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The Smurf Springtime Special

The Smurf Springtime Special

The forest animals romp and the birds chirp happily as the last of the winter snow begins to melt – spring is in the air!

grouchy smurfette pink bunny costumes

The Smurfs sing gaily as they clear the snow from the village. Brainy annoys the other Smurfs by telling them how to do their work, so they pelt him with snowballs. To add insult to injury, Jokey gives him a present, which explodes in his face. Papa Smurf surveys the proceedings and happily urges his little Smurfs to get everything ready for their Easter festival. Papa Smurf arrives at Tailor’s house, where Smurfette and Grouchy are being fitted with pink bunny costumes. Papa Smurf remarks that they look cute, to which Grouchy replies, “I hate being cute!”

Outside Gargamel’s place, the wizard (with Azrael) declares his hatred for spring, mainly because of its “glaring sunshine, stinking flowers, and revolting little forest pests.” But most of all, it’s because spring is when “those vile little Smurfs are happiest.” Gargamel racks his brain for a way to at long last get the Smurfs, but he comes up empty. Finally, he decides he must seek help from his godfather Balthazar, though he dreads it.

brainy and clumsy smurf and chickens

Later, Brainy and Clumsy are on the hunt for Easter eggs. Clumsy looks under a rock, but Brainy tells him he won’t find any eggs under there. They come to a farm, where they’re greeted by a growling dog. They disguise themselves as chickens, which helps them sneak by and get their hands on some eggs. Unfortunately, their disguises come apart, attracting the attention of the dog and a feisty rooster, who race towards the little blue thieves. In the confusion, the eggs end up breaking and Brainy and Clumsy barely manage to escape. Luckily, they find an unattended egg out in the middle of nowhere and take it back to the village.

gargamel in balthazar's castle

Meanwhile, Gargamel and Azrael have reached Balthazar’s castle, which sits precariously on a lonely cliff top. Azrael runs away after a dragon pops its head up from the moat, and Gargamel just barely gets inside before the scaly beast has a chance to get him. Once inside, Gargamel almost has his feet chopped off by a giant blade, then nearly gets impaled by some large wall spikes. After falling through a trap door, he’s deposited in front of Balthazar, his fat, intimidating godfather, who sits on a throne and munches on a shish kebob.

The ill-tempered Balthazar tells Gargamel to state his business. Gargamel says he wants to know how to catch Smurfs. Balthazar scoffs at him, saying that Smurfs are just a myth. He pulls out a book that is supposedly filled with fairy tales and such, including info about Smurfs. He mentions a formula for turning lead into gold by boiling six Smurfs. He also mentions a scheme for catching Smurfs by tricking Mother Nature into freezing them out of their village, though Balthazar angrily dismisses it all as superstitious madness.

smurfette and ducky

Balthazar goes to the window briefly, which gives Gargamel the opportunity to secretly scoop up the book and put it into his bag. Balthazar returns his attention to Gargamel and tells him to get the hell out, which the wizard does. Once outside, Gargamel kisses the book out of sheer joy, certain that he’ll now be able to catch the Smurfs (not to mention turn them into gold)! Gargamel sings happily as he skips through the forest: “Oh I’ll fry a few, pickle a few, and serve a few real cold, then I’ll toast a few and roast a few and boil six Smurfs for gold, HEY!”

Back in the village, the Smurfs are busy painting their Easter eggs. As Brainy, Clumsy and Smurfette paint an egg, it starts to crack. Soon, a little baby duck pops out of the egg. Smurfette marvels at the duck’s cuteness. Vanity, who is admiring himself in his mirror, says, “Not bad… for a duck.” The duck stumbles and Smurfette rushes to help. The duck furrows his eyebrows and kisses Smurfette on the cheek. Smurfette creatively names the duck… Ducky.

gargamel and azrael and mother nature

Back at Mother Nature’s house, the elderly matron of the seasons is getting her groove on for the return of spring. An owl arrives at her window and tells her in owl speak that she’s going to have a visitor. Mother Nature is pleased as punch, since she hasn’t had a visitor in centuries. The visitor turns out to be Gargamel, who sweet talks Mother Nature and offers her some black roses. She smells the roses and is soon overcome with nausea. Gargamel tells her that she’s under his power, and a weakened Mother Nature freaks out at the thought of Gargamel upsetting the balance of things, since she hasn’t finished changing the seasons yet. Mother Nature faints and Gargamel drags her inside. He celebrates with Azrael and the two of them lay in wait for the Smurfs to arrive.

the smurfs hide in the oak tree during snowfall

In the Smurf Village, it’s cold and snowy again, which has Papa Smurf worried. The Smurf leader calls an emergency meeting and tells everyone that it’s the worst blizzard he’s seen in all his 543 years. The other Smurfs are aghast. Papa Smurf declares they must take action immediately. Grouchy says, “I hate taking action!” The Smurfs gather a bunch of food and take refuge inside the Great Oak tree, where they have a fire going inside a little furnace. Things are looking dandy, but the fire gets blown out by the wind and the Smurfs are filled with panic and despair. Papa Smurf says there is only one person that can set things right – Mother Nature!

