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The Purple Smurfs / Haunted Smurf

The Purple Smurfs

It’s the crack of dawn in the Smurf Village. A sleepy Papa Smurf emerges from his mushroom house in his red pajamas and tells his little Smurfs that they’ve got work to do on the bridge. The Smurfs are soon working up a storm, hammering, hoisting, and hauling various materials. Lazy sets off to find a place to take a nap, but he’s intercepted by Papa Smurf, who yells at him to get back to work.

the smurfs gather to hear a pyjama-wearing papa smurf speak

Hefty asks Papa Smurf to pass him a shovel, and the leader of the Smurfs is glad to oblige, but the shovel he grabs is covered in a sticky substance and clings to him like glue. Just as an annoyed Papa Smurf asks whose shovel it is, Greedy arrives to claim his property, stuffing a cupcake and donut into his mouth as he goes. Smurfette directs Papa Smurf’s attention to the bridge, which she’s painted pink. She says she picked the colour herself and a disbelieving Papa Smurf replies, “With your eyes open or closed?!”

papa smurf yells at lazy for trying to get out of work and go nap

An amused Brainy chops wood and compliments Papa Smurf on his humourous comment, but he accidentally cuts the rope holding up the bridge. The entire structure collapses in a heap. The Smurf leader walks off, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and trips over Lazy, who’s sleeping against a rock. Papa Smurf freaks out and orders Lazy to go into the forest and cut some logs. Lazy finds a tree and starts hacking away at it with his axe. A giant purple fly shows up and starts buzzing around Lazy’s head. Lazy tries to shoo the fly away, but the fly just laughs at him. Lazy chases after the fly and trips over a protruding tree root. The fly gets a look at Lazy’s tail and swoops in to bite it. Lazy cries out in pain. Within seconds, he turns completely purple and starts to angrily shout, “Gnap! Gnap!

lazy smurf chases the purple fly with an axe

Back at the work site, Papa Smurf wonders why Lazy is taking his sweet time coming back, so he tells Brainy to go look for the tardy Smurf. Brainy goes in search of Lazy and soon comes face to face with the purple Smurf. Brainy runs back to Papa Smurf in terror. He breaks the news about Lazy’s transformation and repeats Lazy’s “Gnap!” which scares the hell out of Vanity. A concerned Papa Smurf guesses that Lazy must have been bitten by a purple fly. The Smurfs spot the purple Smurf as he makes his way towards the village. They chase after him and subdue him with some rope. Papa Smurf says he was just a Smurfling (“barely a hundred years old”) the last time there was such a case in the village, and he can’t remember what the cure was.

purple smurf is about to bite hefty on the tail

The purple Smurf is placed in quarantine inside a mushroom house, but he somehow manages to break his bonds. Hefty is guarding the door, but his back is turned, so he doesn’t notice the purple Smurf emerge from the house. Hefty gets bitten on the tail and soon turns into a purple Smurf. The two purple Smurfs aggressively hop around the village and say “Gnap! Gnap!” Papa Smurf sees the purple Smurfs and is horrified that the epidemic is spreading. Papa Smurf immediately gets to work on a cure.

brainy catches a purple smurf and the other smurfs are impressed

The next morning, Papa Smurf emerges from his lab with a cure, though he needs to test it on a purple Smurf to see if it actually works. The bearded leader asks for volunteers to help catch one of the purple Smurfs, and several Smurfs eagerly raise their hands. The volunteers split up and Clumsy is soon hot on the trail of a purple Smurf. He chases after it, but trips and gets tangled in his own rope. Clumsy gets bitten on the tail and soon turns into a purple Smurf. Brainy arrives just in time to see Clumsy transform. The sly Smurf puts his foot on the tied up Clumsy and declares to the others that he’s captured a purple Smurf “singlesmurfedly”. The other Smurfs are impressed, especially Smurfette, who says, “I had no idea you were so brave!” The purple Smurf says “Gnap!” and a frightened Brainy jumps into Smurfette’s arms.

Papa Smurf tests the formula by spraying some of it into Clumsy’s mouth. Clumsy starts bouncing around the room before finally passing out, but he doesn’t turn back to normal. Handy and Greedy take Clumsy back towards his house, but he regains consciousness and bites Handy on the tail. Greedy is also bitten and there are two more purple Smurfs now terrorizing the village. Papa Smurf witnesses the whole thing and calls the situation disastrous.

