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The Magnifying Mixture / Foul Weather Smurf

The Magnifying Mixture

The sun is shining brightly and a heat wave is in full force in Smurfland. Farmer Smurf complains about the drought that’s wilting his crops, and it’s so hot that even the crows are sprawled out under a parasol in an effort to beat the heat. In the Smurf Village, the little blue guys are scattered all over the place, their tongues hanging out of their mouths as they fan themselves to try to stay cool. Lazy complains that it’s too hot to sleep, and he promptly falls asleep. Greedy complains that it’s too hot to eat, but that doesn’t stop him from taking a big bite out of a cookie.

the smurfs are hot and fanning themselves

Brainy’s plan is to stay cool by making a big pitcher of smurfberry juice, but when he goes to the smurfberry field, he sees that the entire supply has completely dried up. He goes to Papa Smurf’s place and peeks inside the window, where he sees Papa Smurf working on a formula that will make little clouds into big clouds, and bring rain at last. Papa Smurf accidentally spills some of the formula onto a spider and it instantly grows to a monstrous size. The spider corners Papa Smurf and starts covering him with its web. Papa Smurf is almost completely covered in web, but he’s able to grab a nearby bottle of elfin root, which he points towards the eight-legged freak. A green mist comes out of the bottle and covers the spider, which quickly returns to its normal self. A smiling Papa Smurf wiggles out of the web, happy that his formula actually works. The bearded Smurf exits his lab to go test out the formula on some clouds. Brainy instantly sees the potential the formula has to “smurf up some big fat smurfberries real fast!” so he sneaks into the lab and mixes a batch for himself.

a giant spider threatens papa smurf in his lab

As Hefty pushes a wheel barrow full of rocks, Smurfette walks alongside the tattooed Smurf and thanks him for helping to clear them out of her garden. An exhausted-looking Hefty dumps the rocks at the base of a cliff. Smurfette compliments him on his strength, adding that she would have collapsed if she had lugged all those rocks. After Smurfette leaves, Hefty collapses in a heap. Brainy excitedly races up Smurfberry Hill with his bowl of formula, but he trips over a rock and the formula spills over the cliff edge and lands on Hefty. As Brainy walks back towards the village to mix up another batch of formula, Hefty grows to an enormous size. Hefty sees that everything around him is tiny, so his first thought is that he must be dreaming. He pinches himself and yells out in pain. He’s definitely not dreaming!

a giant hefty smurf lifts the roof off the mushroom house and talks to brainy smurf

Hefty freaks out and runs towards the village, frantically calling Papa Smurf’s name as he goes. Brainy is back in Papa Smurf’s lab, working on the formula, when the ground suddenly starts to shake. Outside, the sweating Smurfs hear the rumbling and quickly disappear into their homes. As Hefty dashes towards Papa Smurf’s place, Brainy panics when he realizes that someone is approaching, so he hurriedly cleans up the lab. Brainy hears Hefty calling for Papa Smurf from outside, so he opens the door to address him. When Brainy sees the enormous Smurf in front of him, he flips out and runs back inside, where he takes cover under a table and quivers with fear. Hefty lifts the roof off the house and asks Brainy if he knows where Papa Smurf is. Hefty then picks up Brainy by the tail and tells him the whole story about the powder that fell on him at the bottom of Smurfberry Hill. A horrified Brainy soon realizes what he’s done.

a giant hefty smurf falls on jokey smurf's house

Hefty desperately wants to find Papa Smurf, but Brainy convinces the giant Smurf that his great size is a blessing, since he’s the strongest Smurf in the world and can do lots of things the others can’t. Hefty likes what he hears and decides to use his size to quickly clear out the rest of the rocks from Smurfette’s garden, but he unintentionally tramples on the blonde-haired Smurf’s vegetables. Hefty then falls on Jokey’s house, destroying it. A devastated Jokey sobs unconsolably. Smurfette wants to go find Papa Smurf, but Brainy stops her, insisting that they don’t need to bother him with their “little problems.” Hefty then decides he’s going to go capture Gargamel. He grabs a giant sack and heads towards the wizard’s house. The other Smurfs try to stop Hefty by clinging to him, but after getting dragged for several feet, they lose their grip and fall to the ground. Smurfette says enough is enough and runs off to find Papa Smurf.

hefty smurf is at gargamel's house with the wizard himself and azrael

At Gargamel’s house, the wizard is voicing his displeasure over the weather, which is “the kind of day when those rotten Smurfs have lots of fun!” As he says this, he tosses a dart at a picture of a Smurf. Azrael, who is relaxing on the window sill, turns and sees a giant Smurf approaching the house. The amazed cat grabs Gargamel by the collar, trying to get his attention. The wizard sees the giant Smurf and can’t believe his eyes. Azrael runs towards Hefty when he enters the house, sees how big he is, and then gets the hell away from him and hides behind Gargamel. Hefty threatens the wizard, but Gargamel picks him up and says, “Smurf, you may be big, but I’m still bigger!” and then laughs maniacally.

