its perch. She adds the final ingredients to the mix, which are a blast of bat breath (from a live bat), and a dash of toad spit. Hogatha swallows the green elixir and immediately begins to clutch her throat and cough violently, before collapsing to the ground. Within seconds, an explosion occurs and Hogatha is transformed into a Smurf! An excited Hogatha marvels at herself in the mirror, but she soon realizes that she’s missing a tail, so she grabs a pea from the table, paints it blue, and glues it to her rear end. Problem solved!

Hogatha dashes from her house, determined to find a Smurf – but where? Of course, a sasparilla field! “It’s a disgustingly sweet-smelling place, sure to attract disgustingly sweet-smelling Smurfs!” she says, as she simultaneously snorts, laughs, and rubs her hands with anticipation.

hogatha has turned into a smurf and glued on a tail

The sun is shining brightly and Vanity is lounging next to a pond, admiring his reflection, when Hogatha (as a Smurf) shows up and greets him enthusiastically. Vanity reciprocates and offers a sasparilla leaf to his fellow Smurf (who just about gags after eating some of it). Vanity starts speaking in Smurf talk and Hogatha has no idea what the hell he’s saying. Vanity suggests they go back to the village, and Hogatha is relieved that she’s finally getting somewhere.

vanity smurf and snorty smurf with sasparilla leaves

They arrive back at the Smurf Village and Hogatha tries to sneak away from the others, but Papa Smurf spots her and tells her to join the other Smurfs, who’ve gathered for a celebratory dance. The Smurfs start dancing but Hogatha botches the whole thing with her horrendous dance steps. Papa Smurf singles out the bungling Smurf and says, “You were snorting instead of smurfing!” He banishes “Snorty” from the proceedings until further notice, which gives the fake Smurf a chance to snoop around. The little blue villain discovers a boiling cauldron – full of soup, no doubt – inside one of the Smurf houses, and adds some poison to it.

Later, Greedy rings the supper bell and the Smurfs gather to eat. In front of every Smurf is a bowl of steaming green soup, which they consume hungrily. It’s not long before Snorty is wondering why the Smurfs haven’t keeled over. The others urge Snorty to partake in the feast, but the fake Smurf pretends to be ill and leaves to “get some fresh air.” Hogatha soon discovers that the cauldron she added the poison to was actually a pot of dirty laundry. She flops around on the floor in frustration.

smurfs at dinner table about to eat soup

Later, after getting a taste of one of Jokey’s exploding surprises, Hogatha sneaks into his house during the night and steals some of his stash. The next day, the Smurfs are holding a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new bridge they’ve constructed. Hidden under the bridge are three of Jokey’s presents, which Hogatha has placed there. As the happy Smurfs sing and cross the new bridge, Hogatha pulls on a rope that’s supposed to detonate the presents, but nothing happens. Hogatha once again flops around on the ground in defeat. Vanity invites Snorty to join everyone else on the other side of the bridge. As Snorty crosses, the bridge explodes and the fake Smurf is sent tumbling into the river. Snorty is saved by the Smurfs, but Papa Smurf finds a destroyed gift box and gravely announces to the others that the accident at the bridge was no accident.

hefty and snorty smurf are soaking wet

Hogatha becomes worried that the other Smurfs might suspect her, so she slinks away. As she does, her tail fails off, but she doesn’t notice. Clumsy discovers the tail and brings it to the attention of Papa Smurf, who quickly realizes that there must be a fake Smurf in the village. The Smurf leader assembles the entire population and informs them that there’s an imposter lurking around. He holds up the fake tail and the other Smurfs are flabbergasted. The Smurfs start grabbing one another’s tails in an effort to find the fake Smurf.

the smurfs capture hogatha

Hogatha realizes that her tail is gone, so she makes a run for it when Hefty asks to see hers. The jig is up and the Smurfs chase after the imposter, but Hogatha locks herself inside a house before they can get their hands on her. She finally tells them who she really is, and the Smurfs are horrified. As Hogatha mixes a potion to turn herself back to normal, the Smurfs use a log to try to break down the door. They breach the entrance just in time to see the witch gulp down the potion and change back to normal. There’s just one problem – she’s still the size of a Smurf!