papa smurf holds up a cure and asks for volunteers to catch a purple smurf

Later, Papa Smurf stands atop a mushroom podium with a new formula in his hand. He once again asks for volunteers, but all the Smurfs cover their tails with their hands and vehemently refuse. An angry Papa Smurf elects three Smurfs, who reluctantly agree to the assignment. They soon have the purple Hefty in custody, but when Papa Smurf pours the formula on him, he quickly breaks his binds and proceeds to infect several more Smurfs. Later, Papa Smurf calls another meeting and announces that 15 Smurfs have been infected. “Gnap! Owww!” …16 Smurfs… “Gnap! Owww!” …17 Smurfs… Papa Smurf finishes by saying the infected Smurfs must be cured before all the little blue guys become extinct.

papa smurf catches a purple fly with his net

The Smurfs try a new strategy and set out to capture a purple fly in an effort to find a cure. Papa Smurf finds a purple fly and snares it with his net, but the fly takes him for a ride. A couple of Smurfs grab onto Papa Smurf and they all end up in a daze after crashing into a tree. Later, after much effort, Papa Smurf is at a loss, since no cure seems to be forthcoming. Papa Smurf feeds the purple fly a “tuberous flower“, and the bug sniffs it. The fly sneezes and turns from purple to blue. Papa Smurf shouts, “Eureka!” and says that the remedy is tuberous pollen! Papa Smurf tells everyone to gather all the tuberous flowers they can find.

the purple fly turns blue after smelling a tubrose flower

Meanwhile, the purple Hefty grabs a bucket of blue paint and covers himself with it, making it look like he’s a normal Smurf. Inside Papa Smurf’s lab, the last of the uninfected Smurfs are readying themselves to confront the purple Smurfs with the cure. Smurfette sees an army of purple Smurfs approaching, so the team of normal Smurfs charges out the door carrying cure-filled bellows. The Smurfs pump out the pollen at Lazy, who’s turned back to normal, but he’s quickly bitten by a purple Smurf and infected again. Hefty bites Grouchy on the tail and infects him. Grouchy turns around and bites the painted Hefty, who yells out in pain and angrily scolds his confused attacker (“Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap!”).

papa smurf and an unnamed smurf use bellows to distribute the cure

The Smurfs continue to pump out the pollen furiously, but it’s not long before everyone’s been infected, except for Papa Smurf. He’s surrounded by purple Smurfs and there’s no more pollen, so he makes a mad dash for his lab. The infected Hefty is waiting for him, though, and in his zeal to infect Papa Smurf, he knocks over a candle that lights the curtains on fire. Papa Smurf tries to put out the fire, which gives Hefty the perfect opening to bite Papa Smurf’s tail, which he does.

smurfette and greedy smurf are happy to be cured

A horrified Papa Smurf uses his final few moments to lament the end of the Smurfs. He turns purple and lets out a “Gnap!” The fire soon causes an explosion, which sends the remaining pollen floating throughout the village and covering all the purple Smurfs. One by one, they sneeze and are turned back to normal. The Smurfs are overjoyed, especially Papa Smurf, who vows to never complain about his annoying little Smurfs ever again. The celebration is cut short, however, when the Smurfs hear a loud “Gnap!” coming from behind one of the houses. They cautiously investigate, only to discover that it’s just Jokey playing a prank. The Smurfs, who aren’t amused, toss Jokey onto his face.

Haunted Smurf

Winter is on its way and the Smurfs are busy gathering food to keep their bellies full during the cold season. The little blue busybodies soon finish their task, completely filling the storehouse with provisions.

jokey smurf gets a face full of snow

The first snowfall of the season arrives and Jokey peers out his window excitedly, until a big pile of snow crashes down on his head. The scarf-wearing Smurfs laugh and play in the white stuff, tobogganing, throwing snowballs, and making snowmen. Smurfette asks a strolling Papa Smurf if he wants to join in the fun, but Papa Smurf says he’s much too old for that stuff. A few seconds later, he picks up a snowball and whips it at Brainy’s head. Papa Smurf walks away, whistling innocently as an upset Brainy tries to figure out who nailed him.

hefty smurf falls through the ice and brainy smurf holds a bucket

A loud bell suddenly sounds, signaling an emergency. There’s a fire at the storehouse! Papa Smurf orders the Smurfs to grab buckets and get water from the lake, but the water’s totally frozen. Hefty falls through the ice and the Smurfs are able to access the water. They pass the bucket of water along until it reaches Papa Smurf, but the water is completely frozen by the time he tries to douse the flames with it. The fire starts popping the nuts inside the storeroom and sends them flying in all directions. The Smurfs run for cover, except Greedy, who eats a nut and says, “Mmm, I love roasted chestnuts!”