papa smurf and handy smurf stand next to a catapult

Hefty puts a net on Gargamel, but it barely covers the wizard’s head, which amuses Azrael. Hefty tells Gargamel that he’s taking him back to the Smurf Village as his prisoner. Gargamel begins to resist, but then realizes that this could be his ticket into the Smurf Village, so he lets Hefty capture him. The giant Smurf tosses Gargamel and Azrael into his sack and drags them away. Inside the sack, Azrael is in a panic trying to get out, but his master tells him to play along, since they’ll soon be arriving in Smurfland, compliments of Hefty. Azrael and Gargamel are giddy with anticipation.

Papa Smurf and Handy are outside next to a giant catapult. Papa Smurf pours his formula into the catapult, hoping that it will shoot into the sky and affect the clouds enough to bring a sorely needed rainfall. But before they can launch the formula, a handful of Smurfs arrive on the scene and a hysterical Smurfette tells Papa Smurf the terrible news regarding Hefty and Gargamel. The Smurfs rush back to the village, leaving the catapult behind.

a giant azrael sets his sights on gargamel

As the Smurfs clean up the damaged village, a woeful Brainy sits on his doorstep and blames himself for the whole situation. The other Smurfs overhear him and the ill-tempered little blue guys can’t wait to tell Papa Smurf. Just then, Hefty arrives in the village with Gargamel and Azrael in his sack. The other Smurfs are shocked. The wizard and the cat pop out of the bag and Gargamel turns the tables on Hefty by stuffing him into the sack. Gargamel runs through the village, gleefully scooping Smurfs into the bag as he goes. Papa Smurf and the others arrive on the scene and quickly come up with a plan to stop Gargamel’s rampage. The Smurfs hide in bushes, teasing Azrael and making him look like a fool when they quickly escape before the feline can pounce on them. An exhausted Azrael gets severely chastised by Gargamel, who throws every name in the book at his whiskered companion.

a mob of angry smurfs chase after brainy

Papa Smurf drops some of his enlarging formula on Azrael, which turns him into a giant cat. Azrael bares his claws and angrily begins to stalk an astonished Gargamel. Azrael takes a swipe at Gargamel and the wizard abandons his sack of Smurfs before running away in terror. Azrael chases him into the distance and the Smurfs cheer wildly. Papa Smurf turns Hefty back to normal by throwing some elfin root on him. A relieved Hefty says, “Being big was OK for a while, but it can get lonely at the top!” which makes the other Smurfs snicker loudly.

A stern Papa Smurf hands Brainy a bucket full of brooms, rakes and mops so he can clean up the village. When Brainy asks Papa Smurf to whip up a cleaning potion that he could use instead, the other Smurfs go crazy and angrily chase the spectacled Smurf around the village.

Foul Weather Smurf

It’s pouring rain in the Smurf Village and Handy is fast asleep inside his mushroom house. The cuckoo clock on the wall sounds and Handy springs out of bed excitedly, because it’s the day of the annual Smurf picnic. Handy looks out the window and is crestfallen when he sees that it’s raining.

handy smurf puts his hand out to feel the rain

The rain is also affecting the other Smurfs: Grouchy sits at his window and says, “I hate rain!” A flustered Hefty, who’s holding a sponge and standing next to a wheel barrow, says, “Every time I wash my wagon, it rains!” and throws the sponge down in disgust. Smurfette hastily collects her soaked laundry from the clothesline. Clumsy runs towards Smurfette, offering to help, but he slips and kicks up a heap of mud onto Smurfette and her clothes. Brainy laughs at Smurfette’s ordeal and gets a basketful of laundry tossed onto his head.

the weather-smurfing machine

Handy gets an idea to control the weather with a “weather-smurfing machine”, and sits down at his drawing board to work on a design. Handy is soon out in the pouring rain, dragging a giant cart full of tools and building material. The other Smurfs ask him where he’s going and Handy says he’s going to the old mill, “to stop the rain.” The Smurfs laugh at him. Later, Handy puts the finishing touches on his creation, which is a modified mill that features control levers and a dial with pictures of various weather types on it.

the smurfs nearly get blown away by the wind

Papa Smurf and the others show up to see what Handy is doing. The Smurf leader asks what the machine does and the other Smurfs chuckle uncontrollably. Handy gives a demonstration by pulling one of the levers, which makes a wooden Smurf wearing swim trunks and sunglasses, emerge from the top, just like a cuckoo bird in a cuckoo clock. The rain also disappears instantly, making way for bright sunshine. The other Smurfs are amazed. Papa Smurf compliments Handy and his creation, but he says he’s unsure if it’s wise to fool with nature. Handy reassures him, saying that changing the weather will be a breeze. Handy pulls another lever and a huge gust of wind almost blows the Smurfs away.