The Smurfs pounce on Hogatha and tie her up. They lead her into the forest and Hogatha, who thinks she’s going to be lynched when she sees Papa Smurf throw a rope over a tree branch, sobs and begs for mercy. Papa Smurf instead ties the rope between two trees and sternly tells Hogatha to never cross the line. He lets her go and Hogatha thanks him profusely. She runs away, vowing to have her revenge. The Smurfs stroll back to the village, singing gaily.

Paradise Smurfed

It’s harvest time in the Smurf Village, and the little blue guys are busy cultivating their crops. Papa Smurf beams with pride as his hard-working Smurfs go about their business, but his demeanor quickly changes when he sees Lazy napping on a hammock. Papa Smurf yells at Lazy, which causes the loafing Smurf to crash to the ground. Papa Smurf gives Lazy a piece of his mind and then orders him to go fetch some water.

an angry papa smurf yells at lazy for sleeping on the job

Later, the Smurfs sit around, visibly exhausted from their hard work. Papa Smurf says he could really use a drink, but Harmony informs him that there’s no water, because Lazy didn’t bring any. An annoyed Papa Smurf goes to the well to fetch some water and gets a huge surprise when he finds Lazy sleeping in the water bucket. Papa Smurf orders Lazy to go “smurf” some firewood from the forest and the little blue slacker complies. Greedy (accompanied by Brainy) shows up just in time for Papa Smurf to tell him to go help Lazy, because “he needs the exercise.”

The two Smurfs collect firewood and Lazy grumbles about having to work. Brainy, who’s lounging under a nearby tree, takes a moment to lecture Lazy and Greedy, telling them that “A little hard work never hurt any Smurf, right?” They disagree and angrily toss Brainy on his head.

lazy meets cicero who invites him to paradise

As Greedy and Lazy carry the firewood through the forest, they come across a smurfberry bush. Greedy drops the firewood and starts stuffing his face with smurfberries. Lazy is “too tired to eat”, so he ignores the smurfberries and continues on until he comes to a waterfall, where he decides to take a quick nap. His slumber is soon disturbed by a tunic-wearing being named Cicero, who appears from behind the waterfall. Cicero offers Lazy a chance to visit a place called “paradise”, where there’s no work, no responsibility, and nobody to tell him what to do. Lazy hesitates at first, but he soon agrees to visit paradise for just a short while. Greedy and Brainy arrive just as Lazy and the tunic-wearing stranger disappear through the waterfall.

Greedy and Brainy are worried about Lazy, so they go through the waterfall. They find Lazy and Cicero standing next to the entrance to paradise, which is rife with lush fields, water fountains, and ancient ruins. A fat, blue-skinned, tunic-wearing being named Bacchus is lounging on a couch, eating grapes and clutching a wine goblet. There’s a white cat resting on his belly, and two satyrs are flanking him – one is fanning Bacchus, the other is strumming a lyre. Bacchus welcomes the three Smurfs and tells them that whatever they desire is theirs to enjoy.

bacchus and his cat welcome the smurfs to paradise

The Smurfs thank their host and Greedy immediately starts eating from a tree laden with sweets, while Lazy dives onto a gigantic pillow and relaxes. Brainy is the only one who thinks they should get back to the village, but Greedy tells him to relax and stop being such a “party-smurfer”. Greedy stuffs a cupcake into Brainy’s mouth and Lazy leads him onto one of the super-fluffy pillows. Bacchus tells the Smurfs to “have fun, for life is short.”