Back at Balthazar’s place, Gargamel’s no-good godfather makes note of the odd weather change and realizes that something is very wrong. He sees that his book is gone and curses out Gargamel. He tries to think of a reason why anyone would steal a worthless book of fairy tales. He says to himself that perhaps they’re not fairy tales at all.

papa smurf rides an angry moose

The Smurfs arrive at Mother Nature’s house, which is covered in snow. Papa Smurf calls out her name, but no reply. They enter the house and find Mother Nature asleep on the bed. Papa Smurf sees a black rose on the floor and approaches it. Just then, the other Smurfs are scooped up by Gargamel’s net. Azrael chases after Papa Smurf while Gargamel stuffs the Smurfs into a sack, eager to change them into gold and become the richest and most powerful wizard in the world. Azrael pursues Papa Smurf into the forest, but a huge moose comes to his rescue by scaring the crap out of Azrael. Papa Smurf thanks his furry friend and goes back to the village. Gargamel is too impatient to wait for Azrael to return, so he throws Mother Nature over his shoulder and heads off to turn the six Smurfs into gold.

smurfs outside gargamel's house in the snow

Papa Smurf returns to the village and tells the remaining Smurfs that Gargamel has kidnapped Mother Nature and six Smurfs. The Smurfs can’t believe their ears. They rally together and head off to save their pals. Ducky wants to go too, but Smurfette tells him to stay put, because it’ll be too dangerous. A sobbing Ducky stays put. The Smurfs gather outside Gargamel’s place, where the wizard can be heard snoring. The Smurfs enter the house and see that Gargamel is asleep in a chair, his feet soaking in a tub. The captured Smurfs are in a cage, which hangs from high above. Papa Smurf orders Vanity to guard the door. As Vanity admires himself in his mirror, he sees Azrael’s reflection and quickly shuts the door on the feline’s nose.

gargamel asleep with his feet soaking in a tub

The Smurfs try to revive Mother Nature and free their caged buddies. Outside, Azrael paws at the shuttered window and the noise almost awakens Gargamel, but a couple of Smurfs cover his ears with their hands, averting calamity. Azrael gets back in the house through the chimney and starts to chase the Smurfs, who freak out and run in every which direction. The Smurfs trap Azrael in the closet and Papa Smurf orders all the Smurfs out of the house for their own safety. The bearded Smurf works on a concoction that will revive Mother Nature.

Ducky shows up out of nowhere and joins the Smurfs, who are now observing Gargamel’s house from a safe distance. Smurfette and Ducky embrace and the feathered fella kisses Smurfette on the nose. Things go from bad to worse as Balthazar arrives at Gargamel’s house. The Smurfs don’t recognize him, but they’re certain that the appearance of another human can’t mean good news.

balthazar and gun and gargamel

Gargamel wakes up as Balthazar bursts in, demanding to know where his book is and if the Smurfs are real. Balthazar soon gets his answer when he spots Papa Smurf, who runs out the door. Gargamel chases him but trips. Balthazar calls Gargamel a blithering idiot and a disgrace to the family. Balthazar grabs his musket-like contraption and heads outside. He tells Gargamel that it’s the “magic wand of the future” and “has the power to change the world.” Papa Smurf slips and falls while trying to rejoin the other Smurfs, so Smurfette dashes out to help him, but she slips and falls as well. Seeing his blue mama go down like ton of bricks, Ducky runs out to help Smurfette, but the slippery slope carries him past her and out to where Papa Smurf is.

smurfette cries overt he fallen ducky

Balthazar takes aim and shoots his gun, causing snow, Smurf and duck to go flying. The other Smurfs rush to assist their fallen friends. Papa Smurf is fine, but Ducky lies motionless. Smurfette holds him in her arms and cries over his limp body. Balthazar puts more powder into his gun, as Gargamel comments on how amazing the weapon is. Balthazar tells Gargamel to shut the hell up. He then calls out to the Smurfs, introducing himself as “Balthazar, Master Wizard.” He then demands that they surrender six Smurfs, or else he’ll make them all pay dearly.

balthazar gets attacked by a bear

The Smurfs defiantly refuse and launch a counter-attack. They sling snowballs at the two villains and charge down the hill towards them. Balthazar takes aim with his gun, but pauses when he sees that an army of forest animals has gathered to help the Smurfs. A bear knocks the gun from Balthazar’s hands, causing it to split into pieces and sink into the icy pond. Gargamel runs into his house like a huge coward and closes the door behind him, as Balthazar runs away in terror, chased by a bear. A moose breaks down Gargamel’s door, prompting the wizard to hide in the closet. Papa Smurf sprinkles his magic elixir onto Mother Nature and she regains consciousness.

Papa Smurf tells Mother Nature about Gargamel’s plot to hold back spring. An angry Mother Nature sets her sights on Gargamel and covers him and Azrael with vines, which lift them up and out the chimney. She restores the spring weather and all the Smurfs cheer. Smurfette holds poor Ducky in her arms and tearfully asks if Mother Nature can do something to help him. Mother Nature uses her magic to revive Ducky. Smurfette gives him a big kiss and the Smurfs are happy as hell.

grouchy smurf and ducky smile

Back at the village, the Smurfs celebrate. They play music and dance (with Smurfette and a miserable Grouchy wearing their pink bunny costumes). Even Ducky is having a great time. Mother Nature and the forest animals are there too. She thanks the Smurfs for the wonderful Easter party and flirts with Papa Smurf. She kisses him on the hat and giggles like a schoolgirl. Jokey hands her a present and everyone is like, “Nooo!” However, the gift box is merely full of beautiful flowers. The Smurfs are relieved. Mother Nature wishes them a Happy Easter and retreats to her house. The Smurfs continue the celebration and Grouchy says, “I hate happy endings!!” Ducky kisses him and, at first, Grouchy looks ticked off, but he kisses the amorous duck back and they both have a good laugh.

Note: Hefty is clearly seen as being one of the six captured Smurfs inside Gargamel’s sack, but he later can be seen at the village when Papa Smurf arrives and tells everyone that six Smurfs have been kidnapped!

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