vanity smurf measure his thinning waistline in front of the mirror

The fire finally goes out, but the poor Smurfs have nothing left to eat. As Papa Smurf tries to figure out what to do, the other Smurfs deal with the famine in various ways: Poet is inspired to write a poem called “Ode to Hunger”; Greedy collects the carrot, nuts and corn that make the up the snowman’s face; Vanity measures his thinning waistline in front of a full-length mirror; Clumsy considers eating a snowball. A misty-eyed Papa Smurf finally decides that the only option is to abandon the village. He informs the other Smurfs, who are shocked and saddened at the prospect of having to leave their home, especially Smurfette, who starts balling her eyes out. Papa Smurf says their best bet is to head south, where they should be able to find some food. He tells everyone to gather their things, but only the bare essentials.

the smurfs pack their bare essentials

Later, Clumsy arrives at Papa Smurf’s front door and tells him that they’re ready to go. Papa Smurf emerges from his house and is shocked at what he sees: Vanity has a crate full of mirrors and is clutching several of his trademark flower hats; Greedy has packed several pots, pans, and kitchen utensils; Handy has gathered his tools and a workbench; Lazy is bringing along his bed (which he’s asleep on); Hefty’s got heaps of weights; Smurfette’s got a rack full of dresses and a box full of shoes; Jokey’s holding stacks of presents.

the smurfs explore the castle

The Smurfs leave the village (with just the bare essentials) on a moonlit night, bidding a tearful goodbye to their home. They trudge through the brutal snow and cold, and it’s not long before Smurfette seems ready to crack, saying she can’t go on. Papa Smurf tells her they have to keep going, unless they want to turn into Smurfcicles. Just then, they see a castle in the distance and their hope is renewed. The Smurfs knock on the castle door, but there’s no answer. They assume the place is deserted, so they enter through a window. As the Smurfs explore the castle, the eyes from a portrait painting on the wall suddenly move (though the Smurfs don’t notice). Strange noises leave Clumsy and Brainy shivering in fear, but Papa Smurf tells them that it’s probably just the wind.

a spider scares smurfette

The Smurfs penetrate further into the castle, hoping to find some food. They hear the strange noises again, but Papa Smurf tells his worried companions that they “didn’t come all this way to be scared off by strange noises.” As they push forward, a spider drops down in front of Smurfette, causing her to scream. The spider also screams and then gets the hell out of there. The Smurfs get frightened by a shadow on the floor and run away. Later, another pair of eyes watches them as they make their way through the castle. Brainy hears a loud growl and jumps into Smurfette’s arms. When she asks him what’s wrong, the terrified Smurf says he heard a ghost growling. It turns out that growling noise was coming from Greedy’s stomach.

a piano and floating candles in haunted smurf castle

The Smurfs hear a piano playing and decide to investigate. They enter a room and see the piano, but there’s nobody there. However, there are three candles floating in mid-air! The Smurfs freak out and run away, except Papa Smurf, who decides to take a closer look. Upon closer scrutiny, he finds that the candles are being held up by a piece of string. The other Smurfs have reached another part of the castle and there’s no sign of Papa Smurf. The Smurfs hear a loud growling noise coming from behind them. When they turn to look, they see a headless knight approaching. The Smurfs run in terror, bowling over Papa Smurf in the process. Papa Smurf tells the others that there are no such things as ghosts and that they needn’t worry.

a bearded human meets the smurfs inside the castle

The Smurfs decide to hatch a plan to get their “mysterious host” to show himself. Jokey approaches the headless knight with a giant present. Jokey gives it to him and says, “It’s a surprise!” The present explodes and once the smoke disperses, there’s a bearded man sitting on the floor in a daze. After making sure the stranger is okay, the Smurfs introduce themselves and explain their little food problem. The Smurfs ask the man if he’s got any grub, and he tells them that there’s a “real ghost” living in his castle and stealing all his stuff, but he’s willing to share what little food he has left.

They all gather around the kitchen table and the starving Smurfs are overjoyed when their host puts a giant covered platter in front of them. Their smiles quickly fade when the lid is lifted to reveal one measly slice of bread. As their host is about to slice up the bread, a rat scampers onto the table and snatches the food. The miffed Smurfs chase the rat through a hole in the wall, which leads them into an adjoining room. The room is full of gold, jewels, and food!

bearded human with rat that stole his gold and jewels and food

Later, the Smurfs are outside, preparing to set off for home. The bearded castle dweller thanks them for finding all the things that the “packrat” hid away. He offers to give them some of his riches, but Papa Smurf declines, saying that food is all they really need. The Smurfs head off, their sled filled with sacks of food. The rat emerges from the castle owner’s shirt pocket and spouts some gibberish. The man laughs and tells the mouse that they’ll share their food from now on.

The Smurfs are back at the village, inside a cozy mushroom house, about to have a huge feast. Greedy excuses himself from the table and Papa Smurf is shocked. A hiccuping Greedy tells the others that he had a few snacks during the trip home. The Smurfs laugh uproariously.

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