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The Magic Egg

The Smurfs walk through the forest and discuss how to best celebrate “Smurf Day”, which Papa Smurf describes as being the “smurfiest day of the year.” The special day is just around the corner, so they bandy about ideas, such as having a parade, shooting off fireworks, and throwing a dance. Grouchy says, “I hate Smurf Day!” and stomps off. The other Smurfs are annoyed. In the end, Papa Smurf decides they should make a huge cake. They gather the ingredients, including flour, milk, and honey (which Clumsy steals from some angry bees), but there’s one thing missing – eggs!

bigmouth holds the magic egg

Meanwhile, at Gargamel’s house, the wizard is working on his latest scheme to catch the Smurfs. He pulls a giant yellow egg out of the furnace with a pair of tongs and places it on the window sill to cool. He tells Azrael about the magical properties of the egg, which will grant any wish he utters, just by tapping it once. Suddenly, Bigmouth arrives and starts banging on the front door, demanding food. Gargamel and Azrael hide in the closet like a couple of big chickens. The hungry ogre barges in and ransacks the place. He chows down on whatever he can get his hands on, but his attention soon turns to the egg on the window sill. He picks up the egg, but it’s scorching hot, so he tosses it in a sack and leaves.

bigmouth asleep under a tree as gargamel eyes his egg sack

Gargamel emerges from the closet and is horrified to discover that his egg’s been stolen. The wizard and his cat set off to follow the egg-snatching ogre. Gargamel finds Bigmouth sleeping under a tree, so he grabs the sack and heads back towards his house. But it’s not long before a giant hand grabs Gargamel from behind. It’s Bigmouth, who furiously shakes the wizard and demands to know, “Why you take my egg?!” Bigmouth is about to toss Gargamel into the forest, but the egg comes loose and starts rolling away, so the ogre goes after it.

hefty brainy and smurfette carry the magic egg

A handful of Smurfs walk through the forest in search of an egg for their Smurf Day cake. They notice a big yellow egg rolling towards them, but they’re not quick enough to avoid it, so they all get flattened. The egg comes to a stop and the Smurfs claim it for themselves. As they carry it back towards the village, they hear Bigmouth hollering for his egg. The frightened Smurfs hide inside a hollow log. Bigmouth passes by without detecting the Smurfs, and so does Gargamel, but Azrael stops in front of the log and sniffs the air suspiciously. Before Azrael can investigate further, Bigmouth’s bellowing voice sends the cat and his master running for the hills.

hefty takes a crack at the magic egg with an axe while papa smurf watches

The Smurfs make a run for it with the egg. Bigmouth overhears them talking and is about the pounce on the oblivious mushroom-dwellers, but Smurfette says, “Knock on smurf, I wish we were back in the village!” She taps the egg and they disappear, narrowly avoiding Bigmouth’s grasp. The Smurfs and the egg arrive in the village in a puff of smoke, and the others nearly have a heart attack when they see them. Papa Smurf arrives on the scene and is shocked when he sees the unusual egg. He asks his little Smurfs where they found it, but they all start blabbing at the same time so he tells them to clam up and get back to the business of baking the cake.

papa smurf gets turned into a monkey's uncle by the magic egg

Papa Smurf tries to crack open the egg with a wooden spoon, but he only succeeds in shattering the spoon. Hefty grabs an axe and tries to crack the egg open, but he has no luck. He says, “I’ll break that egg, or I’m a Smurfish Sausage!” He whacks the egg once more and is instantly turned into a giant sausage with legs. Papa Smurf deduces that it’s a magic egg, and the other Smurfs excitedly gather around it and make various wishes. The wishes that the Smurfs make include wanting to be rich, wanting to be pink with blue flowers (Smurfette), wanting a big barrel of sasparilla (Greedy), wanting to be the best horn player in the world (Harmony), and wanting to be just like Papa Smurf (Brainy, Handy, Poet). Everyone’s wish comes true. Papa Smurf looks at his three replicas and says, “If you’re me, then I’m a monkey’s uncle!” He inadvertently knocks the egg and is changed into a chattering monkey.

lazy and vanity turn each other into ugly smurfs

Vanity and Lazy argue over who gets to make a wish next, so they angrily turn each other into hideous creatures. Papa Smurf has lost all control and decides he must get rid of the egg, but the three fake Papa Smurfs get greedy and make off with it so they can have all the wishes for themselves. The three of them come across Clumsy, who is playing in a mud puddle. A disgusted Brainy (as Papa Smurf) calls Clumsy “the biggest, smurfiest oaf in the whole world!” and knocks the egg. Clumsy is transformed into a gigantic, dim-witted (more so than usual) Smurf. The others run away, terrified.

The pink and blue Smurfette sees Clumsy and runs screaming back to Papa Smurf’s lab, only to find a chattering monkey inside (aka Papa Smurf). Smurfette doesn’t want some strange monkey running amok in Papa Smurf’s lab, so she chases the hairy intruder with a broom.

The three fake Papa Smurfs run through the forest with the egg, but they’re intercepted by Bigmouth, who hungrily snatches the egg. The little blue guys freak out and run for their lives. Bigmouth is overjoyed to have the egg back.

Papa Smurf somehow manages to avoid getting whacked by Smurfette’s broom long enough to mix together a potion that switches him back to normal. He flings some of the potion at Smurfette, and she also switches back to normal. They rush out in search of the egg, determined to end the chaos it’s causing.

Bigmouth tries to bite open the egg, but he fails miserably (and painfully). He boots the egg away in frustration. Gargamel and Azrael are looking for the egg when it suddenly blasts the wizard in the head and knocks him out.

Meanwhile, Papa Smurf and Smurfette come across the three fake Papa Smurfs and change them back to normal.

gargamel and azrael are scared off by the huge clumsy smurf

Gargamel comes to his senses and is overjoyed at regaining possession of the egg. He wishes for two Smurfs on a platter and knocks the egg. A platter instantly appears in his hands, but on it are the ghastly versions of Vanity and Lazy. Gargamel is appalled. He tosses them aside and wishes for “the biggest, plumpest Smurf of them all.”

the smurfs fall for jokey's prank and the fake magic egg explodes

The enormous Clumsy instantly appears and scares the hell out of Gargamel and Azrael, who run away in a flash. Papa Smurf and the others show up and the Smurf leader wishes everything back to normal. He then punishes the other Smurfs for their “selfish, silly, unsmurflike” wishes by wishing that the magic egg disappear and never be seen again. He taps the egg and it vanishes.

Back in the village, things are back to normal, and Papa Smurf says it’s been a Smurf Day to remember, even if there was no Smurf Day cake. Jokey rolls out a huge yellow egg, and Papa Smurf is horrified. The other Smurfs excitedly gather around the egg, eager to make more wishes. The egg explodes and the Smurfs are left covered in soot. Jokey laughs hilariously at his own prank.

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