Later, after the Smurfs have had enough of eating and sleeping, they complain to Bacchus that they’re bored. Bacchus suggests that they play a game, and Cicero recommends “Hide and Hunt.” The Smurfs aren’t familiar with the game, so Bacchus tells them that all they have to do is hide, and he and Cicero will “hunt” them. Bacchus, Cicero and the cat close their eyes and Bacchus starts counting to ten. The Smurfs run off to find a place to hide.

greedy, brainy, and lazy smurf in paradise

Bacchus quickly finds the Smurfs and blasts a beam of magic toward them. The beam causes the ground under Brainy and Greedy to turn into a gaping hole that has sharp spikes at the bottom. The two Smurfs fall into the hole, but manage to grab onto the edge for dear life. They call out to Lazy, who’s found a new napping spot on top of a huge flower. Bacchus blasts the flower with magic, turning it into a carnivorous plant. An oblivious Lazy narrowly avoids being eaten by the plant. He pulls Greedy and Brainy out of the hole and the three of them run off to find a better hiding spot. The hunters arrive where the gaping pit is and are surprised that the Smurfs aren’t in it.

Greedy and Brainy hide behind a rock, while Lazy naps on top of it. Bacchus unleashes another blast of magic, which brings to life a statue of cupid holding a bow and arrow. The statue shoots an arrow at the Smurfs, but it misses them and destroys the rock Lazy is using as a bed. Lazy gets rudely awakened and blames the other two Smurfs, who try to tell him about the statue, but Lazy doesn’t believe them. Lazy goes off to find a quieter hiding spot, and the other Smurfs follow.

lazy greedy and brainy smurf about to get shot by cupid

Bacchus and company arrive where the statue is, but there’s no trace of the Smurfs. A livid Bacchus grabs Cicero and is about to get violent, but Cicero saves himself by assuring his boss that he’ll get the Smurfs on his next try. Bacchus goes berserk and starts randomly blasting the air with streams of magic. Two of the blasts topple a couple of trees, which the Smurfs nearly get crushed by. Another blast brings to life a statue of a globe-bearing man, which hurls the globe at the Smurfs. The Smurfs run for their lives as the globe rolls after them. They avoid the globe and it smashes through a fake wall that’s been painted to resemble part of the landscape. The hole in the painted backdrop reveals a path that leads to a castle, so the Smurfs head for it.

Inside the castle, the Smurfs’ noses lead them to the kitchen, where they see Cicero tell the chef that Bacchus has a hankering for “Soufflé a la Smurf.” The Smurfs are horrified. They try to make a run for it, but they’re stopped in their tracks by Bacchus, who informs them that the “party is over,” and that it’s time to “pay the bill” (aka get on his dinner plate). Bacchus grabs the Smurfs, but they break free after Greedy bites his hand.

bacchusand his white cat about to pounce on lazy smurf, while greedy and brainy look on

The Smurfs run like the wind and Bacchus, Cicero, and the cat pursue them through the castle and back through the hole in the backdrop. The Smurfs pass through a patch of giant plants, which magically turn carnivorous. One of the plants grabs hold of Lazy with one of its vines, but Lazy manages to break free and continue towards the exit. Greedy and Brainy escape through the waterfall, but Bacchus uses his powers to turn the waterfall into solid ice before Lazy can join his companions. Greedy and Brainy pound on the wall of ice, but it’s no use – Lazy’s trapped! Just as Bacchus and his cat grab hold of Lazy, things start to go blurry and Lazy suddenly wakes up to find that the whole thing was just a dream. Greedy and Brainy tell a relieved Lazy that they need to get back to the village pronto, or else papa Smurf’s going to have a fit.

papa smurf and lazy with a broom

Later, the snow is falling like crazy, and Papa Smurf is tucked away inside a cozy house, warming himself in front of the fireplace. He commends all the Smurfs for helping to get ready for winter “just in the smurf of time.” As he looks around the room, he sees that every Smurf is passed out from exhaustion, except Lazy, who busily sweeps the floor. Papa Smurf asks Lazy why he hasn’t drifted off to dreamland like the rest of the Smurfs, and Lazy says, “I’ve already been to dreamland, Papa Smurf, and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be!”

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