the smurfs go on a picnic

Later, the cheerful Smurfs leave the village to go on their excursion. Poet bids them farewell, as he’ll be staying behind to work on his poem, “Ode to the Sun.” The Smurfs sing a happy song as they pass through Farmer Smurf’s field to get to their destination. Farmer eyes his crops and says he wishes there were a simpler way to water his plants. He suddenly gets an idea to call up some more rain by using the weather-smurfing machine. Meanwhile, the Smurfs have found a spot next to the water for their picnic. Hefty says, “First, we’ll go for a swim!” Lazy says, “Then we’ll rest.” Greedy says, “Then we’ll eat!” Lazy says, “Then we’ll rest.” Brainy clutches an umbrella, even though there isn’t a cloud in the sky. Handy tells him he won’t need it, not with the weather-smurfing machine on the job.

a wooden smurf holding an umbrella emerges from the weather-smurfing machine

Back at the weather-smurfing machine, Farmer pulls a lever that makes the little dial point to rain and thunder. This time, a wooden Smurf holding an umbrella pops out of the top of the structure. Back in the village, Poet is in the middle of reciting his poem when it starts to rain heavily. A happy Farmer praises the machine as he heads back to his field, saying it’s a great step forward for agriculture. An annoyed Poet makes his way to the weather-smurfing machine and pulls a lever to bring back the sunshine. Back at the picnic site, the Smurfs are covered in blankets and have baskets over their heads to protect them from the rain. The sun soon emerges and Handy says it was just a passing shower.

poet smurf and farmer smurf fight over the controls of the weather-smurfing machine

Poet and Farmer go back and forth with the controls, until they finally arrive at the machine at the same time and become locked in an epic struggle. Amid the chaos, two of the three levers snap off, making the machine go haywire. The two wooden Smurfs at the top of the building emerge and start to fight with each other. Back at the picnic area, the Smurfs are wondering just what the hell is going on. It’s suddenly boiling hot out and a nervous Handy suggests they go for a dip in the lake. By the time he, Hefty, Greedy and Brainy dive in, the water has turned frozen solid. Handy says to look on the bright side, now they can skate on the ice. But the weather quickly turns warm again and the ice instantly melts, sending the skating Smurfs plunging into the water. Papa Smurf is starting to get fed up and the drastic weather change is even confusing a group of ducks, who don’t know whether to fly south or fly north. The weather morphs into a snowstorm and Hefty says he’ll go back to the weather-smurfing machine to fix it. Papa Smurf says they’ll all go back, because it’s not safe out for “Smurf or beast.”

the smurfs walk through mud

As Poet and Farmer pummel each other, they realize that the machine is on fire. They try to shut it off, but only manage to snap off the last remaining lever. They go find the other Smurfs and confess to breaking the machine, which infuriates Handy. Poet, Farmer and Handy try to dash across the bridge, but a giant log smashes it to bits and they barely escape with their lives. The Smurfs are forced to find another place to cross the river, and as they go about their journey, they face harsh rain, dense fog, and the freezing cold. They trudge through muddy ground and Grouchy says “I hate mud!” Just as Handy says that the weather can’t get any worse, the Smurfs get pelted with huge hailstones.

the smurf kite gets hit by lightning

The Smurfs take cover in a cave and Smurfette is balling her eyes out, wanting to go home. Grouchy says, “We’ll never get home!” Hefty blames Handy, but Handy says that Poet and Farmer should be the ones to get the blame. Farmer and Poet are about to come to blows, but Papa Smurf intervenes and tells everyone to behave themselves, since they’ve already got enough to deal with. The Smurfs finally make it back to the weather-smurfing machine, which is spewing smoke and going crazy. The Smurfs dash towards the controls, but the weather changes and a huge gust of wind blows them away, leaving them clinging to various trees and plants.

jokey smurf pours water onto poet smurf as two smurfs watch

Handy is finally able to reach the controls, where he fashions a kite out of Brainy’s umbrella, ties a string to it, and lets the wind carry it up into the stormy sky. He ties it off on a giant wrench that he’s inserted into the control panel, and a blast of lightning strikes the kite, sending a jolt of electricity down the string and into the machine. The weather-smurfing machine explodes and the Smurfs are overjoyed, except Handy, who laments the loss of his creation. Papa Smurf consoles Handy, but goes on to say that they should never again mess with nature without first considering the consequences.

The weather is back to normal and the Smurfs are pleased as punch, except for Poet, who complains that he can’t work on his new poem, “Ode to Rain”, when there’s bright sunshine out. Jokey “helps” by sitting on a tree branch with a flower-watering bucket and pouring water onto Poet’s head. The other Smurfs laugh uproariously.

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